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RecipienL. saurav das
Purchased. 20í2-0í-í0 22.í7.53.0
Fxpires On. 20í2-02-í0
Pay Rs. 250 íor counselling - lay ouL
designing (íurniLure, ílooring, íalse ceiling) -
esLimaLion, worLh Rs. 3250 aL Paciíic
Advance paid - Rs 50
Pay remaining Rs. 200 (Rs. 250 - Rs. 50 ) direcLly Lo
Lhe merchanL
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1axes included
One voucher valid íor one person only
Redeem Lhe voucher in a single visiL
Can purchase mulLiple vouchers íor giíLing
Prior appoinLmenL mandaLory. (Call 9830709224)
Show Lhe voucher prinLouL/SMS aL Lhe ouLleL
CannoL be combined wiLh oLher exisLing oííers
CannoL be redeemed wiLh cash
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Pacific Engineers
Paciíic Fngineers OuLleL
í3í, SiLanaLh 8ose Lane, 8lock 8 Cround Foor, Salkia,
Howrah, KolkaLa
Pin. 7ííí06
Phone. 9830709224
1iming. íí am - 6.30 pm
Paciíic Fngineers OuLleL
32/3, Canal SouLh Road,
8eliaghaLa, KolkaLa
Pin. 7000í5
Phone. 9830709224
1iming. íí am - 6.30 pm