Energy conservation and efficiency and development of alternative energy sources is an important thrust area of the government of India

. Government has initiated measures to conserve petroleum products. These include: *accent on fuel efficiency *training programme in transport sector *modernisation of boilers *standardisation of irrigation pump sets *adoption of clean coal technologies * setting up coal washeries at coal mines *research projects to mitigate green house gas emissions Some key achievements for energy conservations through research and development include: *development of high efficiency smokeless wood store designs *low cost family size biogas plants *low grade solar thermal technology *small scale biomass gasifiers run on wood and agro-residues as fuel * Development of fuel cell technology There is special focus on ensuring conservation of coal sources during exploitation and use and conserving energy in the production and transportation of coal. Management and planning for energy conservation in transport sector include the following measures: 1. Ministry of surface transport as per Motor Vehicles Act (amended) 2000 legislated use of eco friendly CNG and LPG. 2. The norm of low sulphur content in diesel and petrol 0.05% have been introduced in NCR of Delhi and likely to be introduced in other states soon . 3. Road network is strengthened for better accessibility in rural areas. 4. In metropolitan areas, Mass Rapid Transport System has been introduced. Metro rail in Delhi and Chennai is an e.g. 5. besides road networks, national highways and civil aviation is strengthened for better transport and energy efficiency.

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