Associated Students of Northern Arizona University Student Senate Twenty-Fourth Session Bill 24-32 Date 12/6/11 Introduced by: Senator Bingham

An act to allocate up to $29,000 from ASNAU Budget Line 146 for the 23 Fee Spring Concert Whereas: Students picked LMFAO as their top performer off the ASNAU Survey for the Spring Concert. Whereas: The full amount of the allocated money will go to the operational costs Whereas: The concert was approved in the list of the 23 fee by the Student Body. Whereas: The concert gives the student body an event to experience and create positive memories.

Be it enacted by the Associated Students of Northern Arizona University that: The amount of up to $29,000 allocated from the ASNAU budget line 146 to the 23 Fee Spring Concert.

Action Taken: _____________________________________________________




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