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Review Notes in Drug Education By: RKManwong
DEFINITION OF TERMS DRUG ADDICTIONS – A state of periodic or chronic (continuous) intoxication (drunk) detrimental to individual and to the society produced by the repeated consumption of drugs (WHO) CHEMICALS – Is any substance taken into the body, which alters the way, the mind and the bodywork. CHEMICAL ABUSE – Is an instance when the use of a chemical has produced a negative or harmful consequence. TREATMENT – Is a medical service rendered to a client for the effective management of hit total conditions related to drug abuse. It deals with the physiological without abusing drugs. REHABILITATION – Is a dynamic process directed towards the changes on the health of the person to prepare him from his fullest life potentials and capabilities, and making him law-abiding and productive member of the community without abusing drugs. ENABLING – Is any action taken by a concerned person that removes or softens the negative effect or harmful consequences of drug use upon the user. Enabling only makes thing worse. It is like fighting fire with gasoline. POLYDRUG ABUSE – Many people who abuse on drug tend to take allsorts of drugs. Some play chemical “Russian roulettes” by taking everything including unidentified pills. This is called polydrug abuse. DRUG EXPERIMENTER – One who illegally, wrongfully, or improperly uses any narcotics substances, marijuana or dangerous drugs as defined not more than a few times for reasons or curiosity, peer pressure or other similar reasons. DRUG SYNDICATE – It is a network of evil. It is operated and manned by willful criminals who knowingly traffic in human lives for the money. Large sum of money, they can make in their illegal and nefarious trade. The set results of their commerce are physical and mental cripples, ruined lives, even agonizing death. WITHDRAWAL PERIOD – From the point of habituation or drug dependence up to the time a drug dependent is totally or gradually deprived of the drug. TOLERANCE – It is the increasing dosage of drugs to maintain the same effect. This is dependent is totally or amphetamines, barbiturates, opiates and solvents. DRUG DEPENDENCE – A state of psychic or physical dependence, or both on dangerous drugs, arising in a person following administration or use of a drug on a periodic or continuous basis. PHYSICALDEPENDENCE – An adaptive state caused by repeated drug use that reveals itself development of intense physical symptoms when the drug is stopped (withdrawal syndrome). by

PSYCHOLOGICALDEPENDENCE – An attachment to drug use which arises from a drug ability to satisfy some emotional or personality need of an individual. (Physical dependence not required but it does not seem to reinforce psychological dependence) MARIJUANA – Obtained from an Indian hemp plant known as “Cannabis Sativa” a strong, handy ,annual shrub which grows wild in temperature and tropic regions. TETRAHYDROCANNABINOL – (THC) It is the psychoactive agent of marijuana. The more THC present in marijuana, the more potent is the drug. It is also known as the “siniter element” in marijuana. This is what causes the “high lift” or “trip” in marijuana users. HASHISH – It is the dark brown resin that is collected from the tops of potent Cannabis Sativa. It is at least five times stronger than crude marijuana. Since it is stronger, the effect on the user is more intense, and the possibility of side effects is greater. Placing the crude plant material in a solvent makes it. The plant material is then filtered out and the solvent is removed, yielding a gummy, resinous substance. NARCOTICS – Is any drug that produces sleep or stupor and relieves pain due to its depressant effect on the central nervous system. A term narcotic comes from the Greek word for sleep “Narkotikos” OPIUM – Obtained from a female poppy plant known as “Papayer Somniferum”. It comes from the Greek word which means “juice”. It is the original components of Morphine and Heroin.

Its effects are rapid from the time of intake. kidneys. possible chain of smoking. death frompossible overdose esp. psilocybin. liver. It was named after Morpheus the Greek god of dreams stimulating effects. MDA. Indian hemp. possible hallucinations. eye opener) Hallucinogens (LSD. hashish. It is indeed “super-speed”. rolling paper. bunnies. roach clips. lack of concentration. severe depression. impaired short term memory. PCR. speed. footballs. COCAINE – It is an alkaloid contained in the leaves of “Erythoxylon coca” a hardy plant cultivated in Bolivia. lungs damage. SHABU – It is Japanese form of drug abuse. choking. HEROIN – It is the third derivative extracted and the most powerful. irritability. possible psychosis w/ chronic 2 MORPHINE – It is the second extraction from opium. anxiety. This is the most potent of opium derivatives. painful muscle contraction. anxiety. The first user of coca leaf were the Incas of Peru. It is a quick acting drug. rapid speech. satay) PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS Altered perception. the second to be developed after Morphine. acid cubes. increased heart rate. laughter SIGN OF ABUSE Plastic baggies. micbrodots. Cocaine acts immediately. but more as a cough reliever. bone marrow. paranila. dilated pupils. possible paranoia. dizziness. peyote. craving for sweets. dexies. It is used as a painkiller. six times stronger. rapid heart beat Odor of substance in clothing. cold and clumsy skin SOLVENT/RUGBY (gasoline/ glue) Euphoria headaches. emotional instability. when mixed with alcohol Damage to lungs. This stimulant was originally known as “Kakuseizal” is the Japanese word for waking “Zai” the term for drugs. intoxication.Downloadable at www. five times stronger than morphine. It is an amphetamine type of stimulant whose chemical use name in Methmphetamine. tumors mood. . increased appetite. It is a stimulant. elevation Pills of varying. mescaline) Loss of appetite. CODEINE – Is another opium alkaloid. A powerful natural stimulant known to man. 10 MOST ABUSED DRUGS           Shabu Menthodes (cough/cold preparation) Marijuana Rugby (inhalant) Phydol (cough/cold preparation) Diazepam (minor tranquilizer) Pseudoflex (cough/cold preparation) Hycodia (cough preparation) Cotrex D (cough/cold preparation) Mercadol (cough/cold preparation) MOST COMMON REASONS FOR USING DRUGS Influence by friends and peers  Personal reason such as family problems and pleasure  Got hooked by the pusher  Used drugs for medical reason and hooked later on  Accessibility of sources such as drug stores. Amphetamines (pep pills. fatigue Rigidity. SUMMARY ON USUALLY KNOWN DRUG (SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS) DRUGS Marijuana (damo. ups. Disorientation. increased blood pressure. long period w/out rest or sleep Alternation of moods and perception. weed joints. It has no medical use because of the high rate of medication. medicine cabinets and shops. panic anxiety Capsule of varying longer periods of ras sleep. The stimulant started in Japan immediately after the end of the Pacific War and brought into the Philippines by Japanese tourist. fainting stupor. grass. suffocation. copilot. drivers.rkmfiles. nausea. crossroad. color of burnt hemp rope DANGERS Psychological dependence.

they are potent painkillers. Allergy w/ loss hepatitis.rkmfiles. 1. fatigue.  Tetrehydro Cannabinol – they called THC. Opium – derived from a poppy plant – Papaver somniferum popularly known as “gum”.  Hashish – called locally has and look like brown or black cakes or balls. snow. opium) CODINE (little D) COCAINE (Coke. which relieve pain and produce profound sleep or stupor. “gamot”. mental stress. .most commonly used and best used opiate. 9. with a high dependence – producing potential. electrolyte imbalance and muscle fatigue. anxiety. High concentration of inhalants can cause suffocation by displacing the oxygen in the lungs or depressing the central nervous system in the point that breathing stops. 3. Commonly used as a household remedy for diarrhea and abdominal pain. Seconal – Sudden withdrawal from these drugs is even more dangerous than opiate withdrawal.Downloadable at www. grass. 2.  Hashish Oil – Hash oil they appear like concentrated syrup liquid varying in color from clear to black. commonly available in cough preparations. Effective as a painkiller six times potent than opium. acapolco gold. fatigue. odorless bitter white crystalline powder DANGEROUS DRUG EFFECTS AND IDENTITY The Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa)  Marijuana – usually called Pot. Morphine . Tranquilizers – are drugs that calm and relax and diminish anxiety. Paregoric – a tincture of opium in combination with camphor. Narcotics . headache and involuntary or brain hemorrhage. The Inhalants Immediate negative effect of inhalants include nose. muscular control poor anemia. violent behavior. dope. coughing. they look like soft gelatin capsule and they are used by taken orally or smoked. morpho. 8. They are used in the treatment of nervous states and some mental disorders without producing sleep. fever. tabcubes. Medically. tightening of muscles Glasineevelops needles and syringe capsule orspoons tourniquet. Monkey dreamer. tremors. ---They look like dried parsley mixed with stems that may include needs --. speech and muscular coordination. 7. Long-term use can cause weight loss. nosebleed. unconsciousness or death. Mary Jane. Eaten. Deeply inhaling the vapor. watery eyes. Heroin – is three to five times more powerful than morphine from which it is derived and the most addicting opium derivative. weed reefer. running nose Short-lived euphoria changing to depression. Thai stick. 6. HEROIN (fit fun) MORPHINE (M. euphoria. The Depressants (Downers) These are drugs which suppress vital body functions especially those of the brain or central nervous system with the resulting impairment of judgement. vomiting. 5. Amyl and Butyl nitrate cause rapid pulse. Repeat sniffing of concentrated vapors over time can permanently damage the nervous system. nervousness. Demerol and Methadone – common synthetic drugs with morphine – like effects. they used to smoked mixed with tobacco. irritability. Codeine – a derivative of morphine. itchiness. 4. they can be eaten orally or can be smoked. slow and shallow breathing possible death when combined w/ barbiturates Shallow breathing. and insomnia. small spoons.They are need as cigarette (smoke).. leaf dust) Intensitivity to pain.are drugs. Solvents and aerosol sprays also decrease the heart and the respiratory rates and impair judgment. or using large amount over a short period of time may result to disorientation. sneezing. possible stroke or sudden death. sedation. lack of coordination and loss of appetite. hearing. 3 drowsiness. needle mark on hands Glassine envelopes razor blades. Barbiturates – are drugs used for inducing sleep in persons plagued with anxiety. possible death from convulsions or respiratory arrest. “kalamay” or “panocha”. 10.

Amphetamines – used medically for weight reducing in obesity. 4. It is white. Caffeine – it is present in coffee. etc. Marijuana – It is the most commonly abused hallucinogen in the Philippines. Psilocybin – This hallucinogenic alkaloid from small Mexican mushrooms are used by Mexican Indians today. 9165 – COMPREHENSIVE DANGEROUS DRUGS ACT OF 2002 Approved on June 7. STP – It is a take-off on the motor oil additive. Shabu/ “poor man’s cocaine” – chemically known as methamphetamine. space and sensation. reduce hunger. Mescaline (Peyote) What are the Controlled Precursors and Essential Chemicals? Include those listed in Tables I and II of the 1988 UN Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotrophic Substances (Art 1. “teardrops”. as amended by the 1972 Protocol. 12. It is a chemical derivative of mescaline claimed to produce more violent and longer effects than mescaline dose. Mescaline – It is the alkaloid hallucinogen extracted from the peyote cactus and can also be synthesized in the laboratory. relief of mild depression and treatment 2. MMDA – Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (Ecstacy) Tetrahydrocannabinol (MJ). 5. Sec.rkmfiles. wakefulness. Sec 3) Ex. 4. It can be taken orally. Peyote – Peyote is derived from the surface part of a small gray brown cactus. 7. The Stimulants (Uppers) These produce effects opposite to that of depressants. The Hallucinogens (Psychedelic) They consist of a variety of mind-altering drugs. 6. Ethyl Ether. Lysergic Acid. NOTE: . which distort reality.Effective July 4. Volatile Solvents – gaseous substances popularly known to abusers as “gas”. Hydrochloric Acid Sulfuric Acid. colorless crystal or crystalline powder with a bitter numbing taste. and some wake-up pills. chocolate. tea. 3). and the schedules annexed to the 1971 Single Convention on Psychotropic Substances (Art 1. sound. they produce increased mental alertness. Nicotine – an active component in tobacco which acts as a powerful stimulant of the central nervous system. Acetone. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) – This drug is the most powerful of the psychedelics obtained from ergot. 2. a fungus that attacks rye kernels. sniffed (chasing the dragon) or injected. Most widely used. It is a central nervous system stimulant and sometimes called “upper” or “speed”. thinking and perceptions of time..Downloadable at www. 3. A drop of pure nicotine can easily kill a person. Table 1 – Table 2 – Acetic Anhydride N. etc. cola drinks. 5. 2002 What is Dangerous Drug under this law? Includes those listed in the schedules annexed to the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. Instead of bringing about relaxation and sleep. Alcohol – the king of all drugs with potential for abuse. injected or sniffed as to achieve euphoria or an intense feeling of “highness”. Morning Glory Seeds – The black and brown seeds of the wild tropical morning glory that are used to produce hallucinations. The New Law on Dangerous Drugs R. Ex. 2002 .A. 1. Cocaine – taken orally. inhaled (snorted). 3. 1.Acetyl Anthranilic Acid Epedrine. and provide a feeling of well 4 11. Ergometrine. socially accepted and most extensively legalized drug throughout the world.

000 to P10 Million Life Imprisonment to Death and a fine ranging from P500. MJ resin. 500 grams or more of Marijuana NOTE: If the quantity involved is less than the foregoing. mj resin. Life Imprisonment to Death and a fine ranging from P500. 000 to P10 Million Imprisonment ranging from 12 yrs and 1 day to 20 yrs and a fine ranging from P100. 10) Possession of Dangerous Drugs (sec. MMDA. 000 to P500. cocaine. morphine. 9) Manufacture or Delivery of Equipment.Downloadable at www. 000 to P50. Apparatus and other Paraphernalia for Dangerous Drugs (sec. MMDA. glue. Distribution and transportation of Dangerous Drugs and/or Controlled Precursors and Essential Chemicals (sec. and 300 grams or more but less than 500 grams of marijuana 3. heroin. thinner. 000. Delivery. LSD and similar dangerous drugs. morphine. Administration. 50 grams or more of “shabu”/ Methamphetamine Hydrochloride. rugby. 000 to P500. Barbiturates. 11) Penalty Life Imprisonment to Death and a fine ranging from P500. Apparatus and other Paraphernalia for Dangerous Drugs and/or Controlled Precursors and Essential Chemicals ( Under RA 6425 (Dangerous Drugs Act of 1972). Prohibited Drugs – ex. the penalties shall be graduated as follows: 1. 7) Manufacture of dangerous Drugs and/or Controlled Precursors and Essential Chemicals (sec. 8) Illegal Chemical Diversion of Controlled Precursors and Essential Chemicals (sec. 000 to P500. Instrument. Trading. 5) Maintenance of a Den. Tranquillizers Volatile Substances – ex. 12) Imprisonment ranging from 6 mos and 1 day to 4 yrs and a fine ranging from P10. heroin. 000 to P10 Million 5 Possession of Dangerous drugs in the following quantities. Life Imprisonment to Death and a fine ranging from P500. 000 to P400. Imprisonment ranging from 12 yrs and 1 day to 20 yrs and a fine ranging from P100. 000 if the quantities of dangerous drugs are less than 5 grams of opium. LSD. shabu. 10 grams or more of MMDA. Cocaine and its derivatives. 6) Being an employee or visitor of a den. Possession of Equipment. morphine. dive or resort (sec. shabu. 000 if “shabu” is 10 grams or more but less than 50 grams. Life imprisonment and a fine ranging from P400. Dive or Resort where dangerous drugs are used or sold in any form (sec. cocaine. paints. 000. Regulated drugs and Volatile substances. 2. 000 to P10 Million Imprisonment ranging from 12 yrs and 1 day to 20 yrs and a fine ranging from P100. and less than 300 grams of marijuana. regardless of degree of purity: 10 grams or more of opium. 000 to P500. mj resin.rkmfiles. heroin. Instrument. Imprisonment of 12 yrs and 1 day to 20 yrs and a fine ranging from P300. 000 . 000 to P10 Million Life Imprisonment to Death and a fine ranging from P500. 000. Amphetamines. cocaine. gasoline What are the Unlawful Acts and Penalties? Unlawful Acts Importation of Dangerous drugs and/or Controlled Precursors and Essential Chemicals (sec. Dispensation. Hallucinogen drugs like MJ. 4) Sale. Opium and its derivatives. 000 to P500. and Mescaline Regulated drugs – ex. 000 if the quantities of dangerous drugs are 5 grams or more but less than 10 grams of opium. Dangerous drugs refers to the Prohibited drugs. Imprisonment of 20 yrs and 1 day to Life imprisonment and a fine ranging from P400.

(under the Office of the President) (sec. Drugs pushers who use minors or mentally incapacitated individuals as runners. Art II). Social Gatherings or Meetings (sec. 13). dealers. When dangerous drug is administered. . Art II). Dispensation. 2 regular members)(sec. apparatus and other paraphernalia for dangerous drugs (sec. Imprisonment ranging from 12 yrs and 1 day to 20 yrs and a fine ranging from P100. 6. distributors. and Possession of Equipment. Upon any person who organizes. Administration. 2. Instrument. Upon any person who uses a minor or mentally incapacitated individual to deliver equipment. Possession of dangerous Drugs during Parties. or retailers (sec. 000 to P500. If the victim of the offense is a minor or mentally incapacitated individual. Apparatus and other Paraphernalia for Dangerous Drugs during Parties. 15) Minimum 6 mos rehabilitation (1st offense). Art II).000 to P200. Social Gatherings or Meetings (sec. 000. Social Gatherings or Meetings (sec. 17) Unnecessary Prescription of Dangerous Drugs (sec.11. Possession of dangerous Drugs during Parties. delivered or sold to a minor who is allowed to use the same in such a place (sec 6. Art IX) 3 permanent members: to be appointed by the President. manufacturers. Plus revocation of license to practice profession Life imprisonment to Death and a fine ranging from P500. Instrument. 11 shall apply. 14) What is the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB)? The DDB is the policy-making body and strategy-making body in the planning and formulation of policies and programs on drug prevention and control. Art II). 77. 000 to P10 Million Imprisonment ranging from 1 yr and 1 day to 6 yrs and a fine ranging from P10. Social Gatherings or Meetings (sec. 3. instrument. 10. 000 (2nd Offense) NOTE: Section 15 shall not be applicable where the person tested is also found to have in his/her possession such quantity of any dangerous drug provided in sec.Downloadable at www. 000 to P50. Sale. 14) Use of Dangerous Drugs (sec. 13). in which case the penalty provided in sec. Delivery. Importation or bringing into the Philippines of dangerous drugs using diplomatic passport or facilities or any means involving his/her official status to facilitate unlawful entry of the same (sec 4. Cultivation of Plants classified as dangerous drugs or are sources thereof (sec. Distribution and transportation of Dangerous Drugs and/or Controlled Precursors and Essential Chemicals with in 100 meters from the school (sec 5. 16) Failure to comply with the maintenance and keeping of the original records of transaction on any dangerous drugs and/or controlled precursors and Essential Chemicals on the part of practioners. or should a dangerous drug and/or controlled precursors and essential chemical involved in the offense be the proximate cause of death of the victim (sec 5. 11. 000 to 10 Million pesos Unlawful Prescription of Dangerous Drugs (sec. 78. Imprisonment ranging from 6 yrs and 1 day to 12 yrs and a fine ranging from P50. manages or acts as “financiers” of any of the activities involving dangerous drugs (sec 4. importers.19) The Unlawful Acts Punishable by Death Penalty 1. Trading. 000 Plus revocation of license to practice profession. 6 The maximum penalties provided for Sec. 5. one to be the Chairman. 5. Art II). 18) Life Imprisonment to Death and a fine ranging from P500. couriers and messengers or in any other capacity directly connected to the dangerous drug trade (sec 5. Art II). 12 as ex-officio. 7. 6. 4. Apparatus and other Paraphernalia for Dangerous Drugs during Parties.rkmfiles. 8 Art II). and Possession of Equipment. 8. Art IX) Composition: 17 members (3 as permanent.

Downloadable at www. Conduct continuing seminars and consultations. DOF.A 9165 • In the revised law. What are the Powers and Duties of the DDB? (sec. It is the implementing arm of the DDB and responsible for the efficient and effective law enforcement of all the provisions on any dangerous drugs and/ or precursors and essential chemicals. NARCOM of the PNP. 61). 81. Establish forensic 7 12 ex officio members: Secretary of DOJ. Art IX) • • • • • • • • Formulation of Drug Prevention and Control Strategy. Maintain international networking. Conduct policy studies and researches. 84. Coordination with agencies for community service programs. 86.rkmfiles. make arrest and apprehension of violators and seizure and confiscation of dangerous drugs. PDEA Operating Units: It absorbed the NDLE-PCC (created under E. DILG. and DepEd. DND. importation of any illegal drug. . Develop educational programs and info drive. DSWD. Maintain a national drug intelligence system. DFA. Narcotics Division of the NBI. Undertake investigation. regardless of quantity and purity or any part therefrom even for floral. and the Pres/Chaiman of an NGO involved in a dangerous drug campaign to be appointed by the President. Art IX) • • • • • • • • Cause the effective and efficient implementation of the national drug control strategy. Conduct eradication programs. 2 regular members: President of the IBP. Filing of appropriate drug cases. The NBI Director the Chief of the PNP – permanent consultant of the Board. 82. What is the PDEA? PDEA means Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency. 000 to P10 million. and the Dir. Head: Director General – appointed by the President Assisted By: 2 Deputies Director General (one for Admin. What are the Powers and Functions of the PDEA? (sec.Gen of PDEA. decorative and culinary purposes is punishable with life imprisonment to death and a fine ranging from P500. Important Features of R. Promulgation of Rules and Regulation to carry out the purposes of this Act. DOH. Art IX).O. DOLE. and the Customs Narcotics Interdiction Unit (sec. Art IX). another for Opns) – appointed by the President (sec. Close coordination with local and international drug agencies. Enforcement of the provisions of Art II of this Act. NYC. Chairman of CHED. Design special training.

Any person who shall be convicted of violation of this new • 8 The trading. couriers. dispense. establishments. trade.D. administration. cultivate. Owners of resorts.58. dispatch in transit or transport any dangerous drugs regardless of quantity and purity shall be punished with life imprisonment to death and a fine ranging from P500. • • The law also penalizes anybody found in possession of any item or paraphernalia used to administer. harvest. and managers of the illegal activity. Art VIII). regardless of the quantity of the drugs and the penalty imposed by the court shall not be allowed to avail the privilege provisions of the Probation Law (P. 73. and messengers or in dangerous drug transactions shall also be meted with the maximum penalty. distribution or transportation of any of these illegal drugs transpires with in 100 meters from any school. contain or conceal illegal drugs with an imprisonment of 12 yrs to 20 yrs and a fine of P100. dispensation.rkmfiles. process. A penalty of 12 yrs to 20 yrs imprisonment shall be imposed on financiers. compound. administration. Any person who shall sell. deliver. the same shall be confiscated and escheated in favor of the government. delivery. 15 • if convicted – confinement and rehab Parents. . produce. 000. and transportation of dangerous drugs is also punishable by life imprisonment to death and a fine ranging from P500. Pushers who use minors or mentally incapacitated individuals as runners. convert. 000 to P10 million. delivery. store. Art VIII) Filing of charges against a drug dependent for confinement and rehabilitation under voluntary submission program can be made: • second commitment to the center • upon recommendation of the DDB • may be charge for violation of sec.Downloadable at www. 968). and other places where illegal drugs are administered is deemed liable under this new law. propagate. the maximum penalty shall be imposed. dives. 000 to P500. 000 to P10 million. • • (sec. coddlers. But if the sale. give away to another or distribute. spouse or guardian who refuses to cooperate with the Board or any concerned agency in the treatment and rehabilitation of a drug dependent may be cited for Contempt of Court (sec. administer. pack. distribution.

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