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hard From: (David Copeland) Subject: methamphetamine sythesis Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 00:00:00 GMT Message-ID: <> MIME-Version: 1.0 Reply-To: Organization: Pacifier Internet Server (360) 693-0325 Newsgroups: alt.drugs.chemistry

--okay; All you people who want an easy meth systhesis - They don't exist! You have to know some chemistry. Learn some (yes it takes some discipline) or be doomed to fail. So, again, this information is posted for information purposes only. I accept no responsibility for anyone actually using this. If you do you will be subject to state and federal laws and will be subject to fines and/or imprisonment. If you are stupid enough to actually manufacture meth you WILL probably go to prison. This is the 90's. So to make meth from ephedrine- Using l- or pseudo ephedrine place 1000 gms of ephedrine, 250gms of red phosphorus, and 1000ml of hydriotic acid in a suitable round bottom flask. Fit the flask with a reflux condenser and reflux the mixture for 48hrs at 120 degrees C. Add a 10% solution of sodium hydroxide until the Ph is 14. You should get an oil layer and a water layer. Separate the oil layer in a separatory funnel and put it a flask with 3 volumes of water. Rig the flask for distillation and distill the oil water mixture until the oil is mostly gone (except for highly colored globs of oil.) In the reciever flask there should be two layers, an upper oil layer and a lower water layer. Separate the oil layer and mix it with 10% hydrochloric acid until the Ph is 7.6. evaporate the water and it will crystallize into methamphetamine hcl. ------------------------------------------------------Pacifier Online Data Service Dialup SLIP/PPP User To register: (360) 693-0325 or telnet ------------------------------------------------------From: (Loonus) Subject: CLIC Homepage Methamphetamine Synthesis Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 00:00:00 GMT Message-ID: <> X-Admin: Organization: AOL Newsgroups: alt.drugs.chemistry "We have observed that mixtures containing red phosphorus, iodine and either concentrated HCl or glacial acetic acid do convert ephedrine to methamphetamine; however, when the phosphorus is omitted, methamphetamine is not formed. Ephedrine was reacted with red phosphorus and iodine in

when red in excess of ephedrine in a 1:3. Bottle of drain cleaner containg conc.> X-URL: http://www.1. sodium iodide 2. empty their contents into a small funnel with a coffee filter. rest H20 2. 5 Sinustop Herbal Decongestant tablets containing 60mg crystaline pseudoephedrine HCl each mixed with some herbal ingrediants.chemistry Materials:> X-001: Replay may or may not approve of the content of this posting X-002: Report misuse of this automated service to <abuse@replay. Newsgroups: alt. Red devil Lye containing sodium hydroxide 7. 28 Jan 1998 03:42:03 CET Organization: Replay Associates.COM (Anonymous) Subject: Microscale Meth Synthesis Using Grocery Store Materials Date: Wed.L. alcohol 47%. Or 300mg of ephedrine obtained thru some other method. Take the 5 decongestant capsules. 3.refluxing water. 30ml bottle tincture iodine containing 2% iodine. Pour 50ml of cold water through the filter. varying phosphorus and iodine are (ephedrine:red ephedrine is consumed in the ratios of red phosphorus and iodine.1 trichloroethane -----------Procedure: A. Purifying pseudoephedrine: 1.8:7. H2SO4 5. Bottle white distilled vinegar 6.P. 5 road flares. Spray can of brake cleaner containing 1.replay.4%. 28 Jan 1998 00:00:00 GMT Message-ID: <6am5tp$mum@basement.2 molar ratio phosphorus:iodine) methamphetamine is formed and the 8 hours. It seems like that is what is being described (along with acid substitution). X-XS4ALL-Date: Wed.1." Anyone have any thoughts.replay. experience with the typical E-RP-HA when the usually separate step of creating the hydriotic acid is omitted and the three chemicals are just reacted in refluxing water. oo 0' ' ' From: nobody@REPLAY.1 trichloroethylene or 1. and collect .drugs.

Add the red phosphorus. Preparing the iodine/HI solution: 1. suck up the bottom brake cleaner layer out of the jar and put it into a small bowl. Add the pseudoephedrine acetate to the solution of HI/I and phosphorus. Preparing the red phosphorus: 1. drain cleaners.the liquid in a small jar. Let cool. Do not use a gas stove. You should get about 0. put in a small polyethylene jar.1g per flare. E: Extraction: 1. Let stand so that the layers seperate. Instead use a hot plate or electric stove at low heat only. D. 2. 3. 5. You will end up with methamphetamine acetate that you can scrape from the bowl. Take the solution and perform steps A3-A6. Put the resultant solution in another small jar.1ml of the H2SO4 drain cleaner. 4. and auto store chemicals and coffee filters as will happen in the next year) Best regards. iodine tincture. You should immediately smell the odor of ephedrine. This converts the sodium iodide to HI. and add 50ml of brake cleaner. 2. vignegar. Thus a water bath. and heat bottle in a water bath until the purple iodine color goes away. Cousin Singe From: csc@pilot. B. The reaction: 1. (or contributed to the outlaw of all flares. You now have a solution of iodine and HI. Scrape the red phosphorus off of the caps of the 5 flares and store for later use. At the bottom will be a solid layer of a pseudoephedrine acetate.njin. then close the lid and shake vigorously. Pour the entire bottle of the iodine tincture into a small ceramic bowl. Thats about 1/4inch of liquid in the end of an eye dropper. since the brake cleaner vapors will produce toxic phosgene if there is contact with a flame. Heat on the above type water bath until no more alcohol is (Sean Casey) Subject: Re: Testing for bunk . and add 0. Add a 1/4tsp of lye to the collected liquid. C. Heat the bowl in the water bath until no more liquid is left. Add 50ml of vinegar and heat the resultant mixure over low heat in a frying pan with 1/2 inch of water. Cool the reaction solution and add 1/2tsp of lye. 2. and heat on a water bath for 24 hours. Using a turkey baster. 6. Congradulations! You have circumvented all of law enforcement and have greatly contributed to the end of the "drug war".

edu> organization: Rutgers University newsgroups: alt. but something to be danced with. This would provide a convenient method of separation.worldnet. and then precipitated with HCl gas to give methamphetmine HCL. The HI salt is soluble in acetone. If methamphetamine looks waxy or oily. [Reference: Skinner. When completely> Subject: Re: methamphetamine synthesis Date: Sun. it is probably contaminated with the HI salt of meth.att.att.wolfe." Forensic Science International.] Sean -``Wind. Do not attempt. while ephedrine HCL is not.chemistry X-Mailer: Mozilla 3. 29 Sep 1995 00:00:00 GMT Message-ID: <44hgdc$j4b@pilot. while the HCL salt is only very slightly soluble. Pour in one gallon of hydriodic acid.not something to be gotten rid of.CA7@cyber-state.worldnet.14C5@postoffice. 1990. Content-Type: text/plain. Add 5 pounds of > l-ephedrine hydrochloride.> references: <43aqhu$njr@news1. The HI salt could be washed out.000ml boiling flask with a condenser and mantle. > > Crank up the mantle and let it boil for 13 hours. are breakdowns in the face of the commitment to getting from here to there. 16 Feb 1997 00:00:00 GMT Message-ID: <33080728.0 Newsgroups: alt. Harry F. This is > from Space Monkey the original biker cook! > > Get 22. 123-134] [Provided for academic interest. I) Guest wrote: > > I'm posting this 'cause I'm sick and tired of people asking and no real > answers.. Add > 1000 grams of red phosphorus. methamphetamine HCL is soluble in> To:> <43ct9h$oth@cello.calstate. But they are conditions for sailing -.'' From: josh <mjiicma@postoffice.chemistry FAQ fodder. That way . an oily by-product of the red-phosphorous/HI reduction of ephedrine--the most prevalent method of clandestine manufacture.Date: Fri..01 (Win95.njin. Now think for a > minute: Take the output off the top of the condenser. I want some things in return. Etc.drugs.drugs. Vol 48. pp..gina. charset=us-ascii Organization: AT&T WorldNet Services Mime-Version: 1. "Methamphetamine Synthesis Via Hydriotic Acid/Red Phosphorous Reduction Of Ephedrine.> References: <3307B9DA. But heres the synh. put a check valve > in line with a long piece of tygon tubing and bubble the output of the > tube through a bucket of water outside where you are cooking.

It smelled like meth.> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > there is no accumulation of hydrogen in the house to blow you to he-double toothpicks. Discard the water layer. Now pour the contents of the boiling flask into the ice/lye filled carbouy and agitate. When it starts to change. Put the sep funnel in a ring stand and let it sit for about 10 minutes till the crap falls out of the oil into the water. I extracted with distilled water. this will get rid of the yellow. Discard the water. It will take lots at first. cause just a little too much will push the ph the wrong way. It will be yellow. Now add equal parts of VERY hot water and oil in a seperatory funnel and shake for a couple of minutes. Now start adding Hydrochloric acid to the oil. save the oil Put the oil in beaker so you know how much you have. elusis. What I got when I added the boiled product to the lye was a suspension of red phosphorus globules that did not float or sink. An oil layer will seperate on top. filtered till clear and let dry. If it had worked. Now that the 13 hours are up.. I would have gotten an oil. I also used pseudoephedrine extracted from white 60mg tabs. but I know better. Popeye. Keep doing this until the oil clean. This is methamphetamine free-base. Put the whole thing in an electric oven at the lowest setting and let sit till dry. add the acid in little bits. Pour the lye solution over the ice. Now fill a big carboy with spigot about a third of the way with clear ice from the liquor store (it is made with distilled water [duh]).. Now put it in a jar with acetone and shake it up. but let the condenser run until the flask is cool enough to pick up. turn off the mantle. Perfect pH is 7 Now you have a mixture of pure methamphetamine in water. What happened? . You will have 5 + pounds of absolutely pure meth. Yogi read it and agree! Now my questions that you who will use this owe me for having the balls to post it: 1) I tried this with iodine/red phosphorus/distilled water in proportions found on the lycaeum home page. Keep testing with pH test papers. you have made a strong lye solution. During this 13 hours of cooking.

.13168110@news. > Not all P4 is used> <334bcd55.I did the calculation for making 340mL > >HI first so to make 3. i will do the same for the group if i find it..asu.inre.. but the tabs that were being used were 30mg thins very much like the 25mg ephedrine thins that everyone else in the us was using to make CAT. This is the same as having > >> References: <01bc41ad$74e8e920$LocalHost@default> <335e22a6.drugs.> > > > > > > > 2) Post this new epenephrine synth I hear people talking about 3) I hear that oxymethazoline HCL can be made into something like meth.and about 12g > >of P4 then brought to volume..Student-0904971234580001@ecg150-b4.5 molar soln it's around 150g of> Organization: Arizona State University Newsgroups: alt. synthesis? Date: Wed.8g 0.. it isn't a "catalyst". > it is used up. This is from memory.6004785@news. popeye where are you?" this is close to the synthesis ive seen used. if you run accross it or get told of it post it.inre. josh From: Joe.these were loaded with gummy binder that is impossible to get rid of.Student-0704971333230001@ecg150-b2.12g 94.. Post it Thanks. Therfore P4 acts as a catalyst.wco.sustituted "Ephedrine" HCL + 1 OH150g 94. Then he > >calls for 40g of P4 added as a catalyst..64g 1 I-sub "Ephedrine HCl" + H+ -----> 1 Methamphetamine HCL + 1/2 I2 231...44g . When it is used in this set of reactions. giving a very good (Information Technology) Subject: Re: mistake in iodine phos.44g 231.chemistry.chemistry > >a little. but i haven't bought it hoping that someone might post the route for this extraction if I > >get it wrong I will post it later.I don't have my notes with me. 1 Ephedrine HCL + 1/2 I2 ----> 1 I. There must be an "excess" amount of P4 to drive the reaction.80g> <Joe.74g 138. when this stuff was boiled in HI acid it turned into a dark red sludge which kind of was thicker on the top just like what you are describing...asu. producing phosphorus acid.i have been told that the 4th ed of Secrets of Meth Manufacture has a way of removing the binder out of these tabs.drugs. Elusis..being replaced by 60mg thicks. and pseudoephedrine works real well. 09 Apr 1997 00:00:00 GMT Message-ID: <Joe. but about the time that ephedrine became impossible to get the 30mg sudafed thins disappeared too. I THINK this is from memory..

Extract out the freebase and convert to the hydrochloride. DMT or HMPT can be used instead of DMSO. This is a well known reaction and has appeared in print in: Skinner. Fester's reduction uses red phosphorus and iodine to form the HI used in the reaction.chemistry.The excess P4 reacts with the liberated I2 to make more HI acid. PPA reduced with HI will form amphetamine. If The calculatins are incorrect let me know mole amounts used: Ephedrine HCl = 201. The same one appeared in Pugsley's Bromosafrole preparation. However. let's consider forming it via DMSO.drugs.drugs. This is an extension of Vogel's Practical Organic Textbook's reaction for making HBr. Now that the HI is formed from DMSO. 180ml H2SO4 (sulfuric acid) is added dropwise so that the temperature stays below 75C. This will theoretically yield methamphetamine .sas. However. (Robert Egendorf) Subject: PPA to meth? Please Comment Date: Fri.chemistry Uncle Fester's Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture describes a procedure for producing methamphetamine via the reduction of pseudoephedrine or ephedrine with HI and red phosphorus. HF "Methamphetamine Synthesis via Hydroidic Acid/ Red Phosphorus Reduction of Ephedrine". DMSO is necessary. and NaI or KI. As a side note.upenn. the reduction of PPA is continued according to Fester: 150g PPA HCl + 40g Red Phosphorus + 340ml HI (made from DMSO) are mixed together in a 1000ml flat bottom (round bottoms require oil baths for heat). Forensic Science International 48 (1990): 123-124 Ephedrine and Psuedoephedrine reduce to methamphetamine. Accordingly: 334g KI or 300g NaI (2M amount) + 400ml distilled water are mixed and cooled in an ice bath. PPA reduces to amphetamine. it is rumored that the DMSO will aid in methylenating the PPA.64g just trying to help tweaker From: egendorf@mail1. Instead of making the HI via red phosphorus and iodine. This solution is refluxed for 1 day. for this discussion. In other words. 08 Aug 1997 00:00:00 GMT Message-ID: <5se45g$36e$1@netnews.alt. H2SO4. at least. the PPA is reduced via the HI and as a side reaction is methylenated by the> Organization: University of Pennsylvania Newsgroups: rec.64g Methamphetamine HCL = 185.upenn. Make the solution basic via NaOH (lye) to bring out the free base.

Liberate the freebase crank oil by adding the lye solution.91. The Iodine is insitu or in dH2O. Pour the red solution through a series of doubled up coffee filters to remove the red phos for later use. Now this method may produce a somewhat crude product. The red phos is added SLOWLY and a lot of heat is given off. A flat bottom flask is nestled in an ice bath with stirring and contains 400ml dH2O (Is this correct?) and 320g of Iodine.15900@dejanews. Remove the heating mantle and allow cool water to continue to flow through the condensor for about an hour.. Bubble HCl gas through to form the salt. I.EDU) Organization: Deja News Posting Service X-Authenticated-Sender: iodosafrole@hotmail. From: iodosafrole@hotmail. For example. very little of the Iodine dissolves in the DMSO. Zachary Egendorf "I was one born.02 (Macintosh.For further information about DMSO. Extract the crank oil with Toluene. DO NOT DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL. The red phos in this ratio is used to synthesize the HI. There may .Steve Quest. 1. 1/2 part red phos. and 25g of red phosphorus are refluxed for at least 32 hours.upenn.chemistry. With that in mind. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS SYNTHESIS. The ratio for the HI and the ephedrine are: 2 parts Iodine." University of Pennsylvania .drugs.200. 68K) X-Originating-IP-Addr: 128. 320g Iodine:160g Ephedrine:80g red phos. which should be strongly basic. 450ml of 57% HI. but a lot of it reacts without the whole mass dissolving first. Prepare a dilute lye solution by dissolving lye pellets (RED DEVIL LYE) in Subject: Cranksters Please Read & Respond . Wash the crystals with acetone and spread out on a plate to dry. long ago. JD Date: Tue. I am the egendorf@mail.Lenny Kravitz Class of 1997 .drugs. 09 Sep 1997 00:00:00 GMT Message-ID: <873861819.chemistry This is posted for info only. Red phosphorus and HI. Remove the ice bath and place the flask on a heating mantle.rec. let's talk about speed syntheses. consult Fieser and Fieser "Reagents in Organic Synthesis. 1 part Ephedrine..77 (TS5-13. Allow the solution to react for about 20 minutes. -R. Attach a condensor and boil under reflux for about 36 hours." chosen. The crank oil should float on top of the solution. Could the "extra" DMSO be used to methylenate the PPA? Is this a viable mmethod of producing methamphetamine from PPA? Any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated.Hopefully. Dilute the solution with an equal volume of distilled water. I'm the> X-Http-User-Agent: Mozilla/ X-Article-Creation-Date: Wed Sep 10 03:24:35 1997 GMT Newsgroups: alt. 160g of l-ephedrine or

Journal Article: Topics in Forensic Science International. The red phosphorus (the 25g in this reaction) acts as a recycler for the HI. It is dehydrating the benzyl alcohol.Phosphorus Triiodide. it can be synthesized from DMSO. . but could TripleSuperPhosphate be used in place of the red phos catalyst? There was mention of a recipe that used 150 parts Iodine:30 parts TripleSuperPhosphate:20g of Aluminum. In theory. Could the hydrogen that is evolved from the Al react with Iodine? Not having tried this . Dissolve the crystals in hot ethyl alcohol and tartaric acid. I believe that the theory behind this reaction is that red phosphorus reacts with Iodine to form PI3 . Any thoughts? This was posted out of academic interest only. How would the phosphoric acid react with the TripleSuperPhosphate? If this is a valid method of producing HI. 180ml of sulfuric acid are added. but in phosphoric acid. and Hypophosphoric acid are available commercially. PPA (Dexatrim) can be reduced to methamphetamine instead of benzedrine. Sources: Red phosphorus: Grind up some flare caps. and either Sodium Iodine or Potassium Iodine. Now. Instead of forming the HI from red phosphorus and would be illegal . The Iodine is not in water. The PI3 and water form phosphorus acid and HI. a 2M amount of NaI or KI is dissolved in 400ml anhydrous DMSO. In the Merck. In an ice bath with stirring. Aluminum is said to react with a dilute acid to evolve into hydrogen. The HI absorbs the hydrogen atom of the ephedrine. Phosphorus acid. Either set up a double boiler with a metal plate on top to catch the vapors or dry it with a little sulfuric acid (drain cleaner) Lye: Red Devil Lye at the hardware store Toluene: Hardware Store Tartaric Acid: Cream of Tartar Questions: 1. Phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid is available in the building materials section of Home Depot. how would the ratio of 450ml HI + 160g Ephedrine + 25g red phos ratio be adjusted? There is also a rumor that because dimethyl sulfate is a methylating agent. Do not do anything some unreacted iodoephedrine. could AlI3 be used Aluminum Iodine? 3. This may be rectified by recrystalization. How could these be used in the reduction and how would they affect the numbers? 2. sulfuric acid. filter and save the filter cake Iodine: Buy some bottles of Iodine at the drugstore. I would assume that the PPA would have to be dissolved in the DMSO before the HI is formed.I am not sure about what is happening in the reaction. Could phosphoric acid react with Iodine to form HI? Phosphoric acid contains water. this should be anhydrous HI. Skinner wrote an article detailing this procedure. boil in dH2O. This is probably from a bullshit recipe. This will separate the d-isomer of methamphetamine from any impurities.

1/2 part red phos.Phosphorus . For example. >lye pellets (RED DEVIL LYE) in dH2O. requiring larget volumes of solvent. The Iodine is insitu It may be possible to get away with a small amount of iodine. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS SYNTHESIS. 160g of l-ephedrine >or d-pseudoephedrine. and 25g of red phosphorus are refluxed for >at least 32 (James Gerken) Subject: Re: Cranksters Please Read & Respond .:) >1. The crank oil should >float on top of the solution. since it is recycled in the reaction unless the reduction of iodoamphetamine by HI is the rate-limiting> References: <873861819. and recrystallize the product from a mildly acidic aqueous solution. if done properly is a powerful purificatory tool and a technique that everyone should know. It's also pretty to watch. Pour the red solution through >a series of doubled up coffee filters to remove the red phos for >later use.rec. Red phosphorus and HI.Posted from the city so nice they named it West> Organization: UCSD . just relocate your lab to a friendly jurisdiction like the lost continent of Mu or somewhere. The red >phos in this ratio is used to synthesize the HI.ucsd. >I believe that the theory behind this reaction is that red >phosphorus reacts with Iodine to form PI3 . Read.chemistry. >Extract the crank oil with Toluene. -------------------==== Posted via Deja News ====----------------------http://www. Liberate the freebase >crank oil by adding the lye solution. which should be strongly basic.Steve Quest. >DO NOT DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL. Or extract with ether which is then rotovapped off for recovery. Wash the crystals with acetone and spread out on >a plate to dry.15900@dejanews.chemistry In article <873861819. Search. The ratio for the HI and the ephedrine are: >2 parts Iodine. Prepare a dilute lye solution by dissolving The dilution step is unwise.Chemistry and Biochemistry Newsgroups: writes: >This is posted for info only. Post to Usenet From: jagerken@checfs2.drugs. No problemo. Dilute the solution with an equal volume of >distilled water.15900@dejanews. Bubble HCl gas through to >form the salt. 12 Sep 1997 00:00:00 GMT Message-ID: <5vau8t$b2r$1@news1. JD Date: Fri.dejanews.drugs. >320g Iodine:160g Ephedrine:80g red> iodosafrole@hotmail. It only makes the extraction harder. 450ml of 57% HI. 1 part Ephedrine. >the condensor for about an hour.

As reducing agents. >2. This is technically demanding however. Now. Could the hydrogen that is evolved from the Al >If this is a valid method of producing HI. Phosphoric acid. could AlI3 be used This may not be entirely bogus. sulfuric acid. iodine attacks aluminum metal to form the halide. >Red phosphorus: Grind up some flare caps. >1. see above. you will need enantiomerically pure tartaric acid. The Iodine is not >in water. but could >TripleSuperPhosphate be used in place of the red phos catalyst? No. a 2M {Deletia} >HI. How could these be >used in the reduction and how would they affect the numbers? They could be used for polishing any metal piping used in your apparatus. Cream of tartar is not pure in this fashion. >3. Worth looking into. On the other hand. the ashes of the reaction. boil in dH2O. but in phosphoric acid. This is probably from a bullshit recipe. they are utterly useless. AlI3 may seem like a dead end.>Triiodide. but it must be remembered that aluminum halides vigorously hydrolize to form the hydrohalic acid and aluminum hudroxide/oxide/dissolved ion species. The >HI absorbs the hydrogen atom of the ephedrine. and either Sodium >Iodine or Potassium Iodine. Could phosphoric acid react {Deletia} >into hydrogen. Phosphoric acid is available in the >building materials section of Home Depot. In an ice bath with stirring. and Hypophosphoric acid >are available commercially. filter >and save the filter cake There is also a rather involved process by which bone meal can be heated with charcoal to produce white phosphorus vapor that can be condensed for conversion to red phosphorus. Either set There is a camping water purification treatment that uses crystalline iodine that is much more practical in cases where bulk iodine is unavailable. Phosphorus acid. abnormal circumstances are the daily bread of the speedchef. Now. >Iodine: Buy some bottles of Iodine at the drugstore. >There was mention of a recipe that used 150 parts Iodine:30 >parts TripleSuperPhosphate:20g of Aluminum. how would the ratio of 450ml HI + 160g Ephedrine + 25g >red phos ratio be adjusted? There is also a rumor that because . If the phosphoric acid is left out. They are the end product of the red phosphorus reduction. It is That would be the oxygen atom. it >can be synthesized from DMSO. and probably not worth the trouble under normal circumstances. The PI3 and water form phosphorus acid and HI. >Tartaric Acid: Cream of Tartar For stereospecific crystallization. Instead of forming the HI from red phosphorus and iodine.

James -passion=life (end of original message) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------You can view this message and the related discussion by following this link: http://www. dimethylamphetamine would be a serious problem as an undesired$85747f00$cc974cd1@privat e%3e%231/7 . Without careful control. I would >assume that the PPA would have to be dissolved in the DMSO >before the HI is formed.THat depends on the concentration of the HI in the DMSO. Any thoughts? There is a sizable difference between DMSO and dimethyl sulphate. Justified and Ancient. >dimethyl sulfate is a methylating agent. This can be calculated from the amounts in your original post and has been left as an exercise. Also. PPA (Dexatrim) can be >reduced to methamphetamine instead of benzedrine.deja. this step is not needed. there are less toxic and more readily available methods for methylating amines. Given the ready avalability of pseudoephedrine.

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