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Advanced Data Stuctures [ADS] Automata Compiler Design Artificial Intelligence [AI] Artificial Intelligence and Neural networks [AINN] Study Materials and Important Questions Advanced Computer Architecture Antennas and Wave Propagation Advance Digital signal processing (Advance DSP)


Basic Electrical Engineering (BEE)

Basic Electronics PPT's (Covers All Basics of Electronics) BIOMEDICAL-INSTRUMENTATION

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Computer Programming & Data Structures (CPDS/C&DS) C-Language Notes C++ Tutorial Complier Design Computer Graphics (CG)


vtuworld.vtuworld.com .www.Give Complete Info on Basics Of Computers Fundamentals) Cellular and Mobile Communications (CMC) D Data Structures Through C-Yashavant Kanetkar (Animated Study Materials) Data Structures (DS) Notes in PPT's Digital Logic Design(DLD) Data Base Management Systems (DBMS) Data Warehousing and Data Mining (DWDM) Design Patterns Design of Steel Structures Digital Electronics w w .v w w tu r o .com Computer Organization (CO) Computer Networks (CN) CN lab VIVA Questions Computer Systems Modelling Client Server Computing Control Systems Computer Fundamentals (All PPT Files .c ld m o Distributed Databases (DDB) DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS Data Communication System (DCS) DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING (DSP) Design and Analysis of algorithms (DAA) Distributed Systems Data Communication(Notes in PPT format) www.

com Integrated circuits and analysis.vtuworld.I Electrical Machines-II Engineering Chemistry EMBEDDED SYSTEMS (ES) Environmental Science/Studies E-Commerce Electronics Circuit Analysis (ECA) Engineering Mechanics Electrical Technology Electric Circuits Electro magnetic fiields (EMF) ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS AND APPLICATIONS (ECA) Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation (EMI) w w .v w w tu r o . [op amps][digital and Analog] Digital Image Processing Discrete Mathematics Digital Design Through Verilog Design of Machine Members .www.I Data Compression E English Language (Communication Skills included) Electronics Devices and Circuits (EDC) Engineering Physics EDP (Drawing) Materials Electrical Machines.vtuworld.com .c ld m o www.

vtuworld.www.com Engineering Geology Embedded & Real Time Systems F Formal Languages and Automata Theory (FLAT) Financial & Accounting Fluid Mechanics Fluid Mechanics-2 H Heat and Mass Transfer HCI Notes HRM study material I Information Security (IS) Image Processing IC APPLICATIONS J JAVA w w .c ld m o L LICA linear integrated circuits M Mathematical Methods(MM) Mathematics (M1) Middleware Technologies (MWT) www.vtuworld.com .v w w tu r o .

com . GATE.v w w tu r o . IES Exams) Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic Systems www.www.vtuworld.com Management Sciences Microwaves (Lecture Notes) Mobile Computing Notes 1 Mobile Computing Notes 2 Mobile Computing Notes 3 Micro Processor (MP) / MicroProcessor and Interfacing (MPI) Multimedia and application development Matlab Tutorial (Video Tutorials) MatLab Notes Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science MICRO CONTROLLERS AND APPLICATIONS Mobile Communication Notes (MC) Marketing Management Mechanics of Fluids Material Science Mechanics of Materials Microprocessors and Microcontrollers N w w .vtuworld.c ld m o Network Programming (NP) Network Programming using TCP/IP Neural Networks (NN) Network Management System(NMS) Networks (Useful For JTO.

c ld m o RESEARCH METHODOLOGY AND STATISTICAL TOOLS Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning S Satellite Communications Software Project management (SPM) SOFTWARE ENGINEERING (SE) www.vtuworld.com .www.vtuworld.v w w tu r o .com O Operating System (OS) Operation Research OPTICAL COMMUNICATIONS Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) Object Oriented Programming (OOPS) P Pattern Recognition Probability and Statistics Probability Theory & Stochastic Processes Principles Of Programming Language (PPL) Power Electronics Principles of Management & Organizational Behavior Production Planning And Control R Radar Systems RADAR ENGINEERING Real Time Systems w w .

com Software Quality Management (SQM) Software Testing Methodologies System design and Implementation Signals and Systems SQL (PPTs Notes) Structural Analysis.XML Television Engineering (TV) THERMODYNAMICS THEORY AND DESIGN OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINES U UNIX Programming Unified Modeling Language (UML) w w .www.c ld m o V VLSI Design Visual C++ Programming Virtual Reality W www.SQL-PLSQL.vtuworld.com .I & II Strength of Materials Solution Manual for Data Communications and Networking by Behrouz Forouzan Switching Theory and Logic Design (LOGIC DESIGN) T Tutorials of Java.vtuworld.v w w tu r o .

v w w tu r o .vtuworld.c ld m o www.com Web Technologies (WT) Wireless Communications and Networks w w .vtuworld.www.com .

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