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Love Astrology

Love Astrology

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Timing marriage in a horoscope full of planets. Did you know that it takes a minute to determine marriage from a horoscope chart? Everyone is invited as astrologer within a simple initiation.
Timing marriage in a horoscope full of planets. Did you know that it takes a minute to determine marriage from a horoscope chart? Everyone is invited as astrologer within a simple initiation.

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Published by: Academic_Zodiac on Dec 25, 2008
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First published by Klaudio Zic Publications, 2009, www.lulu.com/astrology. Copyright © 2009 By Klaudio Zic.

All Rights Reserved. No part of this material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or otherwise, for commercial purposes or otherwise, without the written permission of the author, except when permitted by law.

Copyright © 2009 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved. TIME IS LOVE The timing of love affairs is among the first simple operations in any amateur. It takes perhaps quarter an hour to determine all the basic love affairs in one's life, but it takes a second to determine marriage1. Only a God full of love could endow everybody with such a courtesy in our turbulent wish for infantile self destruction. STAR MILLS Out of the Satanic mills of tropical astrology, your real universe 2 explodes with love. There are 93 planets in that empty house of yours. God is in the house3. Outer guardians, Apoheles, centaurs, dwarf planets and giant comets as animated within the Cartesian house system, clearly show that no house is ever empty as love suffers no void course at all. Love is the law but love under a strong4 will, or rather true mind as afloat on the safe pillar of science.
Anybody is able to learn basic astrology in half an hour. No special intelligence or even astrological qualifications are needed for such simple a calculus as marriage or love. Precision to the month of an event is achieved in an express 20 minute initiation, after which the initiate can predict issues in seconds. Every slightly informed novel astrologer will immediately calculate the year and month of the event, and with some further skill the minute of the event, such as marriage. While the hour and minute of the event require some skill, everyone can calculate the month and year in no time at all. All calculation is done by memory as it requires no computer, pen or paper, or even ephemeris. If a total beginner can perform such simple calculation in minutes, one concludes that an expert will deliver in seconds. That is correct. Most horoscopes offer the day of marriage at first sight, without unnecessary calculation. Some people are impressed in being told the day of their marriage in seconds, since not everybody is acquainted with the simplicity that astrology has to offer to the incipient magus, even amateur astrologer, in what remains one of the loveliest sciences on and off this planet. Astral travelers have of course met astrologers off this planet and off other planets as well. Special initiation is available for the diligent and God-loving initiate. 2 A better word is Omniverse, in encompassing all local universes of Brahma. 3 HIKL ADNI. Mercury Neptune transit, also Uranus Moon transit and their permutations. 4 True will and true mind are the same or converge to, mostly true will converges towards true mind.


LOVE HOROSCOPE There is always something in the 5th house. Surely there are lovely centaurs and loving dwarf planets. Most of the dwarf planets5 with H < 5 have their delineation in the 12 houses. Dozens of centaurs form an active art of the horoscope of love. CENTAURS Which centaurs are best placed in the house of love? Whether in the 11 th or 5th house, the immortal and white centaurs will indicate fealty, while reptilian centaurs stand for passion. In general, a horary chart is strong with reptilian centaurs on an adventure, but immortal and white centaurs rule a good marriage chart. STAR LOUNGE An astrological house is always full. Much of what is pertaining to this assertion is visible in the real sky. Many objects of interest are not seen by the untrained eye, thus one's seventh house6 may be populated with dozens of actual comets, centaurs and dwarf planets. A peculiar centaur that disturbs the Guardian Angel star is surely taken as prominent, much as a dark planet like Lamia7 on the 7th cusp determines the whole of the horoscope. GUEST ROOM If you meet Eris sitting on the NYC horizon along with Moon in Orion, you know when the next WTC occurs. The simple folk will follow medieval superstition as there is no
Dwarf Planets in the 7th House is one of the dedicated publications in this field, also Transneptunian Astrology VII. 6 Lust pertains to the 5th house, marriage to 11th and divorce to 7th. The 7th house is one of opposition, enemies and war. Not only the 7th house is always full, but also every other house and zodiacal constellation. Even extra-zodiacal polar constellations are often full. We mark the zenith with Eris in Phoenix and proceed to the four cardinal points. 7 Early MSS mention Nemesis.

such thing as Orion or Cetus in their little horoscopes. They may even find matters going void of course when everything is happening. Superstition is opposed to the real state of things. If you retrieve an American astrology magazine for September 2001, you will read about prosperity for the nation due to a fictitious entrance of Jupiter in Cancer. They keep on writing things like that to keep going, much as their ancestors upheld Flat Earth. NASA Luckily, there are schooled people who take care of the real sky, planets and spacecraft. In order to get down to business we need the real thing, not just any chunk of marketplace superstition. The real thing is your planetarium as hidden within the astrology program you use and embedded NASA ephemeris model. Namely, even the worst astrological program is intrinsically based on the real sky, even after being mangled to the full in order to satisfy the most ridiculous superstition on Earth. We see no reason why the incipient astrologer would not use NASA ephemeris, since the day that the true sky is available to voters and tax contributors. NASA ephemeris has saved marriages, inner organs and lives, by simply being the real thing. If you think that NASA would be cheating on you, then extend your doubts to western-eastern astrology and make your own conclusion. The stress is on your own, inner mind, which was buried under the stench8 of false ego for Æons now. FLAT EARTH The channel was in fact dug through, no matter empty courses in horary charts. A couple of interesting British amateurs9 never worked with the real sky, but some of their conclusions may prove to be amusing, even constructive. They assumed void of course matters along with empty houses where there is no such thing as void or empty in free space, not even in the depth of Witchallow10. Of course, there were no major discoveries at the time and our excellent colleagues can be pardoned in a spirit of medieval fun. But
Foetor like that of a Kraken. The voladero may be smelled by childlike instinct. A book by Derek Appleby was found more than amusing, even in mentioning voidness of course and along with gross superstition as legacy from pre-medieval times. Lully surely had good traits even in the dark age he lived until today. 10 See also Dark Flux and the Axis of Evil.
8 9

carnival is less amusing when one risks a wrong organ cut out on account of pseudoastrological counsel. Imagine the terrible guilt of someone who divulged things like tropical astrology for a lifetime, never knowing where one's own natal Sun stands, but eventually giving counsel, that is, cheating on people. A New Moon in Orion or Ophiuchus was surely not one of their considerations, much as lingering belief in flat Earth and the 12 spikes rising at east haunts modern superstitious mind even to this day. Europe has believed for over 2000 years that Earth is the center of the universe. We flatly agree on that.

Klaudio Zic
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