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Product Data Sheet 9

Product Data Sheet 9

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Published by Edison Jaramillo

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Published by: Edison Jaramillo on May 22, 2012
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Activator of calcium nutrition of fruit trees

Description of the active ingredient FOLICAL is a physiological activator of trees’ nutrition. It activates its nutrition and ensures a good nutrition in calcium. Its formula is fully selective. Its action allows to face fruits’ physiological imbalances (bitter-pit, micro-cracks in the skin), thus improving storage potential. GA 14 seaweed cream: Exclusive of Goëmar
Research, carried out in collaboration with the CNRS, identified the active ingredients of GA 14 seaweed cream (made from the seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum): oligosaccharides. GA 14 seaweed cream results from a cold process, which preserves the physio-active ingredients of the fresh seaweed. Applied by foliar spraying, GA 14 seaweed cream activates several physiological functions of the plant: the nutritional pathways and the biosynthesis of flowering hormones.




Recommendations Crop
Apricot, cherry, peach, plum

3-5 L/ha per application 3-5 L/ha per application 3-5 L/ha per application

Application stage
1st application: 3 weeks before harvest time, then every week (3 applications) 1st application: as soon as the fruits start to develop, then every 15 days (3 applications) 1st application: 15 days after flowering 2nd application: 15 days after the 1st 3rd application: 15 days after the 2nd 1st application: 15 days at the end of petal fall, then every 15 days (5 applications minimum)

Strawberry, rasberry

Kiwi fruit


3-5 L/ha per application

• GA 14 seaweed cream • Calcium Chloride (CaO): 202.5 g/L

Physico-chemical characteristics
• Liquid • Density 1.35

Folical is compatible with most common fungicides and insecticides. Always follow the label recommendations.

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