Cruse 3rd grade

Parts of a Friendly Letter

5 Parts of a Friendly Letter s s s s s The Heading The Greeting The Body The Closing The Signature .

state and zip code on the next line. . 2001 s The heading of a letter should contain the return address. followed by the city. The third line is the date. which includes the street address on one line. Pennsylvania 44556 January 6th.Heading s Heading --->455 East Main Street Anytown.

. which are a part of the greeting. A comma follows the greeting. <--.Greeting The greeting means “hello”. are capitalized. Usually. all of the words.Greeting s s Dear Michael.

Each paragraph should be indented.…… Body---> The body of the letter contains the main text or message.Body s Let me tell you some of the reasons I hope you will never smoke. s .

A comma follows the closing . The first word of the closing begins with a capital letter.Closing s s Closing ---> Sincerely. The closing means “good-bye”.

Signature s s Signature ---> Jean Rogers The signature tells who wrote the letter. .

Pennsylvania 44556 Dear Michael. Jean Rogers . Let me tell you some of the reasons I hope you will never smoke. …… Sincerely.Friendly Letter 455 East Main Street Anytown.

I hope you understand and know the 5 parts of a Friendly Letter now!!! .


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