A Review by Amruth.G.

Spring/Summer Batch-2011-2014 IIPM-Bangalore

Mathematician. Historian & Social Critic Bertrand Russell in 1907 .Full Name: Bertrand Arthur William Russell Nobel Prize for Literature: 1950 About: British Philosopher. Logician.

Entry to this Universe DOB: 18 May 1872 .

Childhood & Adolescence Two Siblings: Frank & Rachel Russell’s Mother: Died in1874 due to Diphtheria Russell’s Father: Died in1876 due to Bronchitis .

University & I Marriage Scholarship: To read for the Mathematical Tripos at Trinity College. Cambridge I Marriage: 13 December 1894 Fell apart since1901 & divorced in 1921 .

Early Career 1st Publication: German Social Democracy Career: Lecturer in London School of Economics 1st important book: The Principles Of Mathematics-1903 .

Between the Wars & II Marriage Trip to Russia: Had an Official meeting with Vladimir Lenin Russell’s Lover: Dora Blackmarried on 27 September 1921 .

Bertrand Russell & Politics Against Hitler Opposed Vietnam War Towards Nuclear Disarmament .

1968.Influenza .1969 Death: 2nd February 1970.Final Years & Death Three Volume Auto-Biography: 1967.

Important Works Co-Authored with A.N.Whitehead for Principa Mathematica “On Denoting”-Philosophical Essay German Social Democracy Principles Of Mathematics Three Volume Autobiography .

Titles & Honors  From birth until 1931: The Honorable Bertrand Arthur William Russell From 1931 until death: The Right Honorable The Earl Russell .

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