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55 Ways to Have Fun With Google

55 Ways to Have Fun With Google

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Published by: Han Cnx on May 23, 2012
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Google News is Google’s automated news polling machine. It will
display whatever it thinks is important today based on what other news
sources write. The fact that it’s automated may make it more objective
(even though the included sites are still picked manually, and in the case
of China, the local government has a word to say in it too), but at times,
the Google machines get it wrong. They put the false image next to a
news story, or the snippet doesn’t fit with the headline – or the story’s a
hoax, like when Google News in November 2003 announced that
Google Inc had been bought by food giant Nestlé (“Nestlé says Google
will be renamed NesGoogle and have a recipe section added to its main
page”). I’ve collected some of the examples of the past here – it’s good
the Google computers don’t have human feelings, because they sure
would feel guilty now.

The snippet1 says a Toronto tax accountant won the largest slot-machine jackpot in
Canadian history – $5!

55 Ways to Have Fun With Google


The Exorcist prequel from 2004 made $18 on the opening weekend.2 That’s even
better than winning a $5 lottery jackpot!

Who is Arnold Suarseneguer? (From Google News Spain in October 20033.)

This interesting headline4 is the top news for Google in July, 2005!

28. The Strange World of Google News


“Did you mean: Samurai Ali?”2

The photo next to the headline “Floriday Keys to welcome tourists” shows a flooded
area. Kenny5 says, “I’d wait for the water to go down first...”

55 Ways to Have Fun With Google


Is it coincidence that Steve Jobs and the chimpanzee use similar gestures?6

A refreshingly personal view on today’s news2...

28. The Strange World of Google News


This headline and snippet7 from Google News Germany suggest that a German has
been killed in Iraq. Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher shown to the right is
German, but he’s also alive.

Bill Gates is part of the Google duo?

This was the actual Google top story on December 2004 when George Bush visited
Canada (Google incidentally picked up a satire piece).

55 Ways to Have Fun With Google


Google News picks up satire, once more8...

Grant Shellen, who posted this screenshot9, says, “The importance of our punctual
friend the colon is clearly evident here, when its absence makes it seem as though
ABC News is getting a bit too aggressive in its coverage.”

28. The Strange World of Google News


Hmmm...the picture to the right reads “Hilton.”10

OK, this one is fake! It was created as part of the “Goodle” homepage11 showing
good news only.

55 Ways to Have Fun With Google


I admit it, this one’s fake too. It’s Paul’s completely personalized Google News circa
2031, covering nothing but... Paul himself.

28. The Strange World of Google News


Sometimes, it’s just the way two stories are composed side-by-side13 which gives new
meaning not intended by either story.

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55 Ways to Have Fun With Google


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