Democrats in WI: THE LIST OF LIES


1.act 10 affected police and fire 2. scott walker wants to steal pensions 3. scott walker polluted lakes, steams and rivers (sorry progs, that was barrett!) 4. scott walker destroyed education 5. scott walker repealed equal pay 6. scott walker eliminated "health care for poor people" 7. scott walker eliminated cancer screen for poor women 8. scott walker is a racist because he criticized barett, who is mayor of milwaukee, which has a lot of black residents 9. scott walker kills puppies 10. scott walker wants to eliminate hunting 11. scott walker supports "boy rape" (a zelinski classic) 12. scott walker wants white people to shoot black people 13. scott walker fired teachers 14. scott walker has killed jobs 15. scott walker is under investigation by the john doe and if you still need the answers to these charges: 1. act 10 exempted police and fire 2. that would be illegal 3. no, he didn't, but he did improve wetlands designations! 4. actually, quite the opposite with more schools retaining teachers, and adding classes and extra curriculars 5. that would be illegal. he only signed legislation that repealed a 2009 law that added an extra (third!) layer of litigation that only benefitted trial lawyers 6. he actually increased badgercare funding by 1.2 BILLION dollars 7. he only signed legislation that moved $1million dollars from the

abortion mill, planned parenthood which doesn't do cancer screen to wisconsin women's wellness program, which uses established and highly rated hospitals and clinics 8. criticizing a mayor's failed record does not make someone racist 9. this is just made up 10. walker actually just signed off on adding 67,000 acres of publi hunting land, and signed several pieces of legislation designed to improve hunting in wi including the end of "earn a buck" 11. zelinski made this up (and politifact called "pants on fire" on this absurd claim) 12. because he signed CCW and Castle Doc. 13. didn't happen, and he can't do that anyway 14. under walker, wisconsin has added over 33,000 jobs and another 37,000 are sitting UNFILLED in the state 15. the DAs office has made it clear that is not the case, and has also made it clear that it was scott walker who asked for the investigation in the first place.

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