ROTOLIFT is a three axes hydraulic positioner and handler, specially designed for welding and assembling operations. The machine, thanks to its functional features, reduces considerably the moving of the workpiece and therefore the use of traditional lifting systems. ROTOLIFT is an ergonomic machine featuring great flexibility. The greater innovation consists in the possibility not only to tilt and rotate the workpiece, but also to lift and lower it. All these characteristics guarantee that the operating personnel can work in total safety.

7 Capacities

RL 1250
CAPACITY lb 2,750

RL 2500
CAPACITY lb 5,500

RL 4500
CAPACITY lb 10,000

RL 6500
CAPACITY lb 14,500

RL 8500
CAPACITY lb 19,000

RL 11000
CAPACITY lb 24,500

RL 13000
CAPACITY lb 29,000

ROTOLIFT improves the performance and the efficiency of the operating personnel, even that one not very skilled. The use of the machine reduces manufacturing times of 60%, causing consequently a production increase. The workpiece is fixed on the rotating plate in horizontal position and it is handled according to the operator's needs. ROTOLIFT guarantees, furthermore, that the parts to be welded are correctly positioned, to allow an adequate deposit of the welding bath.

Bronze 600 or 1500 watt rotating mass Pedal unit to start/stop rotation Tailored fixing plate, manufactured according to customer's drawing

In 2 versions:
OLEODYNAMIC: Oleodynamic lifting, tilting and rotation ELECTRIC: oleodynamic lifting and tilting, electronic rotation driven by a vectorial servoventilated inverter

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