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Principles 101

Principles 101

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Published by: Kispeter Istvan on May 21, 2012
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“Many people die with their music still in them. Why is this so? Too often it is
because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it, time runs

-Oliver Wendell Holmes

Some men have expressed displeasure about having to initiate the
majority of social interactions with women. But this perspective
completely neglects their own male design.

Women are designed to react to male stimulation.
Women only respond to what is initiated because
their function is to follow men not lead them.
Thus, women refect what males project. For
example many women today complain about a
lack of sex drive. But this only refects the lack


of male authority in their lives. Few men are able to initiate social
interactions on their own without seeking female permission to do so.
This of course turns women off. Many areas of life reveal this initiating

Relatively few women ever approach men. Women could never handle
the rejection. Initiation is simply not part of a woman’s capacity. For
a woman to open up and become receptive to firting, a man must
frst stimulate her. His pursuit provokes her sexuality. Exercising his
authority over her is necessary to a create a functional romantic
relationship and results in her increased libido. Without this initial
pursuit, a woman has nothing to react to, leaving her sex drive
dormant. This is why females can experience years of sexual inactivity
if their interest isn’t sparked by a male initiating and showing sexual

Even civilization itself
is a product of man’s
propensity to stimulate.
The number of male
inventors far exceeds
that of females for good

Men have
built empires, invented
new technologies and
explored the boundaries
of the universe because
of their capacity to initiate and stimulate.28

Throughout history, men

have always been the universal impetus.

Practically speaking, for you, this translates into taking action. Instead
of passively sitting by and letting a woman dictate the conversation,
you should actively be stimulating her. And the most stimulating thing
you can do to a woman is to direct her life toward order.

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