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Company Profile CK Birla Group Strengths Infrastructure R&D Footprint

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Company Profile

Orient Fans is one of India’s leading brands in fans and lighting solutions. A household name for decades now, Orient Fans has emerged as the largest manufacturer and exporter of fans in the country. Our vast product suite is tailored for different lifestyle needs for air circulation & illumination. Our Fans range comprises Ceiling Fans,Table Fans, Wall Mounted Fans, Stand Fans, Exhaust Fans and Multi Utility Fans. Our Lighting solutions include energysaving CFLs, Fluorescent Tubelights and contemporary Consumer Luminaires. All our products are an outcome of intensive research & development. Our belief in excellence, both in product and technology, is a reflection of the Group we belong to – the C.K. Birla Group. A US $ 1.7billion ( App Rs 8000Crs) conglomerate, the C. K. Birla Group is one of India’s largest and most respected business houses, spanning 4 continents. Orient Fans has seen many recognitions in the past. We have always emphasized on continuous Research & Development that provides better customer experience and enhances comfort. For instance, our PSPO technology, developed for fans in the ‘90’s, provides more cool air to every corner of a room. Today, this patented path breaking technology has raised the bar in the industry and continues to be a milestone achievement in the industry. What’s more, with a commitment towards energy efficiency needs, Orient fans has introduced the revolutionary OLO technology in Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) which saves 80% energy over an ordinary incandescent bulb. Fluorescent Tubelights, powered with Triple Coil advantage provide longer life and contemporary Consumer Luminaires that blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of a room.

CK Birla Group
Orient Fans is a part of CK Birla Group. CK Birla group is a diversified conglomerate with interests spanning across industries such as – Cement, Consumer Electricals, Precision Bearings, Heavy Engineering Products, Paper, Building products, Automobiles, Auto components, Healthcare, Education & ITES. With a combined turnover of over US $ 1.8 billion and over 20,000 employees, manufacturing and service footprint across India, and track record of successful partnerships with global leaders; the CK Birla group strives to deliver enduring value to stakeholders. The group extends social welfare activities to communities, especially, around its industrial units while strengthening the social infrastructure through education and healthcare initiatives as part of its social responsibility. The group companies include • AVTEC Limited • Birlasoft Limited • GMMCO Limited • Hindustan Motors Limited • Hyderabad Industries Limited • Indian Smelting & Refineries Limited • National Engineering Industries Limited • Orient Paper and Industries Limited • Special Engineering Services Limited • Nigeria Engineering Works Limited • Rivers Vegetable Oil Company Limited Education institutions • Birla Institute of Technology • Modern High School for Girls • Rukmani Birla Modern High School Healthcare institutions

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The Calcutta Medical Research Institute B. M. Birla Heart Research Centre

Arts and Science Centres

As one of India’s trustworthy names in the business, Orient Fans has come a long way and learnt a lot too. Just by really listening to our customers. We’ve brought this learning into practice by developing innovative technology and support that actually adds value to your life. With Orient Fans, you know that you: • Are with the largest and oldest brand of fan manufacturers in India. • Own a product that is built with state-of-the-art technology and the best quality

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materials. Can find any fan or lighting solution to match your lifestyle need. Can find aesthetically designed contemporary and classic fans to match your décor needs. Have more air in every corner of the room with our revolutionary PSPO technology. Have the backing of a vast organized and responsive after-sales network. Our service centers across the country ensure that every complaint, however small, is attended to on time. Get huge savings on your electricity bills with PSPO and OLO Technology in Fans & CFLs respectively. Support the environment with Orient’s green initiative of developing technology that conserves energy.

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Exhaust Welcome to the world of Orient Fans, a reliable and innovative company that specializes in offering household and industrial air circulation solutions; we manufacture BEE 5 Star Rating Fans to cool every corner of any type of premises. Our fans for home owners, as well as our industrial fans, have become very popular with customers because of the following reasons: We research the latest technological advances and apply these when we make room fans as well as industrial fans; that is why we are one of the top manufacturers of BEE 5 Star rating fans in India. Whether you want to buy fans for your home or whether you want to get industrial fans, our wide range of electric fans equipped with PSPO technology ensures optimum cooling and air distribution. Quality is our top priority; we use only premium materials when we manufacture our room fans as well as industrial fans. Moreover, our designer fans, whether they are fans for home interiors or industrial premises, are built to ensure optimum conservation of energy. This translates into huge savings on your electricity bills. What makes our fans for home interiors and our industrial fans more desirable is their fine harmony of state-of-the-art technology and aesthetic designs. Our electric fans are truly designer fans, as they are available in a wide variety of designs, which range from elegant and classic, to trendy and contemporary. Moreover, our designer fans are all certified BEE 5 Star Rating fans, so you don’t have to sacrifice cost effectiveness for beauty. Orient’s electric fans are available for both ceiling and wall mounts. With such a wide array of room fans available, you have the perfect opportunity to buy fans of your choice for your home and business establishment. Buy fans from Orient today and live every moment fresh and rejuvenated.

Manufacturing facilities As a leading manufacturer of fans and lighting systems in India, Orient Fans comes with a robust infrastructure. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Kolkata is dedicated to manufacturing fans, whereas another world-class facility in Faridabad manufactures fans as well as CFL’s. Both facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology and machinery to offer innovative and quality products. Quality Management Our manufacturing capabilities are enhanced by a strong process-driven environment. Our Quality Management Systems at the Faridabad and Kolkata facilities, are certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) as per ISO 9001 : 2000. The factory at Faridabad is ISO 14001 : 2004 certified

for its environment management system. Six Sigma practices at both manufacturing units ensure defects are kept to the minimum. Corporate office Our Corporate office is headquartered in New Delhi at Okhla Industrial Estate Phase - III.

Consumer-led insight has always been at the core of Orient Fans’ design philosophy. We have laid considerable emphasis on research and development that translates into value for the customer. Our team of engineers has been the brain behind revolutionary technology that’s taken the industry by storm. In the mid-90s, Orient Fans, introduced PSPO - Peak Speed Performance Output, which to date remains a benchmark in the industry. This technology encompasses both motor and blade design to ensure that every fan built with it, delivers more air over a larger area at least electricity cost. In fact, Orient’s Energy Saver fans can give up to 35% saving in energy costs. In lighting too, Orient CFLs comes with special technology of OLO (Optimum Light Output) Advantage and saves 80% energy over GLS bulb and that lasts longer. Apart from path-breaking R&D, Orient Fans has also kept a step ahead of the industry by introducing innovations in manufacturing. • In 1965 Orient Fans was the first to introduce die-casting of the rotor and fan body cover in ceiling fans in India which resulted in better accuracy of machined covers and better efficiency. That very year, Orient Fans introduced semi automatic coil-winding process thereby improving the quality and efficiency of the fans. Dual assembly line system in fan manufacturing was first implemented by Orient Fans, which drastically cut down the fan assembly time. Orient Fans was the first fan manufacturer to replace heavy cast iron body with ones made from sturdy light weight alloy. Orient Fans was first to introduce electrostatic painting process in the Indian fan industry for more durable and lustrous smooth paint finish. In 1988 Orient Fans again hit the headlines with introduction of automatic coil winding which not only boosted productivity but also enhanced the life of each fan. In 1994 Orient Fans came with the revolutionary concept of PSPO - Peak Speed Performance Output. Orient Fans was the first to implement stator winding by automatic layering stator winding machines which resulted in better efficiency of the motor and also enhanced the productivity.

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The Revolutionary PSPO It has taken Orient years of dedicated R & D to create and perfect the concept of PSPO -- the latest advancement in Air Supply Technology. To arrive at PSPO, our R&D specialists unlearnt everything about conventional fan making and went back to their drawing boards. They studied every aspect in microscopic detail - aerodynamics, the principles of electro mechanics and the theory of air displacement - to arrive at a formula which made it possible to deliver MORE AIR over a LARGER AREA at LOWER POWER CONSUMPTION. This technology incorporates a high torque motor to obtain higher motor efficiency and reduced power consumption, DTA (Double Twist Angle) blades for greater air thrust which are further

ribbed for durability and longer life and an Auto Speed Retention ensures sustained air flow even during fluctuating voltage conditions. The result is more air in every corner of the room with a significant cost-saving.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs
Our engineers have worked hard to build green products for your building. Our specially designed Orient CFLs comes with OLO (Optimum Light Output) Technology. The 3 point OLO advantages are : 1. Protection from voltage fluctuations Specially designed electronic circuit protects CFL lamps from normal voltage fluctuations and ensures flicker free start.

2. 80% less energy consumption Improved tri phosphor coating of CFL tubes ensures longer life and more brightness at 80% less energy than a GLS bulb.

3. Longer life Matched tube and electronic circuit provides 6 times longer life than a GLS bulb and lasts more

than 6000 hours on standard electric supply conditions. Changing of bulbs will be less frequent and will result in lesser waste disposal.

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Domestic Footprint
Fans Orient Fans has a pan-India presence with 24 depots, a well organized distribution network of over 3500 dealers and more than 40000 retailers. Together, they have helped it to become a household name in India. Lighting Orient Fans has a pan India presence with 19 depots, a well organized distribution network of over 450 distributors and more than 50000 retailers.

Global Footprint
With our cutting-edge technology and quick turnaround time, Orient Fans has emerged as India’s largest exporter of fans, contributing to nearly half of India’s fan exports in the organized sector. As an undisputed leader in the subcontinent we are present in 20 countries including countries in North & South America, Africa, Middle East & Gulf, South Asia and South East Asia. Besides exporting to these countries we have joined hands with companies in Africa and the Gulf to provide them with technical expertise.

Working at Orient Fans
At Orient Fans, we have a corporate culture that is based on trusting relationships, openness, transparency and creativity. The diverse & vibrant work force is united through our passion - for work, for our products and for the company. We believe that people are key to business success and the Organization grows with the people involved. We firmly believe in the proverb which says "If you are planning for one year, plant corn; If you are planning for twenty years, plant trees; If you are planning for 100 years, Invest in People". We respect the individuality of every team member and know that it takes varying skills to create a well-rounded team. The company invests regularly for the development of an Individual - personally & professionally. We believe in the philosophy of having a dynamic & performance driven reward & recognition system to ensure high employee morale. We promise to provide & promote a professional environment. While hard work is a maxim here, we also believe in a work–life balance giving fast paced growth to individuals. If you think you would like to be a part of our exciting team, click here to view current openings.

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ORIENT FANS (Props: Orient Paper & Industries Ltd.) 82, 1st Floor, Okhla Industrial Estate Phase - III New Delhi - 110 020 INDIA Phone: 91-11- 40507000. Fax: 91-11- 40507004 website: www.orientfans.com Relevant departments can be contacted directly India Buyers – Fans Contact - Sales Department: indiasalesfans@orientfans.com India Buyers – Lighting Contact - Sales Department: indiasalescfl@orientfans.com International Buyers – Fans & Lighting Contact - Export Department intlsales@orientfans.com After sales Service – Fans Contact - Service Department customerservice@orientfans.com After sales service – Lighting Contact - Lighting Department customerservicecfl@orientfans.com

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