The Voice Of Youth

October 199& Volume 2 Issue 1

Where Would You Most Likely Find The Person Of Your Dreams?
by Jaclyn Walters
ne of the best things I find about going on noli. day is that you get to meet a lot of very different and interesting people and if you are .broad you never fail to meet foreigners. 1 love more than anything finding out about different people's backgrounds and cultures. I know many people who do not like to mix with people from different countries. They stay in an English only hotel, eat in English restaurants, drink in English bars and find spots on the beach next to people with Marks and Spencer ~


There is nothing like meeting people from other countries on holiday - here is a brief .ow down on some of Our European counterparts by our resident sociologist.
carrier bags but that is certainly not for me. It is considerably easier for the English to mingle with the world because even though most of us can not utter any foreign lingos they have had the English language drilled into them as soon as they went to school. On my recent holiday in Mal-

[orca we visited one of the few international bars at the resort, where we were able to meet people from many different nationalities. Studying sociology I know that judgements should not be made about groups of people especially when you have only had the pleasure of meeting a few of those from that group and mostly of one gender but I am going to stick my neck out and make a couple of generalisations about some Europeans (I am open to any experiences of these people you would like to add or any criticism).

The Germans - If you regularly go abroad to Spain, Greece or Turkey, you are most likely to share your holiday with the Germans. Germans are one of my personal favourite types of people. They are arrogarit, offensive, ignorant, unsympathetic and have no sense of humour but personally I find this combination to be hilarious. Continued on page 2 ...
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~elc·ome,~.:.Friends" '

by "The Welcoming

ella, new lower sixth peo(think Barbie) who used to sit in pie, ... wanna be like us? the kitchen, with their demeanHEY? "We're' not mening laughs and cream jeans, ..... tal"; honest! ah! Memories are" indeed OK, so now you're thinking golden I. These days the majorwhat a bunch of freaks "The . ity Pf us are 'quite' normel-' don't . Voice Of Youth" team are. On worry, WhY' not smile; say the other hand, we might just be~ "hello" - just like one big happy avid fans of the "Wayne's family; we can all be friendsl World" epic(thlr)Ka~,out it!). If you ever dare to venture. My intentip.n·,·Whijst.'''Yritinghis t " ••.intimidated by the upstairs, you will find an atrnoaimless 'Iittle ··nuniber; wel##Kens".. with their . sphere buzzing with people you' come ycu a.lftQ·.the·.arG~it,ectural rarely see,.' as well as Mr. masterpieb~:!qf':Ttl,Ei! .. :;S,iXth: Form. demeaning laughs and Walker. '. Yes, look ai.()u~ctYQ,~;.:sights of cream jeans ... II Alas, my welcoming arms ar~ breatbtaking:ai1.! .W.OW! Sends growing .tired. For the time beshivers down my spine every Yup, sO:',n.Qw.You think I'm .. , ing your Upper Sixth comperdre time. Marvel at the exquisite completeIY;·.~~;.:$ai:i.~; "Never-shall retire back to her hole of carpet, the inspiring decor that mind:;: .. .:·mus,Tcal Messiah work and sweat! Hope to see covers t~e en.tirety of what can once'~canedhis"ban'd~$:album! and hear from you guys soon; o~ly be descrlbed as a paIa~ Or:edglng up my:'qwh memoliving together in harmony for 0 enters w~th .'... ies~:Of.·early Sixth"Form.jthere filling anyc:>ne.wh. r what only can be described as' the sort of inspiration that ma~e:s.:so many!) err, tti~yate.tnJly,:<, Sixth Form! them I want to succeed at A~nde~C~b~ble! 1 remember-J~~I~ ... Level. Ing Intimidated by the "Kens"

~as;.~: :


Extendi·n·g your National. boundaries
continued from paget ...
Their up front attitude makes y·ou feel comfortable and you always kn-qw where you stand. . charm gives you' look. They always seem to be so many ideas and on a high' and try to makeev- • expectations they erybody else 10 feel the same· do not even .Iive up way,' . to their own imagiI have had the opportunity to' nation .: meet many other people from The Dutch - Up djfferent countries a~d although to now the Dutch there are some Who I personare my favourit~ nationality of ally did not find to be my type of people. Apart from the Scots people·they wer:e all very interthey have the funniest sense of esting and a lot more open' humour. They always get minded th$n fhe English generstraightto the . ally are. So, please do open . po;"ntwithout . . your National boundaries and being too rude. meet some fascinating people.. All I have met' Just because we live on an ishave been land does not mean that we completely insane, not minding have to isolate ourselves. how much of an idiot they might .

.:"The French -


EVen.though their is very sensual' and their a~.Jjt·dreamy, the Frencfrstftnd much. to close for comfort and do not talk quite as much as perhaps you would like them to. They do not like the mickey taken out of them which is a shame as they are so easily targeted. The Italians - They be.lieve that they are th~ most romantic lovers in the world. Even though their


las, I" haye returned.". g'oOd's gqrto "h$p:pen to nie>!!' back from' the depths There 'echoed the pessimistic . ,.of despair having reviews of the old Resident Doc. ceived counselling for a number But see, I'm reformed - I can of weeks. Yes, ifs meyouroffilook. back and reflect, mock mycial Resident Doc, back on duty!" self - "surely that's got to be a Hold" back your joyful" tears, good sign! . screams of jubilant happiness Anyway, ·getting to the point... I know it's overwhelming but for uHi, everybody" - as one of my God's sake" just ." CONTROL contemporaries would say, and YOURSELVES YOU OBSES"of course as you all know what ~SI.vE/hQVf:-STRUCK FREAKS ~(ui(e"'My;!ro"y?)!! " Yesyour Resident Doc :',:"May I also take this opportu- is finally back after ri_ity to heartily thank the "nonhaving a prescribed :f~sident" Doc for his helpful advice and enlightening article, rest••. submitted whilst I took a break to recuperate; It's nice to know' l'm talking about I can hear you yOU" care. Thus, I have deCided replying, "Hi, Doctor. Nic." to focus my energy on my stud- . (Doctor Nic Riviera; "The""Simp-"" ies and not any fine male "specisons"!) That was my rather indi· rect attempt of welcomlngall mens. Though, fret not; it might not be a healthy approach to life you now health freaks into the . (what life? :.. cynics argue) but . " institution, known as Sixth Form. Having .not experienced snrn- " alas, it will inevitably lead me to success!? "I mean something ulating medical medical dlscov-.

.Poetry Corner

My Feet
Oh, my:teet, how I do endeav-

The Goldfish":;'
Oh, my fine goldfish you swim in your pool of insanity. You remind me of my brain. Oh fish, you are Queer; . _ with your bloated body and your sticky up fins . How I do endear you to me. Maybe I am insane. Yes, maybe I am.

our to ~mell thy sweet aroma. I st'ar!e;'irttothine soft, cheesy wrinkles:"and marvel at thy crusty ." ',,","'. hardess. And"yet; I, smileunto myself, as you and mine socks beconie one. Oh, on a summers day," how I do love to peel the' , .socks from upon you and caress your fine warts. Oooohhh!!!


eries highlighted·by"me ancl,my team over the past year, neel that you 'senous dlsadvantage,... Students such as you or I are at risk from a number of conditions. Take Hypochondria or Smelly Belly Button Syndrome (S.B.B.S.), just two" examples of illness" that are "common among .students who are lonely and don't have any friends - though this is probably because' their navel has an acquired scent which resembles cheese! Such revelations uncovered by our team of experts have' helped in the long-run to make: Sixth Form a," "titter, happier;' more productive ..." place, Though some would argue I'm disillusioning myself, there is no doubt in my mind that I am right! Yes, ~ am right! Just ask any-· one.vthey've aU heard of. "the Resident Doc, one patient re-' cently told me that they rate me on - the same scale as Hip-, pocrates - "and no, I didn't makethat up, and I'm 'not mental! I'm just a great doctor! .. Oops, 1)0tan.QJl:le~ 'p5ychiatric (jive(sion· - l'm sorry;' L,re~lIy haveto stop ,90~f'!g-~:hat!":£;:ven though I might be g"reat, tdOlft need to write it down on paper! HAl .(NB - fan mail is apprecl-: ated). .All I meant to say is if any of you have any" problems that need solving, issues needing to be discussed, compliments you want to give, or criticisms you want to construct, just put your que~16il-(and money) tn an en-' velope labelled "Why are you so great?"2 and post in the box (room E13). "BYE· EVERYBOOY" until the next time .

You C'an Watch American T.. .?· v by Eye-Spy
like they're NOT reading the autocue. Get a proper job - if you've got any qualifications that is. Brain dead moronic Botany Bay criminals. "Aw yeah, he's-a spunk!" Arghhh! "Prisoner Cell Block H"? Ha: "Home and Away"? Pal "Neighbours"? Going The only good American. too far! programmes are cartoons and Anyway, I don't that's saying something I really. know where this The only thing that surpasses is heading. I just American T.V., however, in "totally started off ranting and I've finished rubbishy writteness" are Australian off here. I guess what I'm trying to <, fallen out bY.n. w. o soap operas! What's that all say is that you must be a very sad Th~ cast are meant about then? "Mirroring real life" individual if to pass up :; / to be the epitome of desi rability, but my backside. None of that stuff opportunities to go out with your they're just all minglng: Jennifer ever happens to anyone: "Oh no mates, just to stay in all night Anniston =.big nose, stupid chin; Bruce, Charlene's just been run watching T.V. and writing·down Courtney Cox = Doreen Green; over, a week after she was bitten everything that you hate about an blonde One = annoying (not at all by a shark, and lost her boyfriend the programmes ... D'oh! funnY);'Joey = fat, old, ugly; David ine plane crash and got abducted Note: Schwimmer geek; Chandler by aliens, who made her sexual deviant. (Not that I've ever pregnant." Eh(!)? T~is article has bee~ eensored, . watched it or anythingl)I Just ' None of them can act, or look ust a question ... Why are Americans so over the top - with their big mouths and blasting voices? Just how annoying are American programmes? -loads of stupid chat shows and unfunny sit-corns. Take '!Friends for instance: noone has friends like that. If that real life they would have aU had their wicked ~ way with each other, and have all

Why HaveReal Frie·n·dsWhen:
want to smack 'em in the chops with their dubbed laughter and cheesy theme music .. "Caroline in the City" nonsense "Grace Under Fire" = drivel "Cybill" = gibberish "Suddenly Susan" = balderdash n "Ellen gay.




"l' A' I.







My Trusty Mould Friend
. ,".' .

by·Chrlh·R . Har'


. h green and sporous Though I know you were a health risk . . chum most true . How joyous Iwas as you Our time together was woefully grew, Formed and nurtured, fkst by me From the remnants of a cup oftea. I cared for you and kept you happy Yearned for the day you'd caLi me "Pappy".

I wish I'd held you in my arms And fallen for your mouldy charms. Green with browny-blacky bits The thought of you gives me dribbling fits: If not uqtrmely taken from us And sent-to rest-amongst the humus. . ····'."·"·'r'i'·.. :.: You could have grown to line a

You smelled of Mr. Mitchell's aft·ershave. Oh mouldy friend,. now you are gone, We were two, now I am one. You were murdered by my Dad. Now l'm feeling very sad. Torryap'art while in our prime Fatewetl my true and trusty slim'e,' .

- 1;"":_

Fashion Items Fo-t:-·The' Wi:nte-r
Herril1~bone and, Salt and Pepper If You, Please by Jaclyn Walters
I am not talking about the dregs from your local chippy but the fashion craze for the winter ... Tweed. Normally found covered in moth balls from the unknowns of you r Grandad's wardrobe, the lifelong wool mix tweed suit which Grandad wears to every special occasion and brags about it being older than you and stili looking brand new, has now found its way back. onto the cat0,

walks. True, tweed has its advantages for being made of fabric which will last forever, unfortunately though tweed has only been recognised as the fashion style for the over 60s. However, this winter it takes on a new style and becomes the most popular de'

Tweed-- can it ever lose the moth balls and,

"Grandad's best suit"

,sign to be seen in on the catwalk and highstreet. Traditional colours of black and white, fabrics of heavy

wool mix with the herringbone and salt and pepper designs make the ultl-. mate sty le of tweed this Autumn I Winter, Tweed will be used for tailored overcoats, blazers, long wide legged pants making for a less dramatic but certainly a warm, smart winter. Tweed will be seen in most good high street stores but best buys are from Marks and Spencers, French Connection and River Island.

Love Stars

'by Mystic Melon


20th - Feb 19th) The summer climate may nof have been even lukewarm but you're now in for the hottest time of _your life! , (Feb 20th - March 20th) )-( You know that niggling feeling you get? Well, it's time to find the true reason for ;t- and remove itl , -, (March 21 st - April 19th) Friends are all you need! Console yourself with that thought!



(May 21st ..June 21st)



On, off,on, off ... you can't

treat-your emotions like a kettle! 22nd ~July 22nd) It's time for a new wardrobe (whether your male' or female), ' ' (J.uly .23rd'- Aug 22nd) Whether you're a' Resident Doc or not, infatuations are dangerous things. Beware,' otherwise you may, faU into, the "stalker" category.

00 (June



(Sept 23rd - Oct 23rd) Maybe if you say sorry, they will forgive you. BUT it has to come from the heart


(Oct 24th - Nov 22nd) MusiC is the sound of love, You need to invest in some of the "old magic" - maybe some Sinatra or a' bit of E. Ivis. (Nov 23rd -Dec 21 st) If you bought the last issue', did you make full use of the "Ten Chat Up Lines". If not you had better start composing your own. (Dec 22nd - Jan 19th) Concentrate on those revision notes, you need to ' ground yourself!


(April 20th - May 20th), "When I'm driving in my car ... " .Get over it, cars are only material possessions! It's personality that countsl

1tD (Aug 23rd - Sept 22nd) III Personal hygiene is a very

important thing. With that tip out of the way, ... watch out, dizzy spells are heading you'r way!

A N'ews, ·Breaking. Report .
.. ' He/sus (Himbo) ~

",,:__: .':


by The Mrs. Cook Report

FUe, No-.53682209

- Nature Report - Himbophocus
company. The himbo will reside. in this bar every evening, trying to look important (note: and failing it has to be said). He will ritually parade up and down the bar with his head held high, his chest protruding forwards and his shoulders firmly back, he is then noted to rest periodically for short bursts at the end of the bar whilst he 'runs his fingers carefully his' golden locks. Most himbos of this colony, and In particular the one I have been researching, are found to 'carry several changes of shirts -at a'il times, and will proceed to change in a place where they know that they are in full view, but where they presumably think that it will be assumed that they do not realise that they are on show. However, .it'has been de-: duced that the himbo is a transparent character which can be read more easily than a book. My research has led me ..o t believe that the. himbo has great respect for himself, indeed could think no more of himself if he tried. This came to light when, for no apparent reason, .the himbo in question took it upon himself to inform me of the presence of a large boat under his possession which was located in the island, and when posed with the question of its title, he simply replied with his name .. ln conclusion, I feel that the Himophocus Ne/eusshould be in no danger of extinction, and could eventually return to being the thriving race which it once was. FILE CLOSED.

curious creature, .'.'the cious looking characters, often most common of\Rihi¢h of the same species, who carry has an appearan·ee,·siml... around weapons looking much lar to that of its female.:oounter~ like a form of large knife and dispart - long blond hair'which,"re-' guised in what we would note as quires' countless . hours,':' of a gun holster - this wa.s very grooming, and an over' developed chest - which was origi"He will ritually· nally discovered many decades parade up and down ago, thought now to have been nealingextinction. However, it the bar,.... recently came to light that this protrliding forwards ... " species is, in fact, thriving once again but in its new habitat loworrying to witness, Causing me cated in the mysteriOUS depths a small amount of concern for of a small island in the Mediter. the future safety of the species ranean. It was on this island as a whole. From both this visit that I previously encountered and from past experiences, I one of this' species, and when I have become aware that this returned earlier this year to conparticular himbo, and other tinue my research I was surwealthy members of the colony, prised to encounter the exact will make a point of driving same member of the colony as around recklessly in their very before - a great advantage for expensive or merely well overmy studies as this· priced sports-car, but will slow to '. to note changes in the specific , a snails pace when encounterdevelopments of an individuals ing a speed ramp so as not to growth and behavioural patdisturb his hair. terns. The himbo has a very pre':' The particular himbo which· 1 dictable behavioural pattern, his had the pleasure of observing actions are continuous and has become, over the years, a repetitive. He will spend much very wealthy. member of the of his time located in a local bar. colony. Himbos of this nature Here he will proceed to behave can be noted to take great pleadominantly, claiming possessure in their wads of cash, and sion or at least control of the es- . appear to try excruciatingly hard tablishment in his efforts to lmto appear most subtle in their press, and of course it has alefforts to flash it around. In the ready been determined by all duration of the two years or so those around him that this is since my last contact with this more than likely to be a false himbo, it has become more claim, and that the genuine pro- . muscular, and once clad in prietor has merely become. designer gear, is keen to be no. something of an acquaintance ticed when handing over large due to' the large number of amounts of cash to very suspihours our himbo has spent in his

his chest


Has The Age Of Romantlclsm ....: Disappeared? by ADisil.lusion,edHe~rt .
ow that the age of the '. selves. Which ever way you . g.oing through' its phase over "Caring/Sharing 90s" look at the situation women there. Should British women main is now coming to a seem to be getting a poor deal accept this new revolution, or is close, a new genel1i:l~ori:of men W~lliComes:lothe romantlc..' " there tro revolution and things are developing, 15J;_t~:i:Ca'!1 / ·>,:slpe,e;)f·Hfe~c{tt:l!$.vie.w may be a' '::'; have alW"~y$;been this way? themselves "real fti~~~~:'E:xam~ ·:'·:"bJ,t':biased}. " . Maybe it's just my own pies of this breediiic!~a~,; Paul·:·· ..'Jtseems though that this plzdream but I hope one day Gasgoine, Chris $~a,h~;~rid .... Qutqf;'Bhlish . somepnfi!·Witl just come along Liam Gallagher. tti~'yhave de- ,"': ..:: ..., ,: .';, . :.. . ::.... and SWi; ·off my feet. veloped this title ~sj~~y\'proba. ''';''. ,.:_ ..," , Most likely"'iirn just being naive bly feel it excuses:fhe-rlitor their ".:;.~f.... day someone and stuck in some ~French "Raw" behaviour.' Is·'t~is really ..,. come .(,!)g·· -.' , ". Kiss" Qt)~:Sl~eplessin Seattle" what the power dresslnQ . ,_.' _. ." c-ji./t'c '... ".. . scene, -':~~ybe women, or I, women of the 80s~l1t~d or .. lIJId::~Wf!epme need 'tobeeome more assertive have they also beenCle,flated? to cope with these "real me,n". I To cope with this :Hew'breed ' . ;"';:;~',: ;:,~ ,.... ,' .. >aJway~.·fe_e1to forward in thIS should women turn back into culture~>;We all know that the :'··mode"::~'\.'·!·: the "seen and not heard" ill'\~g~'://J3r!ti~~:'T~~ has n~~~~~:~~n .":;:/:;:".::·.IS.:th~te::~n)('SOluti·on to t~s of past decades? .; _: :;:',>.~,,:"_:~tiJe':~fl:~Tpete Wtt'ljti;t~Jr,;: .. ~;.'~:evO(utidh,t·;M.y:tie: and men Women now have alm'o'a(c S,'···.·',· M~iterta'ttean counterpa:rts.·:·:\,;6rn~n;Wilrn'verbe at the complete equality in most th~~ didn't have· enough same stage to be compatible. of life. Maybe thlsis whaV',' -.: coropetltlOn from ~hat rea, .new. ..Maybe if tnatdi~ occur romantia makes these "real men" so inAm~6atnMP¢{t$;lsuCh as/~AUY_'·:':·.'·::'Cis·mwould btff.~stSred. What~ secure and makes themJeel. ' McB~t'~~~~~~':I~~~E! reveal~rtp· -<·:eV.&t·the casti{ciln:.F,hy ideal ever they have that;~~.~rOmanti(tiQeal is n:o~' . . '.. b$,:·found?.., , '::;~' .; ... "~"
J, ," , • "'.' :-/ .: .• :'

.. ..


.·;:~~·:te:if~::!'~/·.: :~:('~/";~';

.oJJY::~y,'.,..;", /

#e:~~': ... ;;~:f:i~".~~


<:, ': •• ,"."


'~~:'\;:'::'::'~'."::, •.



' '.'>'




,.. ':':., A o~;,~~,~t~'~'t'I·HaTn~~., '".'.,::". d '~C":'., .:;.
very surrimer>Bamar~ dos hold a Summer Scheme in Chorley. The aim is to let disabled children and young peopleto meet and make friends and also par- . take in activities that they would usually not·· have the chance to try; At Easter the Scheme le~d.ersvisit local colleges recrUltmgfor volunteers, so a few friends and I signed up. . I arrlv~d on my first find. a friendly and welcommg environment created by the h "I'd I fit sc ernes ea ers. was S I a little anxious though about the children's and young people's
" :,'<;':' ..

. ... ~ ,


disabllities':'and how I WOtifd'~fgaffl~s~ The Spice·Girlsseemed cope. to be an out and out winner for When the young people ar- the favourite pop group! rived, each volunteer was Throug'houtmy:fourdays acnvities ranged from: a' trip to Camelot, to playing tennis,' to If you wam to use your .,the young people ride holiday time/or a specially adapted bikes .: you . worth while cause try could even have a tum yours~lf! If you're not afratd of joining in volunteering and want to make new friends l placed with a young person. fully recommend vOI~nteering! Those people' who were with Not only do.the. play scbeme apsomeone. in a wheelchair preciate your help, even if it is weren't stranded but also hild just for one day, but the feeling Id .h h you get from using your time for aea erwlt t.em.. '. 'The.first day was taken ~p a worth while cause"is·extremely by' "getting~to~k'now~you"rewarding! '." . .... .

~""<!~/{:~'·.f'y.'l~. etJp.:r.;I:'/.\~~;;(;." en

Quiz Time
Prize Crossword


~-----~----~---------------------------------------------~ Down Across
1. Fondly affectionate (5,5) 5. Erotic Brazilian dance (7)
7. Mimic (7) 8. Opposite of a cock (3) 9. University, established in 11. A form of dedication (3) 12. Finish (3) 14. A titled lady (7) 17. Possess (3) 18. Another term for oriental (7) 19. Either (2) 1. Sweet lady (8) 2. A blood sucker (7) 3. Yes (3) 4. German genius (8) 6. The cause of lonely Saturday nights (8) 10. He sailed the world's sea in 40 days and 40 nights (4) 13.&15 ... nglish term for Australia (4,5) E 16. The ground (5) 17 .. Pig sound (4)

1969 (4)

If you manage to complete this prize crossword please cut it out and post in the box in E13. Then you could be in with a chance to win this month's mystery prize.

Last issue's winner was:

Alison Pickering


..... Barry Norma·n·· 'It ....L Ai'n't
We have slightly altered the titles to these recent releases, can you figure._out ,he film?
1. Mr. Ed's secrets. 2. ~Eust?~, we have a problem!"



much - here come the men in white coats I

8: Yale,'.9XO and a-' pair
sweaty football boots! 9. "Another 'Chewitt' please!" 10. Setty 4 .: '"Tl1efour' horsemen might get lonely


Book 1 1 Mark 1 .:·1, ..... ',., .: .;.:.:I· .:
I I 1 (Please I "-." I L_

I .... '" 1





VASA OABA 0001 Apdcalypse;:·:.

of the
11. Bill Clinton's prize possession! 12. A little stink!

. ~..'


5. DpWhUnder goes up, up and
away. 6. The sore losers much tight leather!). (with too

1 1,1


I I 1 I I

'1. You're talking to them too

Answers for ·quizzes on page 9 are found on page 10.

_ ...

Test Your Litera'ry Knowledg"~
1. What is the name of the heroine in "Pride and Prejudice"?: a) E:tnma b)Jane . c) Elizabeth
2. Who is William Golding the "Lord Of..."? : a) The Flies b) The Rings c) The Birds

5. Who wrote "Cider With Rosie"? :a) Claire a) Hugh Laurie b) Sophie b):I,.~urie Lee c) Laura c)'"L"e(jnard. tevi 10_ What were the names ,of the 6. Complete this title, '''_ Rock" : threeBronte sisters? : a) Blackp<?ol ' a) Emily, Anne and Jane b) Charlotte, Emma and Annie b) Brighton c) Charlotte, Emily and Anne c) Bournmouth

.~,': _.',, _... ~.>~.~~


3. In "Nineteen Eighty-Four', who is watching you?: a) Little Sister b) the secret police . c) Big Brother . 4. Complete this title, "A Hitchhiker.s guide to the ..." :. . a) universe
c) milky~way

7. Which title was not written bY' 11. Who wrote the "Miss M~iple William Shakespeare? : Mysteries"? : ' .:: a) HenryVIII a) Ruth Rendell b) Othello b} Catherine Cookson c) Hamlet c) .Enid Slyton





b) galaxy

companlon? :

8. Who wrote "Winnie-the-Pooh"?: a) A.A. Milne b) C.S. Lewis c) Kenneth Grahame . 9. Who is the B.F.G.'s human

12. In what year will there be a Space Odyssey"? : a) 2001 b) 2201 c) 2021


A New Year;
. here is part one ...


New 'Feature .

As it)sa n~w year..for "Tne Voice Of Youth': we thought a new feature 'should be added with. more reader participation. What we are hoping is that a different writer each issue will continue' the senet of (lMurder Most Fou!". So all you hopeful Ruth Rendells write in. Without further ado

"Mu'rder Most Foul" - part one' by ??????
The Characters Javors - the body Delqrus Javore - the niece Miss Minotaur - the elderly

Dr. EinfachMrs. Wheatcroft


the doctor

Mr. Wilson

- the cook . - the butler

t was a cold, dark night in late December. Rivington Man ar 5 too d lonely on Rivington Pike, eerie in the dark. Christian Javore was holding a small dinner party fOT' close friends and family. One

cle's fortunes. week previously Dr. Einfach had Wilson was instructed Christian to rewrite the ever faithful his will. following a spell of ill butler, serving health. Einfach issued him ·with medication to deal with the pain his master and the guests. He and told him there was nothing appeared more that could be done. slightly shaken Just before dinner C.J. (as he that he had was known to those close to been left out of him) announced the contents of the will. his redrafted will. Mrs. Wheatcroft, the cook, C.J ..s great aunt, Miss Mino~ ' taur, was also a guest at his din- . was still as good as ever, after her 40 years service. Yet she ner party. She was and extravawas soon to be replaced by a gant 85 year old who had been younger, more able bodied, left out of the will, but did not Miss Lairhorn .. .seem Rarticvlarly bitter... : ·C.J.'s, niece (Miss Minotaur's' Shortly after dining they retired to the drawing room. At great grand9.30 pm a shrill scream shatdaughter) was Delorus Javore, tered the air, C.J. was found She was as stundead in the Library by Mrs. ning as she was Minotaur. The atmosphere was . shocked to say the least. 0.1. rich and was a sought-atter Warlick arrived shortly after maiden. She was conduct interviews with all wh were present. heiress to her un-



A Pitiful Plea

his magazine has now been running for almost a year. Unfortunately (?) us upper s.ixthwill be leaving in around eight months, we need some more witty and schizophrenic people to continue our good work(?). If you would like to express your opinions on any matter or would like to have some of your poetry published just swing your pen and place your contributions in the folder in E13!

Barry Norman It Ain't - 1.Horse Whisperer. 2. Lost,in Space. 3. X-files. 4. Armageddon. 5. The Castles. ~. The Avengers. 7. Dr. Dolittle, 8. Lockstock and 2 Smoking Barrels. 9. Godzilla. 10. B~rney's Great Adventure ..11. The Magic Sword. 12 ..The Little·Mermaid. /' Test your Literary Knowledge 1.c) 2.a) 3.c) 4.b) 5.b) S.b) 7.a) 8.a) 9.b) 10.c) 11.a) 12.a)


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