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Microwave Transmission Lines and Wave Guides EE873

Assignment NO: 3
Implementing Problem NO: 2.25 in Advance Design System

Submitted By:

ShanUllah 2011-NUST-MS(EE)-34
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Dr. Munir Tarar

National University OF Science and Technology (NUST) School Of Electrical Engineering and Computer sciences (SEECS) Islamabad, Pakistan

Problem Statement: Design a quarter-wave matching transformer to match a 40 load to a 75 line .Plot SWR for 0.5 f/f02.0 where f0 is the frequency at which the line is /4 long. Solution : C= f , =c /f = 3 108 /2.5 109 and then ans /4 for /4 transmission line we put the values in Line calculator ADS got the value of W and L by putting following values frequency , dielectric constant(4.4 for FR4 substrate) , thickness and effective electric length Eeff = 2L wherer L =/4 and = 2/

ADS Schematic :
Load = 40ohm , input impedance = 75 ohm Micro stripe T/L : W and L calculated above by Line Calculator

Plot : as required in Problem 2.25 SWR vs f/fo Where f/fo is 0.5 f/f02.0

We have VSWR peak at 2.0 and lowest swr of 1.0 at 1.0 and 3.0 of f/f0. At f/f0 of 1.0 and 3.0 reflection coefficient is minimum where SWR value is maximum So we can say that f/f0 of 1.0 and 3.0 we are getting SWR =1 which is the case where reflection coefficient is zero ( perfectly matched )