South Asian Literature Literary Terms Review Term Definition Place where story takes place Theme


Individual versus community “Lads, I’m sorry to say I must take my leave of you now.” “Come on, Goli, let us at least win back our dignity.” Attitude from the text or a character

Archetype Figurative language Bharati 1st person, 3rd person, omniscient … and Saradha’s wedding, which was contracted four years ago prior, her first Deepavali and trips to her husband’s home, and her coming-of-age ceremony and departure last year. Style Allusion Sivakami is widowed. Thangam marries. Vairum’s son dies. Muchami must get married but doesn’t want to. Bharati says her caste doesn’t like boys. … the dust is her essence, her promise, her vitality draining from her.

.Motif Vani’s music becomes erratic at times.

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