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Antenna Application of NRI and conventional TL.


Intro Planar TL Media with NRI Zero-degree Phase-Shifting Lines Backward Leaky-Wave Antenna Radiating Superresolving NRI TL lens Detailed Dispersion of Planar NRITL Media

Veselagos NRI prediction. TL grids with reactive elements of radio/microwave freq. can implement. Zero-degree application.

Planar TL with NRI

Unit cell for 2D NRI-TL metamaterial.

Why NRI?

Negative Refractive Index Metamaterials Supporting 2-D Waves,Ashwin K. Iyer and George V. Eleftheriades, 2002 IEEE MTT-S Digest

TL model(Power sys.) As d<<wavelength.

Boundary Conditions:

An Idea for Thin Subwavelength Cavity Resonators Using Metamaterials With Negative Permittivity and Permeability Nader Engheta, Fellow,2002 IEEE

Phase Compensation

Compact Linear Lead/Lag Metamaterial Phase Shifters for Broadband Applications Marco A. Antoniades, Student Member, IEEE and George V. A conventional TL in series with BW line. Eleftheriades, Senior Member, IEEE,2003 IEEE

1-D Unit Cell Structure

BW lines are composed of series capacitors and shunt inductors.

BW advantage media

of NRI