Mexico: 16% of Mexicans are obese. Proportionally Mexico’s percentage has not grown as dramatic as the U.S.

Mexico has 205 McDonalds which is not high but number of people consumers has increased by 60 percent. They have a program with Pepsi.Co that they created a character that can help young children make decisions to healthier foods and lowering the percentage of obese children.

United States:

Obesity % of ages 611 is 20%. Obesity has grown two fold from 1980 to 2008 from 7% to 20%. US is ranked number 1 in number of McDonalds with 12,804 an incredible number relevant to its high number of obese children. There have been programs created to help fight this issue but it is not controlling the issue and reducing the percentage. It is proven that if a child is obese they will be obese when they grow up.

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