Neps: Neps are small knots of Fiber. In general Two types of neps can be distinguished.

Fiber neps and seed coat neps, that is small knots that consists only of fibers and others containing foreign particles such as husk, seed, or left fragments. Nepiness is also dependent , exponentially on the fiber fineness, because fine fibers have less longitudinal stiffness then courser fiber. The processing method also has a considerable influence. A large proportion of the neps in raw cotton are produced by plucking and hard ginning. And the nep count is substantially increased in the blowroom. The card is the first machine to reduce the nep count to a usable level. And nep reduction at the card is achieved primarily by disentanglement rather than by elimination. Neps not only create disturbance in themselves as thick place, but also in dyed articles because they dye differently from the rest of the yearn, and thus because clearly visible in the finished cloth. Classimate:

HVI : (working process & report analisys) AFIS: (working process & report analisys) UT5 : (working process & report analisys)

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