1. Respond timely (within 72 hours if possible) in writing. One of the laws of administrative law is that you must refute any and all claims made against you by any government agency (and the IRS) within 72 hours of receipt of same. If you do, chances are you will not hear from the agency again. However, it is a good idea to follow up with a proper paperwork attack as soon as reasonably possible. Failure to respond within three days only means that a lot more paperwork will need to be done, not that the resolution of the problem has been lost. 2. Make a copy of the ticket or citation and keep the original on file. 3. Write on the front of the copy "I do not owe this" in big black or red writing that takes up the whole page. Do not sign it unless it has an original signature. Sign it if it does. 4. Hand-write the "Notice of Commercial Dishonor"*. Follow your signature with the term "Without Prejudice, UCC 1-207-9". 5. Photocopy "To Whom It May Concern" and sign it. 6. Put the copy of the ticket (written on), the "Notice of Commercial Dishonor" and the signed "To Whom It May Concern" in an envelope and mail it certified mail. This may be the end of it. 7. If you hear back from them repeat the whole process. The power in this is to stay out of the court system by beating them in the U.S. Postal system. [This will work for all meter violations, all parking violations, and all no seat belt, no registration, no insurance, no safety sticker violations.
Remember that that which is not denied is admitted. In reference to any government inquiry, or false claim of an obligation upon you, or where facts are alleged against you that are not true and are based solely on presumption.....Always Respond, Deny, Accuse, Question, Establish Your Intent, Make Your Demand, State Your Authority and Set a Time Limit. Following your signature with the term: Without Prejudice, U.C.C. 1-207-9 may be more important to your victories than the actual wording of your letters. International Law is now held to be part of the "Common Law" of our land. The jurisdiction of our courts these days is "Admiralty" because there is an "Implied

Said instrument is not in proper form and is therefore not negotiable. Section 2-104 (1). we are now compelled to accept the "benefit" of an implied Contract between the Federal United States (which has its origin in Article I. The term "Without Prejudice." living in this republic.the Preamble of the U. under the Common Law that our nation was founded upon. Clause 17) and our Republic (or Continental United States). which enveloped all of us. This so-called "benefit" that we enjoy at the hand of the Federal United States. two separate nations. attached hereto. I am not a merchant and am not attributed under U. U. 19__.C.C. and we need a medium of exchange in order to live and do business. I have studied the Law and found out that you are trying to extort money from me under Color of Law! I will pay the fine if you will provide me with "Letter of Designation of Authority" with a personal signature and under penalty of perjury! You are in violation of the Supreme public policy . Constitution. 3-413 (3). at ___o'clock_____m. What is the "compelled benefit" that "We. the People. through some sophisticated legalese of our lawyers.C.C. Section 8. Please see Section 2-721 of the Uniform Commercial Code (U. which any of us can do.C. because we have no silver or gold coins of the Republic with which we may "pay" our debts. to free ourselves of the obligation imposed upon us by the implied contract. Accused has NEVER knowingly or willingly entered into commercial contract with said merchants. S. Accused never admitted merchant's capacity to endorse U. YOU NOW HAVE NOTICE OF THIS COMMERCIAL DISHONOR.. known as the United States of America. because the Legislative Branch of our 3-Branch Republic has failed us in its duty to coin our money. . enjoy and daily exercise.Contract". is the ___day of ___. and regulate the value thereof? Since we have no medium of exchange for the Republic.C. The actual date of presentment (receipt) of your claim(s).C.. brings an "obligation" upon us to assume the debt liability of the Federal United States and therefore subjects us to the Internal Revenue Code and/or Service unless we employ this Law. unless we employ International Law by the section marked.). We daily use the "Colorable Currency" called Federal Reserve Notes (FRN's) of the Federal United States to "discharge" our debts. To: GREETINGS. 1-207-9" simply means that the signer does not accept the "liability" that goes with the "compelled benefit" of an undisclosed contract or agreement.C.

or a citizen of the United States. U. as well as the United States Constitution. or a citizen of any corporate conglomerate state government. AFFIRMED: Signed by: _________________________________ without prejudice.1-308 Name (print): _______________________________ Address: ___________________________________ __________________________________________ P. a Notary public in and for the State of ______________. reserving all rights as per the Uniform Commercial Code 1-308. 1-207-9. and cannot live in a corporate fiction called United States. 1-308" above or below his/her signature on this and other documents indicates that he/she exercises the "REMEDY" U. 19___. or a foreign corporation. it is without prejudice. If I of necessity receive any government benefits and privileges.Accused's use of "Without Prejudice. WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL: My Commission expires: ____________________________________________ Notary public TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Let it be known that I reserve all of my rights under the common law provisions and proceed to base my claim of fraud upon all who so deny me these rights. U. and am not a resident of any federal possession.C. ATTESTATION This Notice of Commercial Dishonor duly affirmed and subscribed to before me. nor corporate fiction called the state of Oregon. I am therefore not subject to the color of law jurisdictions of the United States in the corporate monopoly of the federal and state governments. I demand that you remove the numbers of this citation from your computer files.C.C. this ____ day of ____. I am a natural and corporeal person. director.C. I shall continue to state I am not a resident of the District of Columbia.C. Explicitly reservation of all rights Without Prejudice U. I therefore claim my rights under Oregon State Constitution. Book 1 Section 308 whereby he/she reserves the right to Common Law not to be compelled to anything he has not entered into KNOWINGLY.C. stockholder or employee of a foreign corporation.C. which is the the the the . 1-308. officer. enclave or fort.C. etc.S. This document is now served with a notary seal and with a witness. County of _____________. This should also serve as NOTICE that the accused will not accept liability for any commercial agreement. nor the corporate fiction called the state of California. VOLUNTARILY and INTENTIONALLY.

and all other days that I have been forced to enter into this jurisdiction by estoppel. does not thereby prejudice the rights reserved. mistake. the principles of law and equity. A party who. is entirely excused when (c) by reasonable diligence. duress. UCC 1-103 Supplementary general principles of law applicable. (1) Delay in presentment. UCC 3-3-5 (2) (b) (c) Rights of a holder in due course. UCC 3-511 (1) (c) Waived or excused presentment. I further respectfully dishonor all claims against me this day. Unless displaced by the particular provisions of this act. UCC 3-601 (3) (a) The liability of all parties is discharged when any party who has himself no right of action. or when the delay is caused by circumstances beyond his control and he exercises reasonable diligence after the cause of the delay ceases to operate. The Bill of Rights enumerates some of our God-given rights as sovereign citizens. As a natural and corporeal person.supreme law of the land. as the case may be. Presentment or notice of protest. (2) All defenses of any party to the instrument with whom the holder has not dealt. fraud. THIS IS DONE UNDER THE FOLLOWING PROVISIONS OF THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE: UCC 1-207 Performance or acceptance under reservation of rights. by forcing me to sign your forms. are sufficient. coercion. misrepresentation. estoppel. or the like. protest or notice of dishonor. principal and agent. coercion. (a) Reacquires the instrument in his/her own right. as it has been done under misrepresentation. or recourse on the instrument. fraud. performs or promises or assents to performance. upon me. in a manner demanded or offered by the other party. is indeed fraud in factum. mistake. protest or notice or dishonor or delay therein. I dishonor your presentment. including the law merchant and the law relative to capacity to contract.. the presentment or protest cannot be made of the protest given. (c) Such misrepresentation as has induced the party to sign the instrument with neither knowledge of its character or its essential terms. misrepresentation.(b) Such other incapacity. Such words as "without prejudice". except. I deny all jurisdictional claims you present over me.. or duress. is excused when the party is without notice that it is due. or claim. with explicit reservation of rights. "under protest". etc. duress. . I find that the incapacity with which you bind me.

C. and all. or contracts. (1) The buyer may revoke his acceptance of a lot or commercial unit whose nonconformity substantially impairs its value to him if he has accepted it. UCC 2-609 (4) Right to adequate assurance of performance. the ground for it. such assurance of due performance as is adequate under the circumstances of the particular case is a repudiation of the contract. (3) A buyer who so revokes has the same rights and duties with regard to the goods involved as if he had rejected them. or other validating. or invalidating cause. SUBMITTED____________________________THIS DATE:______________ PREJUDICE U.C. I FURTHER DISCLAIM any acentury oaths. (b) Without discovery of such nonconformity. and before any substantial change in condition of the goods which is not caused by their own defects. (4) After receipt of a justified demand. and including those in the future if forced to do so. shall supplement its provisions. not exceeding thirty days. or should have discovered. state and federal documents which has my signature on it. (2) Revocation of acceptance must occur within a reasonable time after the buyer discovers. I HEREBY REVOKE all signatures on every. or implied oaths. if his or her acceptance was reasonably induced either by the difficulty of discovery before acceptance or by the seller's assurances. failure to provide within a reasonable time.bankruptcy. 1-308 WITHOUT . it is not effective until the buyer notifies the seller of it. UCC 2-608 (1) (b) (1) (b) (2) (3) Revocation of acceptance in whole or in part.

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