May 22, 2012

Lujan Grish ham Sur rging in New Me exico’s 1st Distr rict
Results from a Survey of Democ cratic Prim mary Vote in NM C ers CD-1 To: s Interested Parties

berg Quinlan Rosner Research r h From Greenb m:
Just two weeks fr t rom Election Day, Berna n alillo County Commissio y oner Michelle Lujan Grie sham has seized the momen m d ntum and is now tied for the lead in t Democra primary n the atic conte in New Mexico’s Firs Congressio est M st onal District . As voters have been introduced to o he Lujan Grisham, she has mov from third to first in th vote. n s ved d A sur rvey of 402 likely Democ cratic primar voters con ry nducted May 17th – 20th, 20121 y show that the Democratic primary conte is now a two-way rac Lujan Grisham garws est ce. ners 35 percent of the vote, up 11 points from Febru ary polling2. State Sena Eric o u s ator Grieg also recei go ives 35 perc cent support. Support fo former Alb . or buquerque M Mayor Marty Chav vez, the clear frontrunner earlier this year, has e eroded signif ficantly, from 37 percent m t in February to 23 percent now Seven pe 3 w. ercent rema undecide ain ed.

Grisham G G Gains 11 Points S Since Feb bruary
Now, let me ask you ab bout the Democratic prim mary election for U.S. Co ongress in June. If the p primary ele ection for U.S. Congress were held today and th candidates were: Mic s he chelle Lujan Grisham, E Griego Eric and a Marty Chavez -- for whom would you vote, Michelle Lujan Grisham Eric Griego or Marty C m, Chavez?

60 0 50 0 40 0 30 0 20 0 10 0 0

Grisham Griego Chavez


35 3





5/20/12 2


Cond ducted by Gree enberg Quinlan Rosner Resea n arch May 17-2 0, 2012 among 402 likely De emocratic prima ary vote subject to a margin of err of +/- 4.9 pe ers, ror ercentage point ts. 2 Cond ducted by Gree enberg Quinlan Rosner Resea n arch February 22-26, 2012 a among 502 like Democratic ely primar voters, subje to a margin of error of +/- 4.4 percentage points. ry ect 4 e
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Lujan Grisham Surging in New Mexico’s 1st District


Voters are fully engaged in the contest, and all three candidates have strong name identification with the Democratic primary electorate. Chavez is known by 96 percent of voters; 85 percent identify Lujan Grisham and 84 percent identify Griego. Lujan Grisham’s strong field and television campaign continues to build momentum for her and puts her in a strong position to win the Democratic nomination on June 5th.

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