Abstract— secure data access and data security are the key challenges of cloud computing, Cloud giants

like google, Amazon, IBM are doing research to ensure data security and secure data access. Since security and secure data access are the biggest issues faced by cloud service providers, cloud clients keep their critical and confidential data on cloud service providers, so they need proper security and access control mechanism. The existing solutions to mitigate data security and secure data access are based on pure cryptographic techniques; hence the solutions require huge computations for key management/distribution on both ends. Cloud service provider and Data owner both need heavy machines to administer key management. Our paper focuses this exigent issue, the paper presents a mature capability based secure data access control mechanism. The proposed technique guarantees only legitimate users can securely access the outsourced data from cloud service provider. The paper also presents a customized Diffie-Hellman key swap protocol among the service provider and client, the protocol has been modified in order to clandestinely share symmetric key and ensuring the secure data access. To validate our proposed scheme we have shown simulation run and critical analysis of our proposed scheme. The results depicts that the proposed technique is very effective, secure and up to the mark compared to other existing solutions

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