Paul helped people grow in their faith. He told them about Jesus’ love for them.

He taught them how to pray and worship God. Celebrate Jesus’ love for your family by praying and worshipping God. Spend a moment or two at various times throughout the day in prayer (mealtime, in the car, bedtime). Worship God throughout the day, too. Sing praises and make music to God! Dance for God! Read the Bible and serve others. Come to church! Keep growing in your faith and giving thanks to God!

Paul traveled a lot! He taught everyone he met about Jesus. The new believers were called Christians because they were followers of Jesus Christ. Paul traveled with different helpers. He shared the good news of Jesus. He baptized people. He started many churches. Sometimes he would walk many miles. Sometimes he would take a boat across the seas. He told everyone about Jesus’ love for them. Acts 9:20-43


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