Performance Highlights 2011-12

Thursday April Sth, 2012
Address by

Sri R K Wanchoo
Executive Director

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
Rantachandrapuram, Hyderabad.

.. entered into technical tie-ups/ collaborations in frontier areas and recruited more than thousand young engineers - BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICALS BHEL Corporation Turnover LIMITED.. r-: 2010 2011 ·11 -12 2009 2010 2011 ·10 ·11 ·12 I o ltV .. co M co_ o 0 . 2010-11 2011-12 6257 815 HPEP PE&SD TOTAL (BHEL HYDERABAD COMPLEX 5948 705 6653 7072 All the figures of 2011·12 are provisional. .... HYDERABAD FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS 2011 -12 PBT R&D Expenditure 2009 -10 I ....ltV BHEL Hyderabad Complex (HPEP + PE&SD) Turnover PBT R&D Expenditure 2009 -10 I 0 ltV o N . .... subject to audit .. N .......Performance Highlights 2011-12 Consolidation of Business through Leveraging Resources During last five years. ltV 2009 2010 2011 -11 -12 ·10 BHEL Hyderabad Complex (HPEP + PE&SD) all figures are in 't crs otherwise mentioned Turnover Profit (PBT) Value Added/Employee R&D Expenditure (Lakhs) Note: *Excluding onetime impact of change in policy related to provisions for warranty obligations for earlier years.. 0 o """ ltV M ci 2010 2011 ·11 -12 2009 2010 2011 ·10 ·11 ·12 I .... 900 crs.... 0 o 0 0 ltV 2009 2010 2011 -10 -11 -12 I I o (Q . .. created manufacturing facilities valued over Rs...

has been commissioned in Guru Gobind Singh Refinery (GGSR). The plant is designed to meet simultaneous requirement Note: • % Increase is evaluated by excluding onetime impact of change in policy in 1010-11 related to provisions for warranty obligations for earlier years. New Technologies/Products • New mechanical drive for Boiler Feed Pump suitable for supercritical thermal applications of 660/700 MW is designed for KPCL Bellary 1x700 MW and LPGCLLalithpur 3X660 MW projects.838 crs for the year 2011-12. First ever Fr9FA (advanced class GT) based on Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP)utilizing natural gas. The Unit has entered into a league of high capacity manufacturers by successfully manufacturing and testing 'High Pressure Feed Water Heaters suitable for more than 600 MW thermal applications'. 2011-12 has been the year of consolidation. avoiding specialized ECM manufacturing facility.on crs and Profit of n. Iran. The Unit augmented manufacturing facilities with an investment of over f 900 crs and recruited more than 1000 young diploma and graduate engineers during last five years. After a high growth during initial four years. BHEL Hyderabad has successfully completed five year Strategic Plan 2012. such initiatives have enhanced our ability to serve the market better by way of offering new or improved products competitively. the Unit has achieved Y-o-Y growth of 13%* in topline. The advanced class CCPPsoffer higher efficiencies compared to conventional power plants. best business practices or continual improvements. the Unit has exceeded plan targets by achieving turnover of n. Combined Cycle & Co-gen Power Plant. • Designed a new Retrofit rotor with simplified flow path and impulse blades using latest design tools for Syn.For BHELHyderabad. This development has resulted in significant weight reduction. gas drive turbine to HFCL Namrup. With the completion of financial year 2011-12. be it introduction of new technologies/products. commissioned for GSEGL. 120 MW respectively. The project was successfully run with a net output of 352 MW. especially in the power sector. At the culmination of current five year plan period. New Business Initiatives BHEL has always taken up new business initiatives. reduces the cycle time and improves the stability. The completion of R&U of ONGC Rajahmundry rigs E1400-17 & E760-M in a record time of 98 and 104 days respectively as against contractual period of 135 days. Qurayat. Harduaganj Unit-7 have been taken up for uprating to 110 MW. . • BHELhas designed and manufactured a large barrel type compressor on the end mounted design philosophy. • First design of large hydrogen recycle gas compressor manufactured in-house and supplied overseas to Tabriz. • The Unit completed R&U of non-BHEL made mobile rig CW-3 forthe first time.Hazira. Despite economic slowdown. The first equipment supplied to North Chennai Thermal Power Station Services • Bathinda Units-3&4.Bathinda. which is required as per conventional design. These additional resources helped the organization in maintaining its competitive edge even in the present uncertain business environment and global economic slowdown. • Resolved high vibration problem of FrS GTG of Saudi Arabia Electricity Board. this year was year of consolidation. with unique double extraction condensing steam turbines and complex piping network. During the last year the Unit has taken up quite a few business initiatives. This design optimizes the material.

Auxiliaries STG. expanded to handle increased traffic to aid smooth vehicular movement. out first two Units of which BHELhas already commissioned roci. Dahej Oil Rigs ONGe Oil Rigs Compressor Projects first ever order from Commonwealth Independent States. as part of its new business initiatives. Vilayat 1x20 MW Grasirn. Ukraine. Hazira . • BHEL. Harihar 2x2S MW. Gujarat Rll. 1x9 MW GAil Gas based Power Projects OPAL. Pata GAil. Pumps and Pulverisers. • All roads through modernized • The existing safer commutation "K" for movement Gate received for introduction Industries Ltd fortheir of new technologies. This order is 1 x 27 MW Steam Turbo Generator set from Arcelor Mittal Kryviy Rih. • BHEL has always been pioneer technologies to customers. Vijayapur International lX27 MW Arcelor Mittal. Dahej project.Hazira isone such example. • BHEL has introduced and contracted for new first designs Power Plant from of Pumps and Pulverisers suitable for 300 MW thermal order during from IAbhiieetGrouoL Major orders Project Thermal (Coal based) Power Projects Best Business Practices • The Unit introduced Lean Manufacturing (through Value Stream Mapping) for products such as BFP-DT. Gujarat KRIBHCO. This adds to a total of the passenger traffic.Performance Highlights 2011-12 Continual around Improvements in area of reduce the of and and and 1 lakh m' outside factory to Customer Confidence It is well performance customer orders • known confidence bagged from that customers anything value quality and in more than else. • Despite global economic uncertainty. The continued is reflected and from support Reliance • New Pipe & Plate yard is being developed constraints being faced in storage and movement Township have been expanded of large consignments has been modernized in BHEL products. Pulverisers and Heat Exchangers STG. has entered into a rate contract with Petroleum Development Oman for supply of Gas Turbines which is first of its kind by any Indian company. Auxiliaries STG. Auxiliaries STG. This is the first order for recently adapted AC-VFD technology. various customers materials inside the factory area. Mathura GAil. . • An electronic newsletter 3E (Energy. Environment and Economy) is launched to make BHEL fraternity of business environment. of goods and is BHEL bagged 2xFr6B GTG sets order of 13 GTG sets by RILon BHEL. Kaizen Power booked 2011-12 Scope of supply Pumps. Singrauli 2X600 MW Singareni Collieries applications. Auxiliaries 4XFr6B GTG sets 1XFr6FA GTG sets 1XFr6B GTG sets 2xFr6B GTG sets 6 x AC-VFD Rigs 2 x compressors 1 x compressor 1 x compressor Ukraine STG r Auxiliaries Orders ioci. into new markets by receiving BHEl has forayed aware 2X1S0 MW Sintex Infra 3X32 MW Grasim. The first order is 3 x Fr 9E GTG sets. provided with two weigh bridges of lS0 MT and 120 MT • An new order of Six AC-VFD Oil Rigs has been received from ONGC. HP Heaters. of offering efficient The recently secured an order of Fr 6FA based Co-Generation Kribhco . This would help in bringing down the cost and cycle time of the respective products.Pata 2X660 MW DB Power.

Facilities Installed • The Unit has increased its capacity to 4445 MW (it is Unit's portion of BHEL's 20. • A new combustion system has been developed for Gas Turbines to handle a combination of fuels such as Light Cycle Oil (LCD). has been completed. The new facilities include CNC lathe SOC-3.5m (1 no.5M (2 nos.445 MW (Portion of BHELcompany's 20.).). • New GasTurbine assembly block is completed and inaugurated in Dec'll . Italy • The total technology for high flow high pressure Compressors has been completed. manufacturing and erecting large sized compressors having improved efficiencies. Capacity augmented to 4.). • The barrel type casing for recycle gas compressor has been developed indigenously for the first time. BHEL is now capable of designing.Research & Development • R&D is always a priority area for BHEL. • Adoption of Supercritical technology for Pumps and Pulverizers from technology partners MHI Japan and Alstom SA. The Unit has augmented its resources viz men and machinery. • Developed a new design for 150MW single cylindersteam turbine for air cooled applications. First such design is Propylene Gas Compressor which works at. CNC Turn Mill. that include patents and copyrights. CNCGantry Drilling (1 no. This would enable us develop competency in super alloy component manufacturing and also reduce cost of the component. High Speed Diesel (HSD) and Refinery Gas (RG).000 MW scheme) BHEl has always been ahead of the industry in meeting the market requirements.42°C • Indigenization of Fr9E Gas turbine nozzles is underway.). CNCVTl 2. PlasmaCoating equipment (1 no. Heavy duty Radial Drilling (4 nos. • Established the process of in-house manufacturing of High Chrome Liners for Bowl Mills. • New assembly bay along with the state of the art testing facility for Supercritical pump applications up to 1000 MW have been established. France respectively.000 MW capacity) • A total of 22 advanced CNCmachines were installed during the year. making the Unit's total to 120 nos. etc.). Vacuum Brazing M/C (1 no.). reducing the dependence on outsourcing. Technology Collaboration /Tie-up transfer from GENP. Indigenization • Developed a new compressor design for very low temperature applications. During last one year the Unit has spent Rs 170 crs on R&D and filed 31 IPRs with CGPDTM.

The projects have been designed to enhance the functionality of SAP systems for productivity improvement and lor reduce cycle time. • Complying with the security guidelines and improving productivity. Business ProcessAutomation With the strong focus on achieving higher operational efficiency. • Barauni & Muzaffarpur #1&2-110MW put back on stream very soon. Ernst & Young has been consultantfor carrying out this process . the Unit continuously strives to keep the employees abreast of the technologies. • Patents/Copyrights applied for 6 projects. These efforts have had significant impact on operational performance of various groups resulting in reduced cycle time and enhanced user productivity. that started in 2010-11 for General Managers. Total 60 such experienced engineers were recruited. (enforcing desk top policies from a central location) • Wireless Network Communication is established at critical areas for failsafe operations. systems and best practices. The Unit has started formulating Mapping System Experience inventory of all senior officials by using Employee Profile Behavioral Competency mapping. This will enable users to have authorizations for specified workflow.000 man-days of training across all functions. STGsets are taken up for modernization. Human Resource Development Reaffirming its core belief of human development. Employee feedback Employee Engagement Survey was conducted to gauge the engagement level of the executives at all levels. is extended to all senior executives during 2011-12. Active Directory Services (ADS) has been upgraded to Windows Server 2008 R2. • The unit has carried out Residual Life Assessment at • NALCO Damanjodi • Harduaganj TPS • BTPSBarauni • Completed R & U of E760-M at ONGC Rajamundry and Karaikal sites in a record time of 104 days and 123 days respectively as against contractual requirement of 135days. BHELHyderabad has geared upto undertake renovation projects. This development starts with taking needs and requirements of employees of various categories. Business Alignment Tool Survey is meant for self-assessment of HR functionary Unit level By using the aforementioned at both Corporate and feedback the Unit HRfunction has taken following initiatives During the last year our employees have been provided with more than 20. The improved sets will be • Redesigning of NFLVijaipur Co2 compressors has been taken up to enhance the capacity by nearly 40%. Communication Effectiveness Survey was conducted to get the perception of employees regarding the current communication mechanism.Performance Highlights 2011-12 Man Power Strengthened • The Unit hasstrengthened its workforce by recruiting 342 young engineers during 2011-12 • Lateral recruitment drive was undertaken to bridge the gap between the required and available skills. the Unit has been improving upon its existing functions through customised automation and use of modern tools. Renovation & Modernization Business To meet the Country's ambitious plan to upgrade existing power plants to achieve better operating efficiency.

visited the plant in June'll Competitiveness Council (NMCC) visited our Unit on Dr.10 Lakhs was given to Medak in the district. The Plan also identifies new business areas such as Pipeline Compressors (Gas Transportation). This bears a great opportunity for BHEL. Diversification.Consolidation of Business through leveraging Resources Corporate monetary Citizen privileged sections of society. Defense motors. This plan is in line with the corporation's 'Strategic Plan 2017'. As per the plan the Unit aims to double its turnover by the year 2016-17. in capacity addition The Indian economy.ST. Plan has set directions for these aspirations i. contribution of RS. HI&PE. Honourable Ministerfor Shri.a. which • Free Medical camp were surrounding villages Green Initiatives include those of ED/HPEP and In the ED/PE&SD along with their spouses. Secretary. for HI & PE. covering the strategies and action plans for the period 2012-17 with the the business and sustaining the growth. lAS.donation program. • • by strong macro fundamentals and relatively over the last five years. GTfor Marine applications. fuel availability. 500 eye pledges received on the day. BHEL community Hospital • An eye. Arun Jha. the Unit has set up 20 nos. "NAYANAM" was organized at the center. A. with LV Prasad eye were • Reaching out to the under District Collector. Sai Prathap. organized by BHEL Hospital • Tree Plantation drive has taken up by Township administration saplings all overthe township and planted over 3. expanding offerings in power sector. in Andhra Pradesh. The implementation focuses on 6 thrust areas viz. MinisterofState 18th Sept' I!. aggressively building industry business and adopting approach of collaborative growth. etc. GTfor low BTU applications. Engineering & Technology and People Development. Accelerated Project execution. Chief Vigilance Officer visited our Unit on 8th Nov'l1 and went around the shops Shri S. Capability enhancement. visited the plant on 15th April'l1. Rain Water Harvesting points and constructed three check dams for storing and conserving rain water • Developed a new park "NEHRU UDYANAVANAM" near factory premises • Solar lamps have been installed at select locations. is characterized good performance during the plan period and Gol is planning to add 72 GW capacity to the grid in next five years. V Krishna Murthy. Chairman of National Manufacturing Shri. Sundareshan. Product cost competitiveness & Quality. in collaboration More than on 11-11-11. STGfor CSP(Concentrated Solar Thermal Power). The Unit has formulated objective of consolidating its 'Divisional Plan 2017'.BCand Minorities. huge investments. for renovation of Welfare Hostels of SC.e. Indian Power Sector has shown high growth of 8 % p. accompanied byourCMD. however there exist numerous challenges such as competition. Department visited the Unit on 26th March'12 of Heavy Industries along with Joint Secretary Shri Shashank Goel. on the eve of Twelfth Five Year Plan. etc.000 • To address the issue of water scarcity. . as part of the energy conservation drive Shri Praful Patel.

. Touchingevery Indian home..bhel.._.'C ...........-_~ .K._ . ..... Brightening lives... .~ ._r __ ' .. __ .. _-....". India's Industrial Ambassador to the World Single Source for Multiple Solutions for Power ond Industry Sectors World's 9th Most Innovative Company Forbes list of world's most innovative companies 2011 BHEl..~ -----• . .. __ .Ct. __ 1 _ _---. . .Performance Highlights 2011-12 lJI(m~1 ~5 QlR~=~ ~ - RASHlItIYACHatIC.f_~"!:. BHEL Hyderabad-32 Email: allam@bhelhyd.. "_I _""..... Hyderabad. 'C !loo.JII~ ~ Q C= ~ '_ . Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited Ramachandrapuram. ---. www.US :~~~IIT1UZfIl$ II.The Indian Pride BHELin LlMCA Book of World Records as the "Company making India Proud" Note: 2011-12 results are provisional and subject to audit Published by: Department of Communications & Public Relations. ".. .· h.. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited Powering progress.. --~. .." ..bhelhyderabad.--. _ _ HI>\QJ_~ • .... ...

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