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Published by Shyam Adrift
The kingfisher
The kingfisher

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Published by: Shyam Adrift on May 23, 2012
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Returning home, close to sunset Crossing over the dwindling Yamuna I spot a little kingfisher Perched on a tree Bobbing its head Its glistening blue Such relief for wearied eyes And I smile, Hmm! It is been a while since I smiled. Its bobbing head tells me He has succeeded in getting his prey But then soon after I ponder and brood About its polluted meal How does the king relish such fish Fed on shit & muck Our leftovers on its platter The little kingfisher With its serene blues Tranquil white breast The perfect diver and retriever Has little chance of survival The royal fisher needs to adapt fast Shed its brilliant colours Give up on fish And take to shit and muck Much thrown around, abound The little kingfisher needs to readapt May be turn itself to a crow maybe To be one among us!

Shyam 22 May 2012

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