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and remember the vocabulary. rather than completing as many pages as possible. Using the correct collocations will make your English sound more natural. Using appropriate collocations can make a significant difference to the grades achieved in the writing and speaking modules of those exams.highly unusual rather than greatly unusual or strongly unusua~. There is also a subject index to help you find the pages which are most useful to you. . Choose the topics that interest you. Advanced and Proficiency examinations. and there is no need to complete all the pages if some are on topics which are not useful to you. It is better to complete one or two pages in a day. take a photograph is usual. The pages do not have to be completed in any particular order. This book may be of particular use to candidates preparing for exams such as IELTSand the Cambridge First Certificate. Review this language regularly so that it becomes part of your active vocabulary. while make a photograph and do a photograph are highly unusual (there's another one . A good general dictionary will be very helpful. and more like a native speaker's English. Write new collocations you learn in a notebook or file. The answers to the exercises can be found at the back of the book. providing pronunciation guides and more contexts. How can the book be used? The collocations are arranged by topic. For example.I ntrod uction What are collocations? Collocations are groups of words which often go together.

50. 7. 51. 24. 43. 49. 37. 48. 63. 74. 30. 45. 26. 5. 34. 38. . 2. 19. 66. 16. cries and whispers Speaking Truth and lies Likes and dislikes Moods and feelings Ideas and intelligence Knowledge and ignorance Memory and forgetfulness Certainty and uncertainty Choices and decisions Agreeing and disagreeing Opinions Meetings and arrangements Working together Success Failure Luck. months and seasons Beginning and ending 14. 55. 72. 68. 73. 61. 36. 32. 57. 0 U C Everyday activities Physical appearance Food and drink 1 Food and drink 2 Health and sickness Getting around Directions Public transport Flying Driving Holidays Families Friends and colleagues Love and marriage Youth and Age Education Houses and housing Housework Shopping Clothes and fashion Work 1 Work 2 Business Money 1 Money 2 Numbers and Statistics Bureaucracy Science and Technology Computers Telephones Leisure Films. 47. 64. 78. 62. 42. chance and opportunity Problems and solutions Similarity and difference Cause and effect Changes Time Days. 79. 65. 40. 29. 77. 23. 3. 11 . 4.+J +J ~ c (]) Contents Unit 1. 69. 33. 46. 39. 6. 21. 18. 71. 28. 54. 31. 20. 13. 80. 25. 67. 8. 56. 60. 22. 15. 35. 44. TV and radio Theatre Music and dance Art and artists Writing and Books Sport 1 Sport 2 Nature and the environment Animals and birds 41. 58. 59. 27. 17. 70. Agriculture The weather Crime Punishment Journalism and the News Politics Disasters Fire Water Light Sleep Tastes and smells Gestures Movement Speed Sounds Shouts. 10. 12. 75. 76. 53. 52. 9.

6 5 a cup of tea and have / eat my hair and wear / put on 13 some breakfast. then I get out of 3 and walk / go 8 4 downstairs in my dressing gown. 24. 18. 27. "My typical morning starts quite early. a shower and clean / wash 10 my teeth. If I've got time. What did you have as lunch today? C. 26. You're back from holiday now. Everyday activities A. 20. I never see / watch the house by 8. That's typical for you! You always have to have the last word! 23. Oh no! I've just realised I did a terrible mistake! 22. My alarm clock sounds / goes off bed / from my bed I do / make use 12 7 2 1 at 6. Choose the right verb to complete the collocations. I began / got into the habit of drinking too much coffee when I went to Italy. Where did you get your hairs cut? 21. Nothing special/uncommon. Then I have / 9. because I don't like getting / making ready in a hurry. usual/regular as clockwork. Could you answer the door knocking? I'm in the middle of something. Correct these sentences. . 19. I sometimes the front page of the 15 my email and look at / watch newspaper. the usual/normal thing. Steve couldn't break / end the habit of lighting a cigarette after dinner. Then I do / make 15 the bed and do / make 14 the washing up. Choose the right word. 25. so I suppose it's business as usual/normal. " TV in the morning. Then I get clothed / dressed 11 order / comb control/check 17 my make-up. 28. I usually leave / depart B. Sue is talking about her typical morning.30. A: How was the weekend? B: Oh.1.15. I usually pull the curtains as soon as it goes dark. My husband wakes up at six o'clock.

What's the opposite of these expressions? Choose from these adjectives: crooked dry broad curly 14. The police are looking for a man in / of his early twenties.2. c. He noticed that his hair was changing to / going grey. 8. 3. 6. 16. doesn't fit me c. Choose the best answer. 13. 7. Paul's clothes are really a. You look great! Have you lost fat / weight? 9. Which of these alternatives is not 10. 2. in fashion 11. of average / middle height and with a full / complete beard. doesn't accommodate me. He was wearing / using sunglasses and wearing / carrying an umbrella. out of fashion _ b. 15. full of fashion b. doesn't suit me 12. As the suspect has very distinctive features / facial parts. b. straight hair / oily skin / narrow shoulders / even teeth / skin hair shoulders teeth 2 . James' a. made a strong impression on all the women in the office. Physical appearance A. I don't usually spend much time putting / doing my make-up -I just put on / paint with a bit of lipstick and eyeliner. I don't really like this shirt .he doesn't look his years / age at all. Liz always looks / appears good .she has great dress / clothes sense. good face already. His scruffy / disorganised clothes and badly-cut hair didn't make / do a very good impression on his boss. 17. He's only in his twenties but he's starting to a. striking good looks a natural-sounding _ collocation? c. Simon is nearly fifty but he's ageing well . go bald C. 5. lose his hair. 4. boyish good looks c. 1. be hairless a. it will be difficult for him to adopt / take a disguise. B.

on a strict diet 11. lift up our glasses b. Oh no! I ordered my steak rare. What are you going to order for your a. The menu looks good. main helping c. If you've finished eating. 17. Let's and drink a toast to the happy couple! a. Food and drink A. a light meal 2. dry wine sweet heavy a _______ a _______ _______ mild still meal bread curry mineral water wine B. 18. a hot curry 4. well done b. freshly-ground c. Would you like a. raise our glasses c. The smell of a. empty a bottle 10. well-cooked 12. ask for the addition ? b. Choose the correct words to complete the collocations. main course b. main meal 7. fresh bread 3. mashed potatoes coffee woke me up this morning. get our account C. 13. brown c. ? 6. smashed potatoes 8. shall we a. a. 14. sparkling mineral water 5. minced potatoes c. having a strict diet b. 16.3. What's the opposite of these expressions? Choose from 1 these adjectives: stale 1. freshly-powdered 9. Complete these two-word expressions using the jumbled letters. He's so he won't eat this cream sauce. freshly-cut or chips with your steak? b. knife and salt and fruit and bread and cup and fish and KORF ERPPEP SAVETGEEBL TRUBET CUASRE PSCH I 3 . ask for the bill _ c. 15. dieting strictly c. but they've served it a. b.

This way / direction please. I'm afraid we're fully booked / reserved today. I'll bring / show you to your table. a regional speciality / plate / dish 19. Food and drink 2 A. I usually leave / give about 15% as a tip. These starters are on / from the house. a huge / hearty / compulsive / messy eater 18. Which is not a natural collocation? 15. It's nice to get a bit of house / home cooking again after all that convenient / convenience food. Whenever I eat out / away.4. sir. 5. 2. unless service is already included / counted on the bill. 13. Choose the correct word. B. 1. Can I take your ? of the day? ? Would you like to see the menu or will you have the What are you going to have for your first Enjoy your Shall we grab a Would you like a second _ to eat before the movie? of dessert? C. sir. 12. Are there any vegetarian dishes on / in the menu? 3. with compliments of the management owners. Choose the most suitable word from the box. please? 6. Table for four? No. 11. 8. speed / health / junk / fast food 4 . bite dish meal tip order course helping 9. sorry. 10. 14. 7. This meat is unfit / inappropriate for human consumption. a hearty / good / strong / healthy appetite 16. vvaitert Could we have a bottle of the house / restaurant wine. madam. Unless you have a reserve / reservation. / 4. a three-course / evening / midday / night meal 17.

Help! Somebody call an __ ' 3. a slight pain / 2. out of breath when you exercise? these pills for three weeks now. I've got a splitting __ ' 2. a nasty accident falling off a ladder last week. Complete the crossword. What's the opposite adjectives: serious 1. Pleaseroll up your sleeve so that I can 12. take or have. It's important to have a balanced __ ' 5. your blood pressure. Do you often 9.5. a mild illness / a 4. I've been going to the gym recently because I'm trying to marathon next spring. 5 . She 8. a high temperature / a 5. This is a highly-infectious __ ' 4. 1. and I don't seem to be better. a slight fever / a fever and sickness of these expressions? Choose from these minor high pain injuries illness severe low temperature B. some time off work because 1 an operation on my C. Complete these sentences using the correct form 6. I had to knee. serious injuries / 3. The patient has made a full __ . I've been _______ of get. your temperature now. 13. a baby just two months ago. She's in great shape and she 11. You seem to be in very good __ ' 6. Health A. in shape for running the 10. I'll just put this thermometer under your tongue and 7.

The band are going to be on / in tour in June and July. d. It's very easy to get around / travel the city without a car. At the very latest.... It's handy when you're on the move / moving. A: Are we there yet / here yet? B: It's not far / near now! You can fly non-stop / without stops to China if you want. c. It would be better to go by . The last section / leg of the journey was the most difficult... 9. 13. Choose the most natural-sounding 7. 12.. 15. go on a travel/an excursion / a day trip / a cruise 3. 14. Match the two parts of the sentences. I think we need to have . public transport. the road by nine o'clock. The transport / transportation connections are very good. My brother bought me an MP3 player. travel on a train / tram / taxi / boat 6. b. They decided to go away . for the weekend. 17. It only takes .. 19. e. I've packed / filled my bags and I'm all ready to move / go! The journey takes / needs around two and half hours. 16. 10. A: When are you setting off on your travels / travel? B: I'm off / gone tomorrow. Which of these expressions is not a natural collocation? on / set off on a journey 2. as we had to go by donkey. we need to be on . C. 11. word or phrase. 20. ride a bike / horse / car / camel.. an hour to get to the station. a. Getting 1..6. travel by sea / by rail/by foot / by land 5. travel/go around A. 6 . a seasoned / holiday / commercial/business traveller 4. but it costs a bit more. 8. 18. B. a look at the map. I was already on road / my way to the station when you called..

I don't have a very good sense of these collocations. _ I told him where to go. Good to see you about and out. Right then. lost my bearings 16. Right then.7. find his way home b. 9. _ We didn't have a map. b.Direction or Directions? Choose the right word to complete 6. in the middle of nowhere c. He has travelled a. I've a. 11. in the back of beyond a couple a miles back. lost myself _ c. but he set off in the opposite C. taken a wrong turning b. b. so we had to stop the car to ask for You're going in the right Just look at your hair! It's going in all Could you give me If you follow my . 2 3 4 5 a. Could you tell me the way to the station. 8. a. b. round and round the sentence? 13. a long way . return homewards 17. The dog was running a. gone the wrong way c. . side to side 14. great distances c. I'm sure he'II a. a. b. Which of these expressions is not possible to complete in the park. He's travelled far and wide. and you'll see the sign. b. because of the wind. Onwards and upwards. please? b. at the end of the world 18. He's travelled wide and far. B. Good to see you out and about. We've been there and here. She keeps flying fro and to. Don't worry about your dog. Excuseme. b. Where are we. b. Upwards and onwards. anyway? We seem to be a. far distances 15. up and down in the last two weeks. and I always get lost in new cities. 7. She keeps flying to and fro. a. I think we might have a. 12. you'll have no problem finding the place. lost my way c. make his own way back _ c.just keep going straight on. Directions A. mistaken our path 7 . while I'm driving? I've no idea how to get there. b. 10. We've been here and there. Which of these two versions sounds more natural? a.

on board d.southernrail. rough _ b. 6. I a.8. you have to move to another train / change at Bristol. 3. b. The sea was very a. got into bus to work b. hailed 15. got on c. Everybody who travels by train has to a. by rail 14. arrives at 10. gets into _ c. entered c. It's usual to pay a taxi fare / bill at the end of the journey / ride. non-rush hour _ c. The train a. You can save money if you book your seat / chair more than seven days early / in advance. buy a ticket c. It's a good thing I didn't lose / miss it. pay the ticket outside the rush hour 11. I usually a. Which is not natural English? 9. pay the fare the train at Birmingham. off-peak b. It's sometimes cheaper to travel a. I caught the last / final train back. arrives in d. flat 8 . hail a c. The ferry leaves the ferry terminal/station at 6am. I came out of the station and a. aboard c. I'll be at / on platform 3. I'll meet you at / in the station. The fast / quick trains from Edinburgh don't visit / stop at this station. boarded d. take a the ferry. boarded d. gets to London at 10. c. We had a meal a. get the 16. 8. Choose the most natural-sounding words. catch a e. joined 13. got e. 1. on _ b. Pub lie t ran s port A. took c. B. To arrive in / get to Cardiff. in 17. I love travelling a. calm b. on the rails b. I hope it isn't a rough journey / crossing.35 b. by train a taxi. go by d. 4. b. 5. Tickets can purchased from any station ticket office / window or can be booked / paid online at wwww. 7. 2.

Choosethe most natural-sounding words. long-haul / small-haul/transatlantic go through / 3 hour flight customs / security / dutyfree / immigration get on / board / embark a plane flight deck / number / control/attendant baggage handler / allowance / suitcase / reclaim C. It took us half an hour to go through security / be security checked. b.. airline. Are there any left / abandoned luggage lockers in this airport? stop between flights. c. not your goingout / outbound flight. 12. She told him the estimated time of . Flying A.. e. Pleaseobserve / mark the no-smoking signs at all times. and we get in / come down at four in the afternoon. 1. 17. You'll receive a friendly welcome from our cabin . We are currently experiencing / suffering some turbulence seatbelts fastened / clipped. 11. local 4. crew. It's a low-cost . 18. The politician chartered .. 10. I'm afraid your flight has been delayed / retarded because of technical difficulties / technology problems. 15. 6..9. 13. 3. Let's go and wait in the departure . Whichof these expressions is not a natural collocation? 9.. 7. lounge. These are the tickets for your homecoming / return flight.. lockers until the aircraft so please remain in your seats with the 8.. Please remain / keep seated and do not take your luggage from the overhead hascome to a total stop / complete standstill. a private plane. B. sir. These are the wrong tickets. d.. 9 . a. Match the two parts of the sentences.. arrival. 14. 2. I've got a twenty-four-hour stopover / 5.. 16. We take oft / go up at seven in the morning time / hours.

We were held / stuck in traffic coming into town. Which of these expressions is not 1. Do not distract the driver while the vehicle is in / at motion. It's a drive of two hours / a two-hour drive to get to Jo's house. Don't forget to fill up before you go . give or do. 12. Complete these sentences using go. Steve's quite easy-going most of the time but he's a maniac when he starts steering / gets behind the wheel. 15. Choose the most natural-sounding collocations are in bold type. If you're going to be driving past the station could you C. I'm so annoyed -I've just been don't want to run out of / finish the petrol on the back roads. Sorry. 18. The police say he was hour. Other 11. answer to complete these sentences. 14. A warning light will come on if you don't fasten / connect your seat belt.10. He lost his licence for speeding. 17. 13. 10 . 3. to the litre? a parking ticket and I was only there for five minutes! me a lift? 8. 5. 19. Let's drive / pull into a lay-by in a minute and have a picnic. Someone for a drive? more than 200 kilometres per me directions to get to the station but I think I must have made a mistake. I'm so late. Do you want to 7. Don't use your mobile while you're driving or you'll have / make an accident! 16. 4. 2. a reckless / clever / careful/back go for a drive / a ride / a lift heavy / stuck in / light / enormous traffic change gear / a wheel/your speed a natural collocation? seat driver B. 6. It's a lovely day. especially in the rush hour. Driving A. The road works / workings are likely to cause serious / severe delays on this road. Nice car! How many kilometres does it 9. 20. There was a six-mile tailback / a tailback of six miles on the motorway due to a pile-up earlier in the day.

. a fashionable / seaside / city / ski resort 8. the low season.. Choose a verb from the box necessary. a holiday / single / double / family room 9.11 . Jay ant! Ifee[ fiR.. a. Sara 11 .. It's much cheaper to go in .. self-catering accommodation this year. e. b. (Change the verb form where get send have book I take Dear Pete. 2. We're going on .... a fun-packed / nightmare / package / dependent holiday Complete these two-word letters 10. We'{{ sliow you tfiem a{{ when we get 6acftliome! See you soon.) to complete the postcard. 11. 5. 12. 6. You should put on . do sit you a postcard of tfie place wfiere we are stayinq. We 15 the apartment on tfie internet ant! we're rea[(y pleased witli it. a family-run / luxury / four-star / guest hotel 7. We're not 16 mucli siglitseeing. B. d. Jay lias 19 tots of I tliouglit I'd 13 pictures. 3. suntan cream if you're going to sit on the beach all day. a city break to Paris next weekend.. We're ___________ 14 a sliort 6reafton tfie coast. bedand lakes and bucket and expressions using the jumbled __ __ __ KBRSAETFA STMOAINUIN DESPA D.. I'm taking . two weeks off work. Match the two parts of the sentences 1. We decided to stay in . 4.! just ____________ 17 on tfie 6eacli ant! 18 a tan. Which of these expressions is not a natural collocation? C. c. Holidays A.

I went to see my dad and mum. C. Linda decided she wanted to birth at home. 10 a. b. start bring have raise give 14. her unborn child. I now pronounce you man and wife. I went to see my mum and dad. 17. I told all my friends and relations. I'm used to being around animals -I was up on a farm. I told all my relations and friends. 1. parents. They are sister and brother. I now pronounce you wife and man. 13 a. 4. It's very hard to a family on a single income. Jenny comes from a large / big family There's no one in my near / immediate He's a talented answers? but I'm a single / an only child. Which of these two versions sounds more natural? 9. Jody is a spoilt / ruined child with over-protective I've got a distant relative / far relation who works They've all got red hair. family with curly hair.12. after all. 18. a. his next of kin / closest relation . musician . 15. 11 a. 7. b.. They are brother and sister. 8.he takes / gets it from his mother. He is my own flesh and blood. 12 a. Which are the most natural-sounding Other collocations are in bold type. b. Families A. 6. instead of at hospital. We need to notify It's natural for a waiting / an expectant 5. Change the form of the verb where necessary. He is my own blood and flesh. 16. in the film industry. Choose the most suitable verb from the box. after all. 12 . I'm afraid Mr Harris is critically ill. It goes / runs in the family. 2. 3. They decided not to a family until they had enough money to buy a house. b. b. mother to worry about B. Claire's going to a baby in early March.

Friends A. Hehasfriends in 2. There was a bit of a bad / an unwelcome / a strained atmosphere in the office after she fell out with him. Shegave us a very 4. wide and colleagues relationship after all these years of working together. circle of friends. Theyused to get on well together but now things have turned 7. bonds of friendship. B. Which is the most natural-sounding answer? 12. They met on a train and started / struck up / began a friendship. We go back a way . 19. 18. I don't know what the argument was about but they're not on speaking conditions / relations / terms anymore. Keep on touch! Don't be a stranger! 10. She'salways found it easy to find / make / form friends. 3. Choosethe most suitable adjective from the box. 16. They'vedeveloped a very sour warm long close places.he's more of a work / casual/formal acquaintance. Is he a friend of you? 11.we've known each other for years. C. and friendly welcome. He's not really a friend . 15. 13. Although they're divorced they remain on friendly terms / words / relations.Correctthese sentences. 14. he has a great social activity / circle / life. Although Dave doesn't enjoy his job much. Everyone was really nice towards me. 13 . strong high 1.13. I think we need to do something to improve relations / friendship / cordiality between the two departments. Come in! Welcome! Make you at home! 8. 17. Overthe years the two women has developed 6. between them. 9. Charlie has a 5.

I think they're only / just good friends. I just don't want to get involved / go with anyone at the moment. C. He accused her of making / having an affair. Even though they're strongly / highly attracted to each other. but as far as I know she always been faithful to /with 17. him. He's never shown much interest in the other / opposite sex. Which is the most natural-sounding answer? 10.14. Hi Emma! Thanks for your email. 14. Which of these expressions is not a natural collocation? wedding cake / anniversary / bride / day puppy / marriage / cupboard / unrequited love life / affair / tale / story a double / blind / love / first date love 18. 15. Love and marriage A. It looked very pretty in all the marriage / wedding 2 photographs. . A: Are they a couple / pair? B: No. here's a few photos I took of the happy / merry All the best. They had a lovely day for it. 13. Choose the correct words to complete the email. It's a summer romance / love story. It's a shame you couldn't make it to Steve and Jane's wedding on Saturday. They've been going out / girlfriend and boyfriend together for six months now. They met at a friend's house and it was love at the first sight / first sight. but they are both obviously crazily / madly 3 in love! The wedding reception / party 4 was held / made 5 in a big hotel down the road and we all toasted / drank 6 the newly-weds and the bride's father made / did 7 a speech. It's too soon since I broke up with / split from my long-term boyfriend. but I know it won't last. 12. 11. Pat 9 couple B. now -lucky things! Anyway. 20. They've gone off on their wedding trip / honeymoon 8 to the West Indies for a couple of weeks. It's just one of those things. 21. 19. They had / did 1 the wedding in a nice little church in a village near Jane's parents' house. The groom looked a bit nervous. The food was nice and everything went off really well. 14 . it's always been a platonic relationship / friendship. 16.

15 . five year old a baby! c. under twenty years c. I've got a daughter. a. your age 6. 14. in their fifty something 7. your same age c.15. but he doesn't _ a.Whichof these expressions is not a natural collocation? 8. natural new-born ripe prime I He lived to the I left the country at the She's a strong believer in old age of ninety seven. in teenage 5. look like it B. Shewrote the book're in your They don't get much sleep because they have a baby. d. in their teenagers d. I tender 12. 1. 10. Choosethe most suitable adjective from the box. happy / early / content / second childhood age group / limit / section / restriction only / spoilt / naughty / new child child / middle / old / retirement age C. 15. 11. in their fifties d. of the age d. Therewere lots of people at the concert. aged like you I was already married. Youth and Age A. 9. My wife's going to a. seem so old. childbirth. look his age c. b. age of six. 13. five years aged 3. in their teens b. the age of you d. Most of the people in the club were _ a. You're not old at all .When I was a. a. at the age of c. around fifties c. five years old b. in the age eighty three. gain c. make d. He'sninety five. do b. aged five years d. by an age of 4. 16. seem his age b. b. I've got some great news. Choosethe right word. have 2. at the age of fifty b.

Harry's decided to university next year. 12. get / take / do / read a degree. 7. A recent study has been done / made to investigate the beneficial effects of tea. before going to B.16. My exams are coming up and I've got a lot of revision to do / make. so I'd better get on with some work. Education A. Change the form necessary. His parents decided to school. 10. send study get take do of the verb where start school. Research has been conducted / performed into the hazards of working in a noisy environment. My daughter's five and she's just 2. 13. 9. to be an engineer. Dave is 5. 3. 1. He's reading / learning English Literature. I'm going to management. I've got an essay to hand in / give over on Monday morning. 15. a place at university. 17. a gap-year. Tony dropped out of / left the university and started work as a builder. 19. 18. 20. My son's just 6. C. I can't decide whether to do / make Spanish or French next year. Choose the right word or phrase. a course on financial him to boarding - 4. 14. 8. Choose the most suitable verb from the box. I'm taking / studying evening classes in Computer Science. Joanna's doing / making research into the environmental impact of global warming. take / have / study / go to lessons do / read / study / make a subject at university. pass / take / lose / fail/do an exam private / further / lower / higher education 16 . Which of these expressions is not a natural collocation? 16. 11. Gary's in / at university in Manchester.

b. b. totally while she's doing her degree. 11. c. you get a. sold out d. You're welcome to help yourself to anything you feel like .17. let direct to the landlord or landlady. available c. small d. three-levelled B. board and lodging 7.My grandmother has decided to move into an old people's 17. a run-down building with plenty of space for all the family.Thepresent owner has done a lot of goneup quite a bit.My daughter is living in the university a. Thetenants should pay the a. three-floor b. _ party on the 23rd so come along if you can. hire furnished. he a. tenanted to rent for the next nine months.make yourself at 14. I'm going to move improvements. pre- 5. It's a. so I won't need to buy any furniture.We decided to look for a livingnext door to noisy neighbours. food and housing d. Thisflat is only available for a a. an ailing c. let out 8. c. non-terraced 2. place of lodging d. an out of condition d.Thisis a a. Houses and housing A.Many young people decide not to leave 16. hostel of residents 6. detached let. _ 13. If you take this job. completely c. single d. bed and sleep b.We've only been living here a few weeks but we feel at 15. disposable 9. separate house after years of b. fullyb.We're going to have a -warming already. 12. rent d. b. d. so the value of the property has next week. money 4.Therooms I've rented are a. b. short-term c. While he was working abroad. brief c. Choosethe right word. 1. b. residential home c. so I'll give you my new address. short-time 3. which is why property prices are so low. 17 . a sick 10. rooms and eating c. until they are in their late twenties. hired out his flat through an agency. b. triple-floored d. free d.Houseor home? Complete these sentences with the correct word.Thiscottage is a. halls of residence free. three-storey c. open neighbourhood. a.

Everything looks very spick and . If you've finished eating. 6. 1.. cut the lawn c. this washing out on the line to dry. span. Do you have to be so untidy? I only a.. a. 3. b. house cleaned 10. I haven't been able to _ c. b. e. spotless 7. make get hang clear draw lay If you She decided to You always Could you I need to the table.. c. I'll just Kate always likes to 18 . Match the two parts of the sentences. Have you yet? a..18. polish. organised c. clean b. Do you think you could a. This work surface needs a bit of spit and . clean out c. mow the grass C. She's quite house proud. c. 16. 14. cleaned the dishes 11. 13. the spring cleaning.. Housework A. lose a couple of days ago. brushing it away b. done the washing up for me this afternoon? The garden looks a mess! b. get rid of a nasty stain on the carpet. tidied up c. lifting it up up a. 2. tidy so it's still crunchy underfoot. 15. bottom.. 5. sweeping it 8. washed the plates 9. B. cranny. a mess when you do the cooking! the curtains? It's getting dark. mow the lawn b.. tidy. He cleaned the place from top to . 18. d. do 12. b. Choose the right phrase. everything ready before she starts cooking. 17. Choose the most suitable verb from the box. then dinner will be ready in five minutes. He spilt sugar allover the floor and didn't get round to a. you know. His apartment is always neat and ... the table and then I can load the dishwasher. You don't have to clean in every nook and . Everything is absolutely a. 4..

but I could demand / order it for you. I don't like shopping in that town any more. 19 . 2.. 7. Theywere very cheap. 16. Go on! Treat yourself .all the nice little independent / private shops have gone. I bought them. could you pick up / bring some things from the shop for me. C. on a nice weekend.. d. He's a regular / good / loyal/usual customer.. 17. to a new dress. Match the two parts of the sentences. Customers with five items / things or fewer can use the rapid / express checkouts. I think your should splash out . I prefer to go to the supermarket on Monday mornings because I hate being in a line / standing in a queue to pay for my groceries. I prefer shopping / ordering stuff online. c. 3. It's a bit exhausting going round / into the January sales seeking / hunting for bargains. 14. Let's go shopping / for a shop / round the shops / on a shopping spree. I haven't done / made my Christmas shopping yet and there's only fifteen more days for shopping / shopping days till Christmas! If you're going out. 10. 18. Shesnapped up ... a bargain. There were quite a few market stall holders / sellers at the monthly farm sale / farmer's market.. :0. It's a shopping trolley / keeper / bag / precinct. e. answer? A: Do you go / do shopping often? B: Not really. 15. Shopping A. b. It's all chain shops / stores and shop / shopping precincts .. It's a shopping / department / chain / convenience store. retail outlets / shops which 6.19. 4. Whichof these expressions is not a natural collocation? 1. a. 9. wholesale.. 8. 9. Goods may be exchanged / changed after this date at the company's discretion. Refunds can only be given within 30 days of purchase / buying upon presentation of a valid receipt. 12. B. please? I'm afraid this model is out of stock / not in the shop at the moment. Let me buy the next round . 11.Whichis the most natural-sounding 5. Local traders / sellers are complaining about the large out-of-town have opened in the last few years. 13. of drinks.

16. 11.. Which of these expressions is not a natural collocation? 10. Tell the kids to hurry up and a. 18. c. d. go with 3. The meal is going to be quite informal. b. Platform shoes are going to make a . victim. unclothe themselves Father Christmas at the office party. 13. match your eyes.20. dressed well c. It's well past their bed time! b. c. dressed in me. She looks stupid in that. 20 ... so a. matches b. 15. She's a real fashion . 19. b. the trend. a. 17. Match the two parts of the sentences. 12. dress specially c. She thinks that her hair style is the height of . The jacket's the right size but it doesn't a.. comeback. rage. b. dress up .. pull their clothes off c. gives a compliment to _ c. fashion. clothed in Choose the best word or phrase to complete the sentence. The woman I saw was completely a.. b.. clothed as B. dressed up as if you're going out. You look good wearing that colour. dress a lot 5. and fashion white. second hand / baby / winter / fashion clothes summer / sports / casual/evening wear an item / an article / an object / a piece of clothing outdoor / warm / light / indoor clothing well / badly / smartly / untidily dressed C. It's bitterly cold outside today. Clothes A. wrap up warm c.. 14. Next summer big hats are going to be all the . so you don't need to a. It a. I was surprised when I saw Martin a.. get undressed 6. suit c. clothe yourself warmly b. e. goes with 4. 1. wearing the clothes of 7. wearing 2. I don't follow fashion -I set . Other collocations are in bold type.. b.

Howdid the interview go? Did you have / get the job? 9. in business in Japan at the moment. 7. at 21 . c. 10. on this project? b. travelling to my job 16. B. pursue c. I'm afraid he's not in the office / work at the moment. Unfortunately there are over ten thousand people a. getting into work c. I've been hard at / of work all day. It's a nightmare a. 6.21. on c. c. A: So what do you do B: I work in a supermarket. I'm exhausted. 8. break from 12.I've got too much a.'ve worked without end / non-stop on this project. for a living to get through. How long have you been working a. to earn c. 5. 17. work b. Greg's a. You deserve a break .Choose the correct word to complete 11. working c. My daughter Emma has a good job / good work in politics. a. without some b. Ben'sambition was to a. to win money every day by bus. time out of b. a career in advertising. time off 13. Sallywas feeling stressed so she asked her boss for some a. b.Work1 A. out of 15. 1. for work in the area. take work. get the collocation. Hespent the summer earning his money / living as a street musician. job 18. The successfulapplicant for this position will have good / high qualifications and adequate / relevant experience. in c. Mostdays I get home from work / the work by 7. b. going to work ? b. Whichis the most natural-sounding answer? Other collocations are in bold type. I'm going to ask / apply for a job in the local shop. I won't be able to leave the office early . 4.00pm. 3. Can I take a message? 2. Theworkman did a really good job / work on the plumbing. away from 14.

.. The company has a highly-skilled 3. give up work b. 9... He had a long and distinguished . take a strike c. was put out of his job c. career as a diplomat. 4. We'll have to advertise to fill the vacant 7. The baby's due in two months time so I'm going to be a. Which of these expressions 6. was dismissed _ a. The company mostly employs white-collar 4. workforce. A hundred workers were made 2. got the sack d. 5. CEO stands for chief executive 8. a. Work 2 A. If I can afford it. a pay rise 8. taking baby time _ 10. c. . 22 . Match the two parts of the sentences. hours. strike C. B. I can work flexible .. lost his job e. 1. off work b. Complete the crossword. b. is not possible to complete the sentence? because his boss found out he had stolen some money from the b. greater pay when I'm 55. Marcus company account.22. 1. Jenny plucked up courage to ask her boss for a. workload this month. a pay increase c. I work in the finance 3. the factory workers will a. She's a senior sales 6.. was fired 7. I'd like to a. The personnel manager offered him a short-term . He works for a multi-national 5. taking maternity leave c. b. contract. e. The job comes with a very attractive __ . d. go on strike b. Unless the management improve conditions soon. take early retirement from next month. I'm so busy! I've got a really heavy 2. get retired c..

gone up 13. We set up our business last February and we've been making / doing a brisk trade ever since. big business 17. This advertising campaign has done nothing to improve our a. large business _ c. 2. we've agreed 12. 9. taken off c. 10.Which of these is not a collocation? 6. Other collocations are in bold type. 7. let's deal After a shaky start earlier this financial year. 1. business appearance 23 . sense of business 15. grown up b. Make or do? Choose the right word. Asyou know. B usi ness A. Well. so don't tell me what to do! b. 8. His two sons work a. B. the business has really a. 5. corporate image b. Nick's got a very good a. large firm c. we've had a few problems this year and we may have to make / do some cutbacks. c. I didn't really make / do a profit selling the books on the internet because I had to pay postage. it's a deal _ b. 4. b. Diana's got a job with a a. business / joint / national venture business lunch / associate / friend / meeting heavy / light / trade / motor industry trade embargo / deal/agreement / deficit take up / start up / manage / launch a business C.23. company look c. for their family's firm c. bossing 14. Businessis booming and we've made / done a lot of money. head for business _ b. you drive a hard bargain. running this business for over thirty years. 3. the sentences. Choose the best words to complete 11. I've been a. but a. in the family business 16. in the family company of lawyers. It's been a pleasure making / doing business with you. leading _ b. _ Other collocations are in bold type. business head c.

owe / pay / raise / take out / cut tax 18. I'd like to get a new car but I can't afford / can't pay for one at the moment..24. e... go up / expand / gain / increase in value 19. D. Which of these verb / noun combinations is not a natural collocation? 15. scholarship. He started / opened his account with answer? bank five years ago. make / earn / waste / do / spend money 16. 9.. c. 3. 4... The meal cost nearly £100.. How much tax will I have to my gross salary? You should go to your bank and that cash straight away. B. 13. inheritance.. income. 14. cost / get into / make / lose / win a fortune 17. Match the two parts 1 of the sentences 1. 10. Money A. Choose the most suitable verb from the box. a.. Karen has a steady job with a regular . The charity received a substantial . donation. The student was awarded a . You may be entitled to receive state . pay back / payoff / take out / borrow a loan 24 . He gave up work when he came into his . 8. and it was a complete loss / waste of money in my opinion. Handley's 12. d. b. benefits. 5. 7. payoff pay by pay on pay with pay in 6. Is it OK if 1 credit card or would you prefer a cheque? C. Josh was able to his mortgage after only five years. If you cash I can give you a 10% discount. James got heavily / strongly into debt when he went to college.. 2. Which is the most natural-sounding 11.

coinage b. b. cost a fortune c. 15. I've had an account with / in this bank for five years and always had a healthy / rich bank balance. economic climate / fortune / development monetary policy / economy / control/reform financial currency / backing / difficulties / year tax benefits / break / income / evasion / growth 25 . O. She only wanted fortune and fame. Haveyou seen his new sports carl a. Sheonly wanted fame and fortune. right money of money c. b.Thismachine does not give change.25. 16. small change . 17. I'm down / back to my last fiver. I'm b. precise figure 2. Whichof these two versions sounds more natural? He's famous and rich. What's the exchange / change rate today? 2. D. Choose the correct words to complete the collocation.Couldyou lend me some coins for the coffee machine? I haven't got any a. 3. I couldn't get any for love nor money. banking some money c. . 1. I need to get / take some money from the cash point. had a high price to go on a round-the world trip next year. b. 1. a. figure It must have 2 b. sum b. The businesswent to rack and ruin. b. Hisgreat-aunt left him a considerable a.I needto exchange / change some money. loose change c. Which of these is not a natural collocation? 14. a. a. putting money in the bank _ 5. saving up b.Thecost/ price of living is already high and it is steadily gaining / increasing. exact change c. The business went to ruin and rack . He's rich and famous. Choose the correct word or phrase. a. been a big expense ~. I couldn't get any for money nor love. Money A. a. quantity _ 3. Please have the ____ ready.

I can't keep track . He counted up the number of days . There seems to have been a significant reduction . 15. b.. and I make it twenty seven. I don't know precisely. in numbers.. Correct these sentences. 18. Unemployment figures are low / small but inflation rates are high / big at the moment. I can't keep track / a record of how many girlfriends he's had since I've known him. The numbers of students studying Latin has fallen sharply / heavily in the past five years. Which is the most natural-sounding answer? Other collocations are in bold type. 17.. 14. Which of these is not a natural collocation? large / big / vast / huge number unemployment / sales / double / price figures 10. 5. 11. 26 . So 512 x 9 + 336. 4. I've lost the count of how many.. and Statistics a. 3. 6. 1. 7. I've been keeping / doing a mental count. work out the answer / figures / money / price / cost / finances a rough guess / idea / estimate / approximation D.. Numbers A. B. for figures. on his fingers. 12. Match the two parts of the sentences. I've had a look at the figures but they don't seem to add up. e. C... How many do you calculate it? 9. 16. 13. I think I've done / made a mistake. c. d. What does that come at in total? 8.. That gives us a total fifteen. but I can make . She's got a good head . an estimate.. 2.. of how many there are.26.

it's bureaucratic c. apply for comply with 12.. Unfortunately there has been an administrative.. regulations governing safety at work. procedure. red tape d. the law once or twice.Thesupermarkets were asked to follow a voluntary.. regulations. Please could you send me the forms I need to The company was very careful to Even the most law-abiding person may 15. fill up the correct procedure. fill in English? for this application.. B.. Please carefully the guidelines laid down in the handbook.To receive the grant you have to a. 2. complete b.Choosethe most appropriate follow verb from the box.To make money on this business. c. error. Keeping careful records should be standard. 1. code of practice. 16. follow should try to reduce a. you sometimes a. comply with _ b. Match the two parts of the sentences..Our company is quite strict about the regulations a. law. take nightmare. my application. c.. It'll take them about a month to 27 . e. move the rules 10. a work permit. Bureaucracy A. get your application in c. stick to the letter of the law a. fill out 7. unnecessary paperwork 9. b.. bend the rules c. do it by the book 11. I would imagine. finish applying C.There're so many forms to a.You have to by 1st March b. d. a.. 13 14. go through 8.27. respect all rules _ c. d. Government departments b. 4. excessive rules have to b. It's a bit of an unwritten. submit your application b. 3. break the rules and expects us to _ c. Other collocations process break are in bold type. 5.Which of these is not natural 6.You have to follow the rules and..

8. If I don't use my MP3 player for twenty minutes.. d. While taking this medicine do not operate heavy .. This safety clip is an essential piece of . 9.. device... 1. Be careful not to touch the wires. To enter the building. If the razor is faulty / wrong. My washing machine has broken / broken down again so I guess I'm going to have to get a new one. Science and Technology A. engine. I had to walk up six flights of stairs because the lift was out of order / service. . 12. 2. 17... c. 19. It's just been tuned / serviced and I can't see anything bad / wrong with it. it automatically disconnects / switches itself off to save / conserve the battery. 3.. 20. My car is quite old so it's getting hard to find spare / exchange parts for it when things go wrong.28. 15. C. 4. 11. 18. the firemen had to wear breathing masks / apparatus. 7. 13. Match the two parts of the sentences. 10. Which is the most natural-sounding answer? 6. I can't understand why the photocopier isn't working / running. equipment. It's a waste of petrol! 14. The machinery is protected by a safety . appliances. The smoke activated / began the sprinkler system and set off / turned on the fire alarms. modern / the latest / state of the art / instant technology 28 . 5. a. machinery. The shop sells washing machines and other domestic . You shouldn't leave the engine working / running. Although the car is small is has a powerful. Which of these is not a collocation? mechanical fault / problem / mistake / failure turn on / turn up / turn over / turn off the power an electric shock / engineer / toothbrush / current technical/nuclear / leading / mad scientist 16. B. e.. or you may get an electric strike / shock. b. you should return it to the producer / manufacturer.

faster if you the programs you're not using. 29 . I havea USB key. online. a. froze up b. boot up b. log down 11. b. because I need it after you.. just If you You can Your computer will trouble downloading files. log out c... a website.I bought it a. 17.Whichis not natural English? 8. went down c.. it all in again . the net e. it may be because the file sizes are too large.. send you an email 10.My son spends too much time surfing . Please You don't have to If you forget to your user name and password. 14..Assoon as I opened the attachment. 2. so it was much cheaper. c. your work and the system the icon. back up click on type close down have open run enter goes down 1. Choose the most suitable verbs from the box. the computer a. email you the internet. b.. Excel files in Word. log off . . get ready _ c. post you an email r don't turn the computer off. 15. Computers A.29. but usually I save my work . to disc.Thismemory key can be used to store up to 4Gb of 16. 3. data. 13. B. crashed C. through 9. start up 12. 5. when you switch it on. d.Thisanti-virus system will give you peace of mind when you go . a. b. Match the two parts of the sentences. If you want to open the program.. on c.Thiscomputer takes ages to a. 4. over c.just cut and paste it from the first document.I'll as soon as I arrive. b. 7.Somespyware makes a record every time you access.When you a. 6. you may lose everything.

Steve. Choose the most suitable word from the box. 1. No. I tried to phone you last night but the _ busy. there's someone on the phone / a phone-caller for you. Which of these expressions collocation? is not a natural 1. 6. but she just slammed the down. I'll send you a text _. Why don't you ring / telephone her up to see how she's getting on? 4. I phoned Dave three times yesterday but he hasn't returned my calls / answered my rings. Excuse me a moment . 6. I tried to phone the company to complain but they put me on _ for ten minutes. I think you've got the wrong _. 7.I need to make a phone 2. so I'll call you later. 5. 7. leave / hold / take / send a message 4. Can I ring you again / call you back? The signal is breaking up / down. 3. was 3. 1. mobile / pay / house / public phone 2. Choose the correct word. sorry. Your phone has got a really annoying ring / ringing tone. Hey. Phil tried to talk to her. 2. dial/telephone / ring / call a number 3. I'm sorry but Sheila's not in the office at the moment.30. Can I give you my home / at home phone number in case you need to get in touch over the weekend? B. My mobile's got a low _. I left a message on Simon's _. C. 8. Can't you change it? 8. Telephones A. put through / miss / ring / take a call 5. I've been trying to connect / get through all morning. 4. Can I pass / take a message for you? 5. The line's still engaged / taken. phone call / box / tone / number 30 .

free moments _ c.she really b. peace and quiet. a break.. sit and relax back 8.1 don't want you to lift a finger. At the moment.. B. I've been working too hard and I need to take . b. 2.Choose the most suitable verb from the box.. relax and sit back b. 4. b. throwing a party c. Le i sure A. 5.. so I hope you can come. himself comfortable.1 think you should try to calm down and a. take the things easy c. Matchthe two parts of the sentences. take things easily .. take things easy people at their ease. a hobby. My doctor's very warm and friendly a. b.Choosethe most natural sounding words or phrases. sit back and relax on Saturday. making a party for a bit. You just a. 6. 1 He was very friendly and made an effort to As she got into the bath she felt herself Sit down and He put his feet up and I've decided to the weight of your feet! to unwind. spare time 7. puts c. 1. b. Rickspends most of his a. no play.31. doing a party 9. 11'm having a weekend at a spa hotel to get a bit of . relaxes C. her life's all work and . a. d. 10. ease.. e. 31 . some time off work to unwind a bit. makes c. Alex and I are a.1 enjoy gardening in my free . 2. relax time in the gym. Change the form of the verb where necessary. 4. time.... Hedecided to take up .. 5. take put start take make me at my 1. c.

This soap opera is one of the most popular a. feature-length broadcast b. a live of the series over Christmas. The film was a. in full format at nine o'clock. b. Choose the most natural-sounding 1. I've seen this film before. The TV programme was made into a movie / feature film but unfortunately miss. a ticket-seller figures in the country numbers are increasing. Who's the channels. _ so you really should see it b. Change the channel b. 14. This is a. There will be a a. an actual 4. 10. then turn that actor? I've seen him in / from a movie somewhere. 32 . TV and rad i 0 A. / connect to the signal. I can't tune in / move the radio to the new jazz station. answer. film-length programme and c. of these expressions is not a natural collocation? / comedy / science fiction / horror movie a low-budget a television 8. Don't just sit there jumping / zapping through the TV off! 15. a cinema success c. Fi I m s. Retune the TV from Wembley stadium. What's broadcasting / on? because the reception's bad and I can't pick up 13. a box office hit B.there's special effects. full-length showing 5. Which are the most natural-sounding 12. A: Do you feel like seeing / watching words? television? B: I don't know. I saw it on / on the TV last month. 9. c.32. viewers for an Oscar. on the screen 2. episode b. programme / show / film / series on the radio / movie / the air / screen a film programme / star / maker / soundtrack mainstream / everyday / independent / art house cinema C. b. on the other channel a. on the big screen a film just starting c. a current c. viewing 6. 17. viewer and was nominated c. Change the station 3. Which 7. it was a box office failure / 16. 11. If there's nothing playing / on. . The movie has fantastic a.

The leading lady made a dramatic. My daughter wants to go 5. 8. 9. After the final curtain. 3. 14. They clapped for ten minutes.Matchthe two parts of the sentences. is not a natural collocation? perform in / act in / do / be in / act a play. again when he goes on. 8. 15... as he delivered his monologue. c. Write the correct words in the spaces. Which of these expressions 9.. The actor stood in 7. so please make sure your costumes are ready. a.. the actors came back to give . It's a full house tonight. 10. the actors took . a bow.At the end of the performance. Patrick Picard gave an exceptionally strong . The play is due to run 4. performance as King Lear. but if it gets bad reviews it may close earlier. but I've told her acting is a difficult . We're going to have a in this production? tomorrow. 13. d. As the actors were taking their the leading lady was given a huge bouquet. The audience gave the play 6. so I hope Harry doesn't suffer from t career to get into. b.Who's playing 2.33. on the stage curtain call stage fright the spotlight dress rehearsal a standing ovation for three months the lead 1. 12. B. 33 .. 11. 16... . Theatre A. 17. put on / open / start / direct / rehearse a play forget / talk / learn / rehearse your lines stage hand / door / lamp / lighting / fright title / acting / starring / leading role opening / love / final/performance scene amateur / stage / supporting / comedy / straight actor C. an encore. entrance in the first scene.

34. Music and da nee
A. Choose the most appropriate
note words

words from the box. Other collocations are in bold type.
tune voice choir albums career _

1. He started singing in the church _____ 2. What's that

when he was eight and he had a beautiful

you're whistling? It sounds vaguely familiar. _ _ and her singing is going from

3. I've got a piano but I can't playa 4. Sing along if you know the 5. She recorded three best-selling strength to strength.

B. Which is the most natural-sounding
6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.


Sing if you must, but please try not to sing out of tune / off the tune. When I was eleven I learnt the violin but I didn't train / practice very often. Just hum the tune if you don't know the words / lyrics. I'm a terrible / horrible dancer because I've got no sense of beat / rhythm. Dan was tapping his feet to the beat / tempo of the music. The violinist gave / made a very moving performance. The band are planning to go on / take a tour in the spring. Joanna has a good ear / sense for music and she can pick out a tune / harmony on the piano after hearing it only once. I'm learning to dance the tango / tango, but I can't find a dance companion / partner. I don't like musicals because every five minutes someone explodes / bursts into song. My son's taken / started up the saxophone, but he's not very talented / good at it yet.

14. 15. 16.

C. Match the two parts of the sentences.
17. 18. 19. 20. 21. He's a gifted musician with perfect ... I've always been interested in rhythm and ... The song has a simple ... It's a track with a very strong ... The 1950s saw the emergence of rock and ...
a. roll.

b. beat.
c. blues.

d. pitch.
e. melody.


35. Art and artists
A. Whichof these expressions
1. 2.

is not a natural collocation?

display / exhibit / hold / show a work of art fine / modern / antique / contemporary / work of art a digital / a disposable / an electronic camera artistic temperament / licence / merit / work colour / camera / family / black and white / digital photo

4. 5.

B.Choose the most natural-sounding
balance composition. the a. freedom 7. Doyou usually a. work in 8. Hewas a very a. gifted creator 9. Thisportrait is a. an accurate look 10.It's just

to help

6.Thecathedral looks slightly different in real life, but I've used a bit of artistic b. licence oils or watercolour? b. paint by with a great gift for composition. b. talented artist c. paint c. permission

c. artistic painter

. The artist has caught your wife's expression perfectly. b. a true picture c. a good likeness

of how the building will look when it's finished. b. a quick study a portrait before 7 b. posed in c. modelled with c. an approximate drawing

a. a rough sketch 11.Haveyou ever a. sat for

C. Match the two parts of the sentences.
12. I'm not trying to compose a perfect photo. I just want to take ... 13. Neiltook out pencil and paper and quickly did ... 14. Thegallery are going to put on ... 15. The portrait will be put on ... 16. I like this painting with the animals in the ...

a. an exhibition.
b. foreground. c. a snapshot. d. a sketch. e. display.


36. Writi ng a nd Books
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Choose the most suitable verbs from the box.
Use a pencil, then you can Keep a notebook with you to The arrangement was never He had to Do you your mistakes. a few notes. writing. up on the subject before his exam. a diary?


put into

rub out

jot down


B. Which are the most natural-sounding words?
6. 7. 8. 9. No abbreviations are permitted in the examination. Write out the words completely / in full. I'm not sure about the spelling. I'll have to look it up / for it in the dictionary. Could you put it into the contract, please? I'd like to have it in ink / black and white. His last novel was a masterpiece but he hasn't written anything new for years. He's suffering from writer's block / stop. 10. 11. I'm afraid we can't order this book for you. It's out of print / publication. I've always wanted to be a novelist but I've never found time to put pen to paper / to write with a pen on paper. 12. Please print your name in block capitals / stamped letters.

C. Which of these expressions is not a natural collocation?
13. a first / best-selling / historical/detective / love novel

14. a paperback / fiction / comic / good / second-hand book 15. long / neat / legible / terrible / childish handwriting 16. original/unpublished 17. avid / typical/general / printed / handwritten / non-specialist reader manuscript

18. book / public / reference / mobile library 19. best-selling / award-winning / master / contemporary novelist


Choosethe right word to complete these expressions. 17.Do. a golf a tennis a football a skating a swimming a running 4. a game of beach volleyball. We beat the match easily. jogging or go? Choose the correct verb. 7. 15. I took a part in the competition. 2. 20. 37 . karate before.37. 12. 10. 5. Example: We made a lot of activities. sailing. We did a lot of activities. 3. Sam'sout with his friends this morning. Change the form where necessary. How much sport do you make? 18. 9. Theother team won us. 8. B. _ On this holiday. Sport A. We did cycling this weekend. a lot of weight-lifting. 11.Correctthe mistakes in these expressions. Is it fun? mountain climbing? a round of golf. you'll have the opportunity to aerobics with a trained instructor or just C. 6. We're off to the leisure centre to He's quite well-built because he I don't want to I've never Haveyou ever squash. if you fancy coming along. court track course stadium rink pool 1 1. 14. It's wet and miserable outside. I find yoga every morning helps me to relax. Hebroke the world's record. 13. 19. 16.

Match the two parts of the sentences. 38 . b. b.. the penalty. _ b.. 17.. Natasha Robertson won . a gold medal. judo and kung-fu are martial a. 16. In the end it was no contest. make you a contest 9. We need three new players to join .. in the top position 12. play you a match with me. The French team finished a. training of chess.. washed the dishes will go through to the final in Manchester. Sport 2 A. residential team . 15. I'll words. 2. in first place swept to victory. activities for a very important race. and the a. He's currently in a. a.. the team. I hoped to beat Simon at tennis but he a.. wiped the floor c. In the last five minutes of the match. 14. The c.. 3. 5. The captain of the football team took . winning team c. 13. c. Which of these expressions 1. victorious team b. the score. a. sports c. practice c. rehearsal 8. d. if you feel like it. b.38. beating team 11. 4. Choose the most natural-sounding 6. a. followed closely by the British team. b.. Harrison scored . b. Karate. local team C. a goal. give you a game b. e. arts 7. is not a collocation? sporting facilities / players / events / activities a horse / boat / leg / motor race baseball / cricket / tennis / rugby team a football / rugby / tennis / golf match score a goal/point / try / match B. home team c. We need somebody to keep . beating the visitors four nil.. in prime post c. cleaned the wall 10.

We had spectacular / spectacle views of the sunset over the sea from our hotel window. natural phenomenon / disaster / problems / resources Green policies / measures / party / environment preserve / protect / keep / damage the environment barren / countryside / dramatic / urban landscape endangered / fragile / environmental/coastal habitat C.. 18.. We walked slowly through the thick / dense forest. chain.. Our company aims to use environmentally friendly / harmless methods of food production. you feel much closer to nature / the nature. The resort is within easy access of both secluded rocky / rock-covered coves and long sanded / sandy beaches. Insects are an essential part of the food . Whichare the most natural-sounding and the environment answers? 1. We need to develop new forms of renewable . 7. 6.The deforestation and unsustainable development / building of the area over the past twenty years has led to irreparable injury / damage to the environment.. a. of the natural . living in the country. world. 14. habitat. 8. 12. 2. The views of the snow-peaked / snow-capped mountains breathtaking/ surprising. and rolling green country / countryside are 4. energy.. B. Tom and Julie stopped for a while to admire the view / enjoy the landscape. 20. 17. The burning of fossil fuels leads to global .. f.The flora and fauna / fauna and flora of this island are unique.. b. c. The government is promoting sustainable .. warming. 16. The sight of these animals is one of the wonders 19. 11. 9. e. 5. . It's important to preserve the otter's natural.. 13. 39 . Nature A... 15.Whichof these expressions is not a collocation? 10. development. Matchthe two parts of the sentences. d. 3.39.

She gave a large donation to an animal a. nature c. animal park c. 13. He has three large dogs. I prefer to see animals in a. Geoff's a real a. animal lover c. a litter of 5. 16. 7. wild animal area 12. animal kingdom / instinct / planet / rights savage / wild / endangered / domestic animal wild / mythical/savage / horrible beast alive / living / innocent creature 40 . the polar bear is now in a. a pack of 6. welfare 9. Choose the best answer to complete the sentences. I don't like zoos. pet fan rather than stuck in little cages. help _ b. 17. Unfortunately. five cats and at least seven rabbits. What a. for 11. danger of extinction 10. a swarm of 3. a herd of 4. as was set up in 1979 to help protect the habitat from poachers and other threats. breed organisation. the wild b. the fresh air C. 15. is it? b. wildlife park b. like c. Animals and birds A. species c. a. I like your dog. a plague of B. I don't think it's a good idea to keep an ostrich a. make 8. Which of these is not a natural collocation? 14. endangerment b.40. risk of extinction a pet. a flock of 2. protection c. The b. b. Complete these expressions kittens wild dogs _ _ _ _ _ _ bees seagulls locusts elephants 1. c. pet lover .

organic / dairy / agricultural/arable farm farm produce / animals / crop / worker cereal/potato / record / sheep crop 3. growth damage c. 2. 14. at t 7. Theland has been a. b. Sow a farm all his life. 16. free range chickens c. He'sworked a. Increasingly. b. b. a. farmyard chickens 10. Organically grown c. fields 13. Mr Harcourt has been a. fruit and vegetables can be sold for higher prices than those produced using chemical fertilisers nd pesticides. harvest loss pigs for many years. Grow the seeds in April. grape / bumper / good / full harvest growing / fertile / barren / rich soil B. Drop b. 4.Thefamine was caused by a. b. open air poultry instead of factory-farmed animals. in rows at least 15 cm apart. a a. 15. growing 11. Biologically farmed b. corn harvest the plough the stable the milk the bring in the _ _ _ cows _ _ 41 . due to the low rainfall.Choosethe most natural-sounding 6. 17. grown heavily with heavy use of fertilisers. in c. Agriculture A. crop failure 12. 5. breeding across the region. intensively farmed c. cropped extensively 9. consumers are choosing to buy a.41. Whichof these is not a natural collocation? 1. b. word or phrase. c. Green grown C Choosethe right word to complete harvest horses these expressions. harvesting c. on 8.

Complete these expressions. Which word or phrase does not make a natural collocation? 18. 9. 16. 14. weather 19. 8. I want to watch the a. in all the weather 42 . 3. 12. 15.42. 4. b. 5. a clap of a bolt of a drift of a drop of a ray of a gust of sunlight snow thunder rain wind lightning B. 6. in all weathers c. a light wind light rain of these weather expressions? Choose from these adjectives: a heavy / strong wind heavy / thick rain a high / thick covering of snow a strong / hard frost a light covering of snow a light frost C. 13. struck _ c. a hail/wind is not possible? / snow storm a strong / persistent / light drizzle a cool/warm / weak / gentle breeze / big / strong wind a high / south-westerly heavy / weak / bright / strong sunlight torrential/pouring / flowing / heavy rain a hard / strict / severe / cold / mild winter D. 1. 17. The emergency services are on call every day. 10. The weather A. The building was a. Which of these weather 11. weather programme by lightening during the thunderstorm. b. electrocuted 20. whatever the weather b. hit on TV to see if it's going to rain tomorrow. What's the opposite 7. 2. weather forecast c. a.

small-time / dangerous / minor / hardened criminal break / uphold / abide by / smash / bend the law B. 14. Whichof these expressions is not a natural collocation?'s outside / against the law. 7.The two men are wanted May. 4. 19. Will the brutal murderer strike / hit again? Find out in the next episode of Murder at Midnight. C. 16. law and rules and drinking and ROD RE GUTIORELANS INGVRID MNTPUNSHIE NGTENREI SBBROER crime and breaking and cops and 43 . 10.A background check revealed that the suspect has a criminal record / history. Doyou realise this is very / highly illegal? 15. 15.Thejudge took into account several earlier / previous offences. 5. 9. in connection with a gun / an armed robbery committed on Friday 23rd 11.You can't just walk in and help yourself 14. Complete these two-word expressions using the jumbled letters.Choosethe best word to complete these sentences. 8. . 12. 18. Crime A.43. 13. 6. 2.We have reason to believe that you did / committed the crime. 17. commit murder / robbery / stealing / burglary rob an old lady / a bank / a million pounds stolen property / things / goods organised / small / petty / serious crime major / minor / criminal/serious offence 3. Other collocations are in bold type. Hewas caught on camera for a speeding / speed offence and had to pay a hefty fine.

44 . my lord. A: How do you _ the defendant? Guilty or not guilty? B: Not guilty. B. _ against / about him in the trial. _ 3. you are innocent until proved / known guilty. If you don't pay me what you owe me. The judge dismissed the case due to _ evidence. 8. 8. 2. 1'11_ you to court. of 5 across. Other collocations are in bold type. He _ innocent. Don't touch anything at the place / scene of the crime because we need to take 2. seven years for armed robbery. so they _ caution. Pu n ish ment A. a verdict fingerprints evidence of an offence in custody investigation a fine an arrest 1. 5 down. It took the jury all day to reach _ . 3.44. and choose the best words from the pairs. The police are currently doing / carrying out a thorough 6. The accused was held until yesterday. I hope the fine will _ him off with a him a lesson for what he's done. police will shortly be able to make 4. The accused _ 7. sentence and ordered her to pay 5. 4. Even when you are accused . Complete the crossword. With some / any luck. 1. Write the correct words in the spaces. His wife decided she didn't want to give 7. 6. my lord. but in the end they found / decided him guilty. evidence at the trial. The judge sentenced the prisoner to_ imprisonment. but has now been released with / on bail. The judge decided against a custodial/imprisonment _______ instead. More than twenty witnesses _ 9. It wasn't a serious offence. A man in his late fifties is _ police with their enquiries.

so I doubt it's going to I'd like to an advert in the classified section please. newspaper miles coverage b. the headlines.45. reporting live c. 15. 12. Thisis Kerry McDowell. unique news c. The story opened / broke while the politician was away on holiday. Theenvironmental conference was given considerable a.Choosethe most suitable verb. media 5. a first-person report of the minister's resignation. 16. b. a. Thisis RadioAvon. b. As soon as the royal engagement was announced. The news of the scandal hadn't broken / started when the newspapers went to print / press last night. a. 8. a. out twice monthly. exclusive story 6. a. the latest news b. the newest events 3. Choose the best word to complete these sentences. the most recent stories c. did 2. but it's still an important issue. an eye-witness report b. Journalism A. Thestory for days. you a news flash.livereporting from Beirut. Until it folded last year. Whale hunting hasn't been in the news / important news much recently. an at-the-scene story c. 14. An important role of detective / investigative journalism is uncovering corruption. journalistic attentions c. 10.ln the paper tomorrow. bring make run come place 7. the a. filled and the News the national news and the village was filled with reporters b. 45 . reporting alive _ 4. made c. 13. Choosethe best word or phrase. the magazine used to We interrupt this programme to C. 9. 11. 1. unique story B. Webring you from the scene of the explosion. bringing you throughout the day. her picture was allover the first / front page for weeks. It's only a minor story. The paper decided not to the story about the dead donkey.

go into B. 14. b. make a vote on it The government have promised to a. They couldn't agree on what to do so they decided to a. the gap between rich and poor widened considerably. hold a vote 3. Only 8% of the candidates a. party politics politics last year. enter c. standing for election politician. Write the correct words in the spaces. Which is not natural English? 1. The party came The Socialist Alliance party won The army have staged in 1983. 12. Ms Robertson made the decision to a. fighting for position 4. running for office were women. put it to the vote 2. hold an election _ c. right wing c. 11. c. and there have been no free elections since then.46. and seized power. 10. if they think it will benefit them. in the next election. but 15% voted against. hold a referendum b. b. the proposal. in last April's elections. local politics 6. 8. government politics c. Gerald Forbes has decided not to stand as The government may decide to call an early Under of President Menzies. c. Politics A. left wing 5. b. take a vote on it in May. She is a well known a. join b. centre wing _ b. 13. without the support of big business. general election a military coup in favour of a candidate to power in power a landslide victory the leadership 7. 9. He's always been very active in a. The party could not have remained The majority of ministers voted 46 .

erupted in 1872. Assoon as the ambulance arrived they administered . Theaccident at the chemical factory has led to fears of harmful . emissions. dry times 11.. Thevolcano last a. amazing / struck c. but managed to survive each b.. It's immoral to waste water on swimming pools and golf courses in a.··r·~~· -. e. Thedoctors were unable to stop the sweeping . Therescueservices have been forced to take desperate .. emissions / warming 15. If the river bursts there will be heavy . times of drought after the recent earthquake. happened / people 14.. c. By time. . first aid. 47... d.. .. there are fears that the area may suffer from famine. a desperate state c. g.. Disasters ~~'. b. 7. 2. coincidence he was a.'_~8f b.. Match the two parts of the sentences. reduction _ 10. took place / population from short haul flights is one of the causes of global b. brought c. Dueto this year's crop a. f.. 4. causing widespread panic and destruction of property. c. destruction.Choose the best words or phrases to complete 8. 6. epidemic.. Thegovernment have called a. b..... gases / heating up by lightning five times. 5.. called out . an emergency period to assist with the problem. flooding. summoned 13. exploded .. went off 9. failure these sentences. drought.. Theemergency services have been a. measures.. After many dry months we are experiencing a severe .. Thehurricane caused widespread . periods of dryness c. 1. pollution / heating c. b.. surprising / attacked b. B. A. appeals for aid met with an amazingly generous response from the c. b. unusual/got 4] . After the disaster general _ b. a state of emergency 12. 3.. struck / public a.. disaster c. Theincrease in carbon dioxide a.-". ~~~' . ~~ ~ a..

If you smell gas don't turn on the lights or a./ flame. The land is bone dry at this time of year and the grass can easily a. strike a match as this might ignite the escaped gas. The arsonists were charged with a. your chicken will be a. b.they are a. extremely burnable c. a light c. 6. go on fire 8. c. A fire a. burnt to the ground 7 b. before the fire 16. Other collocations are in bold type. went up on fire 10. went up in flames c. setting fire to 13. stubbed out b. stopped 9. stopped out r 11. burned his cigarette and went into the restaurant. a. highly flammable 17. b. He b. Be careful with these chemicals . There was a fire in 1756 and the house and all its contents a. Before he left the house. by the chimney c. igniting _ c. 4. turned out _ c. 7. 5. burst out b. b. b. Excuse me . a fire 15. 2. Which of these expressions is not a natural collocation? a forest / roaring / camp / home fire a naked / fiery / flickering flame a third-degree / horrible / nasty burn fire office / service / brigade glowing / red / smoking embers burn. catch fire the fire and raked over the embers. lighting b. burnt to a cinder 14. broke out 48 . Choose the best word or phrase to complete these sentences. turned black c. put out b./ fire-proof B. Fire A.48. very ignitable in the night and destroyed the contents of the warehouses. take fire _ c. a flame watching the glowing embers and flickering light. stamped out c. use a matchbox 12. 1. he a. start a match several barns in the neighbourhood. She sat b.Have you got a. by the fireside _ a. If you don't watch that barbeque. 3. came out c.

. 8.. e. I've got a really runny .bone/ powder / drip / dust dry Choosethe most suitable word from the box. cloth. Ifthe summer is as dryas the spring we will have another water lack / shortage like last year. Water Choosethe best word to complete these sentences . river. This creamwill soothe your skin. 49 . leaving it moist / damp and supple. 6. d..dripping/ pouring / soaking wet 12. I don't want to go out in the pouring .. Yourdonation will help to provide clean water supplies / provisions for a whole village. I need to get something to The boat sprang a After your workout try cranberry juice to Therewas a steady from the tap.fizzy/ sparkling / gassed / still mineral water . 5.. Could you fix that dripping ..crystalclear / ice-cold / snow-cold / lukewarm water 11. rain.. tap? Whichof these expressions is not a natural collocation? 10. a.. B. it's much more interesting. He looked down at the fast-flowing . your thirst.. b. 9. Match the two parts of the sentences. soaked through / to the skin / wet flood/ deep / river waters 5. Althoughit's slower to get there on water / by sea than to fly.. 7. c. . Clean it with a damp . quench drink drip leak I'm parched! as we were crossing the Channel. nose.49.

The lights are b. the birds all around the house started to sing. We sat together. As dawn a. up c. 15. b. dropped c. During the storm we were suddenly a. broke into complete darkness. plunged _ b. Keep the plant out of a. on C. walking in the park in the moonlight / under moonlight / by the light of the moon. Choose the best word or phrase to complete these sentences. 16. looking out across the sea at the falling / rising / setting sun. Which of these alternatives is not a collocation? 1. b. 3. direct sunlight c. a shooting / twinkling / flashing / falling star a ray / shot / beam / flash of light in the dark / daylight / the shadows / nightlight brightly / well / darkly / dimly lit dazzling / blinding / shiny / brilliant sunlight 14. 4. b. The restaurant has a warm and inviting atmosphere with classical music and a. dark lighting in his study . in the shadows . 50 . The robberies were committed a. in the shadow 10. In the fading / failing / going light. b. straight daylight 7. It was very romantic. sent 8. 6. I'm getting too hot so I'm going to sit a. soft lighting 12. 5. 17. Light A. strong sun _ b.he must be still working. The light isn't good / strong / hard enough to read by. happened _ 11. Which of these expressions is not a natural collocation? 13. under the dark under these trees. in the shade c. weak light a. I can't see a thing! It's pitch black / dark / night in here! B. illuminated c. I could just see the boat sailing away from me. 2. started c.50. in the dark 9. under cover of darkness c.

I dreamt / had a nightmare about zombies last night. woke up with a start b. Sweet dreams! now. A: I'm off to bed now. get an early night c. You look worn out! You should a. go to sleep I was just a. C. in front of a boring movie when you called. thanks! I last night. 13. Sleep A. I can hardly keep my eyes open! B: _ b. a. had a sleepless night. sleep heavily 9. I don't think I can stay awake any longer. What's the opposite of these expressions? Choosefrom these adjectives: sweet 1. a deep sleep / a 4.51. I'm going to a. Sleep well! a. slept like a log c. A: Are you OK? You don't seem able to stop yawning today! B: I last night. answers? Don't drive or operate machinery while taking this medicine as it may make / send you drowsy. b.Jim's making / having a catnap. 14. a light sleeper / a 2. I woke up with a start and then I couldn't get / fall back to sleep again. fastasleep/ 3.All the expressions are natural collocations. A: You look bright-eyed and bushy tailed! Did you sleep OK? B: Yes. c. nodding off _ b. baddreams / light heavy wide sleeper awake sleep dreams B. go straight to bed c. had a bad night. c. dropping off 7. a. get some sleep c. 12. Don't wake up! 8. going to sleep 6. Whichare the most natural-sounding 11. turn in for the night b. but which one of eachthree is not suitable for the situation? 5. 51 . had a nap b. was dead to the world 10. Don't turn the music up too loud .

Which are the most natural-sounding answers? 7. This type of mushroom emits / gives off an unpleasant smell of rotting meat. 9. smell.. 18. The pack of fox hounds lost . It's really strong and full of mould . a delicate scent / fragrance / stink of pine needles the rich aroma / odour / scent of freshly ground coffee the pungent smell / perfume / stench of the fish market a weak / slight / bitter aftertaste a faint hint / flavour / aroma of expensive perfume the bland flavour / taste / savour of mashed potato B. / full-bodied taste. 5. there's no accounting / counting for taste.. Could I have the sweet and sour / sour and sweet pork ribs. the flavour. flavourings. Match the two parts of the sentences. Most dogs have an alert / a keen sense of smell. which makes it an 11. 4. f. with a portion of rice? 13... This drink contains no artificial . C..52.. 19. This Spanish wine has a beautiful colour and a whole-bodied excellent accompaniment to red meat dishes. 3. 14. You can't be enjoying those raw shellfish! Still. c. I love this blue cheese. Which of these expressions is not a natural collocation? 1. which is why they are sometimes used for hunting truffles. the scent. b. Since my cold I've lost my sense of . taste buds.. Our delicious appetisers will tickle your . Tastes and smells A. I caught / smelt a whiff of something delicious being cooked coming from the window as I walked 10.. a. 16. This delicious spice really brings out . 2. d. You smell nice / well! What perfume are you using / have you got on? 8..maybe a bit of an experienced / acquired taste. please.. 12. 6. 20. You're wearing / carrying too much perfume You're smelling / stinking the place out! 15. 17. 52 .

. b. pointed me forwards b. did b. a face when he tasted the bitter coffee. made traffic cop raised his hand. signalled goodbye we asked if the hotel was going to open. eyebrows. tongue. face.waved his head andJuliesat in the cinema a. b... the best answer to complete these sentences. e. beckoned me over a verb from the box. ____ to ask about my homework. sniffedthe farmyard air and screwed up her ... He just Whenshe got the good news she was He Shesat down and Thechild fell over and immediately Comeon everybody! Tap your feet and his shoulders. shook his head c. c. signal.. d.53. a. holding hands caughtsight of Jim and a. rudeto stick out your . a.waved goodbye as his train pulled out of the station. b. c. her legs. from ear to ear. hand-holding c. gave a goodbye sign _ c. into tears. gave _ c. holding their hands him a cheery wave. Change the form of the verb where necessary. gesture. your hands in time to the music! 53 . stoodon the platform and a. heardthe bad news and pulled a . gesture. the man just a. make burst clap shrug grin cross When I asked for directions.. Gestures the two parts of the sentences.. giving us the stop b. shoutedat the other driver and made a rude hesaw the figures he raised his . gestured me forwards c. nose. signalled no _ b.

19. The waiters were going backwards and 21. I heard the sound ... slowly up to the bird table. of footsteps behind me. 15. 2. The children ran headlong 10.. Match the two parts of the sentences. with the music. of these alternatives does not sound natural? morning instead. they The cat into a run. b. into each other. underfoot. 12. f. e. 5.. 11 . d. The cows had trampled the flowers . 8. 17. Choose a word from the box.. just a gentle Henry We confidently into the room.. Movement A. C. He shook his head from side to _ _ _ 54 . into the river. Let's have / go for / take a run tomorrow Sara went on a long / brisk / fast walk to clear her mind. certain that all eyes were upon him. without buying anything. a. With a splash. He stood in the doorway. as if rooted / planted / glued to the spot. When he saw the guard had left the cell door unlocked. Elizabeth picked her way .54. when the weather's better. break dash stride wander creep for it.... aimlessly around the department store. he fell head first. 18. Be quiet and remain / keep / stay absolutely still! They walked barefoot / with naked feet / barefooted across the beach. 6. 4. Which 1. 9. in the country. 14. over the rocks. Change the form of the verb where necessary. he made a When the deer saw him.. stroll 13. I'm not suggesting we go for a hike. B. Complete the sentences. 16. The soldiers marched in time . 7. D. c. 3. The wheel went round and 20. He stamped / trod / tiptoed carefully down the stairs. taking care not to make any noise.

but this time in Ifyou don't get Take . 55 .The book charts the star's meteoric . pace.. 11 ... Thejourney time is much less on the high-speed". f. Speed Writethe correct words in the spaces. b. rise to fame.. Theysauntered along the path at a leisurely . . g. when he noticed what time it was. as it reached the station. 12. d. it's not surprising that you make mistakes. Hequickened his Let'swatch that goal again. _ 3. Themotorcyclist rode at breakneck . train. to try to get to the airport in time.Complete these two-word 9. a. recovery. reply. top speed pace You're breaking the If you do everything in a move on your time a halt slow motion speed limit a hurry and there's a camera up ahead. expressions using the jumbled letters.55. B. During sleep we experience rapid". e. speed.. eye movements .Thank you for your prompt .. . 10.. Hewas driving at Thetrain slowly ground to we're going to be late. 13. c. LYURSE slowly but quick and fast and little by step by Y E SA SOUFUIR TLEILT PEST Matchthe two parts of the sentences .. ! You mustn't hurry things in yoga .

. I can hear you loud and . We couldn't listen to / hear ourselves think. The city was filled with strange sights and . The children were doing / making a lot of noise... It's driving me crazy! C. He was shouting at the top of his neighbourhood. The problem of noisy / loud neighbours is a common one. 15.. It's nice to get some peace and . Which are the most natural-sounding 13. Look! A herd of deer: Don't make a _ _ The noise of the builders was so loud I had to block my Kenneth is getting a bit hard of This washing machine really makes an awful Could you turn up the My neighbours listen to their TV at full . 11... please? We're trying to get some sleep! They sat in silence / quiet as they waited for the taxi to arrive. The tray of glasses fell to the ground with an enormous crash / squeak.. The noise of the engine was deafening. 17. 10. clear. d.. B.. b. every evening. 3. please? I can't hear it. 9. 18. quiet. of the sentences. volume peace blast ears voice racket 6. 20. Yes. 19. I need to get out of all the hustle and . 5. 56 . so speak up when you talk to him. 4. The audience fell / turned silent as the speaker made his way to the front of the room. a. and shattering the of the 7. crash. The saucepans fell down with an almighty . when it goes into its spin cycle. bustle. Match the two parts 1. .. 14. Choose the most appropriate sound hearing word from the box. 2. Could you reduce / turn down the music. e. Sounds A.56. 12. c. 16. 8. sounds. answers? I can't hear what you're saying over the noise / sound of the music.

your head off 10. c. hechildren screamed T a. coughing and spluttering b. made c.Heemerged from the water.Duringthe lecture. a cry c. 6.There's need to scream no a. he breathed a. Shouts. He let out / had / heaved a sigh. block ____ a. I cried my eyes out / like a baby / myself to sleep / sadly. a shout a huge cheer. 13WhenCraig finally got back to the hotel. with _ b. Do something about itl c.Choosethe best word or phrase to complete sentences. sound 12. henthe singer appeared. 4. Turn b. I had to a. loudly trying to get some sleep. b. a sigh b. scream b. 3. made c. 8. stifle coming from the house next door. c. did 15. Theyscreamed with delight / relief / fear / pain. gave delight when they saw their Christmas presents. groaning and moaning b. on'tjust sit there D a. A. let out I I can hear you perfectly well! b. a. herewas the noise of a gun and we heard a piercing T a. 2. noisy voices 8. 14. please -I'm b. shouting voices c. Put 11. moaning and groaning c. for c. cries and whispers is not a natural collocation? She'sgot a hoarse / loud / booming / big / squeaky / high / deep / silly voice. Shehas a smoker's / rough / noisy / hacking cough. b. b. spluttering and coughing c. noise . Keep _ c. raised voices a blood-curdling scream. 5. Whichof these expressions 1. their 16. your tongue out your voice down. the audience W a. splutter-coughing 57 . a.Whenshe saw the body she a.57. cut these a yawn several times. moan groaning of relief. did 9.

12. B.58. 9. 58 . 13. I think we should write a letter of complaint to the company. 3. 10. that he might be leaving the company quite soon. I had / made an interesting conversation with Sarah about her family. us a story before we went to sleep at night. 4. 16. Choose the best words. 6. going. six languages like a native. Excuse me. talk in the cafe over the road. a statement command 8. What on earth are you talking on / about? 17. Say. I couldn't get a word in I saw Tania and Claire having a Dave dropped Jim made an effort to keep The government has issued He's got a good fluently. tell or speak? Choose the right verb. 19. Don't be afraid to speak Could I have edgeways heart to heart the conversation your mind a word a hint and tell him what the problem is. about the crisis. 2. Write the correct words in the spaces.she ______ jokes. 1. 14. _ I wanted to start a conversation with her but I couldn't think of anything to Jessica isn't very good at Our grandma always used to Hilary is a natural linguist . then. please? at length about the plans for the new building project. but it wasn't easy. 7. 5. 15. Professor Jenkins gave / did a speech about the origins of the language. Bye. 18. Words / Speak to you later! Don't talk / say anything about the party to Simon! It's going to be a surprise. with you in private after the meeting? _ Laura simply never shuts up. Could you The chairman me the time. 20. of the language and speaks it C. changing the form where necessary. Speaking A. 11. personally.

but it's been blown up out of all proportion. . I don't like it. Tobe honestly. on elderly ladies. There'san element / aspect of truth to the me on this / for this! liar / compulsive deceiver and I wouldn't trust / believe her further than I 59 . I'm not interested in your guesswork. Hewas a con man who obtained loans under / with false pretences. Which the most natural-sounding are Hetold me he was a multi-millionaire. He told me a lie. You told me you'd finished but it was an absolute / a barefaced lie! Thisisn't going to work . I don't believe a word of it. honesty lies deception word excuse the facts truth and lies __ 1. Totell the true. for it. It's a pack of I think you should stick to Hewas famous for practising We only have his Do you think there's any 3. answers? I can't believe I accepted / fell for it! I can't honestly / truly say that I know anything about the subject. so I'll make up some Correctthe mistakes in these expressions. I don't want to go to the party. I'lltakeyour words for it. Shegave me her solemn promise / true word that she'd give me back the money tomorrow. 2 In ali t I don't think we can finish the building job in time. She'sa pathological could throw her.59. Truth Choosethe most suitable words from the box.Thetruth will come in eventually. He said me a lie. I don't know. 1. in his story or is he making it all up? or other. and it doesn't seem likely to me.

B. 10. Charlotte's got a. a pleasure in the man. 2. to your liking c. I can't a. started a fancy 9. about to each other. 15. 3. which didn't He I couldn't beach. a weakness for c. He's got a real passionate for the outdoor life. 60 . down well with Suzy. stand the sight of 11. Jessicawas always very fond a. I'm not going. 6. b. of children.60. If Wayne's going to be there. b. 13. Correct the mistakes in these expressions. but they seem to have a. for your satisfaction b. 4. He mentioned his ex-girlfriend. grow go have take feel resist 1. b. taken a liking c. This film will appeal at children of all ages. They only met last week. Choose a verb from the box. I'm very keen for the idea. 14. nothing but contempt for people who drive large gas-guzzling cars. 8. Change the form of the verb where necessary. It gets to my nerves! It gets on my nerves! 12. It holds little attractiveness for me. bear the face of c. Li kes and d isl ikes A. Choose the best word to complete these sentences. tolerate the looks of . They've never really hit them off together. quite attached to this car. a passion about b. sir. I hope that the room is a. 16. so I'm not surprised she became a teacher. towards c. Example. I've always a soft spot for Simon. I've ______ an instant dislike to the place. the temptation to have one last swim before we left the 5. begun an interest chocolate in all its forms. 7. of your pleasing C.

C. 5. cool. 61 .Choose the most natural-sounding answer. 8..61. sweetness and light. c.. 5. He seems to be in very good . tell him you like his suit. feelings. mood.. words? Do you ever sense I get the feeling that you're being watched? It's sometimes difficult to outlet I express your feelings in a foreign language.Willyou two just stop your arguing right now! I'm a. 7. I'm not really in the spirit I mood for it. Don't worry about him. It gets on my temper I nerves. When she said she was leaving he jumped I flew into a jealous rage. 12..he's always so a. Moods A. tired and sick _ 3. 14. He's always in a bad . 13. spirits. a. It'll really cheer him I make his day! I can't stand this music. cool and collected b. b. 6. calm. light and sweetness and feelings b. 7. I don't want to hurt your . I'm full of admiration for the way you held I kept your temper at the meeting. 6. Whichare the most natural-sounding'll just have to a. atmosphere. I don't feel like going to the cinema tonight. 11. d. calm and collected B. _ 1. bear and grin it 4. Nothingseems to bother him .Matchthe two parts of the sentences. 2..Onemoment she was shouting and the next she was all a. 10. You're in a good spirit I mood! What's brought that about? He's got very strong I hard feelings on the subject of national identity...1 don't care if you don't like it . Go on. grin and bear it _ b. of it.. The place has a warm and friendly . sick and tired b.

good mind _ b. She's 94. good sense 5. b. Ideas and intelligence A. 6. 11 This book of quotations is a collection of the wit and of the ages. I've thought hard and long about it. It's a difficult job and you need a. brainless c. I hate to thinking what might have happened! 8. mindless b. Choose the best word to complete these sentences. your thoughts 3. We racked our to come up with an answer to the problem. 62 . your brains c. clever head about you to get it right. b. He had the a. had c. your wits a great idea. Correct these sentences. 12. made to call the police as soon as he noticed something was wrong. Choose the most suitable word from the box. C. smart brain c. I'll have a thought about it and tell you what I decide. sharp mind 2. 7. wisdom mind intelligence brains hindsight 10. b. Come on! Use the brains! 9.62. 14. c. thoughtless B. I admit that I was wrong. Don't take any notice of him! He's a man of very limited and no manners. Tell me what you think about it. but still has a a. good brain activity. 13. It crossed my that we'll have to book our tickets soon. With the benefit of . done 4. Putting hundreds of letters in envelopes is a a. 1. I've a.

is not possible? b. an encyclopaedic c. I haven't a clue. It'sbeyond my comprehend. Your guess is as good as mine. 6. I really couldn't say. I don't know a thing about classical music. C. blissful 2. B. of 14. the house has no major structural problems. I'm conscious 4. I'm aware. Example: 5. happy . Your guess is so good as mine. Choose the most natural answer to complete 11.A: Where are my keys? B: _ a. f. Whichof these expressions 1. Ishouldn't's more his department knowledge / area of expertise. I think you should consult Professor Dainty on this subject . I remembered / learnt it by heart at school. I know of a fact that it's true. I know this poem really well. e. 15.63. I haven't got the faintest knowledge! 7. A: Isthere a problem with the computer system? B:Not as far as a. 13. b. a big a. I know. I haven't the faintest idea! d. I've no idea. Howmust I know? 9. I have no knowledge.Hewas living in a. It's a real gap / space in my knowledge. an extensive 3. To / For the best of my knowledge. 63 . I know precisely / absolutely what you mean. Knowledge A. A: Do you understand? B: Yes. total ignorance of his neighbours' criminal activities.Correctthe mistakes in these expressions. 10. c. c. I haven't the foggiest! b. Don't ask to me! B. these sentences.Mariahas and Ignorance c. _ b. 12. knowledge of the subject of medieval history.

C. 8. You remember me of an old friend. 18. 13. It seems like yesterday for me. Example: It's worth bearing in mind. 16. 3. Choose the most natural answer to complete these sentences. doesn't it? 4.64. and forgetfulness Correct the mistakes in these expressions. I brought his T-shirt back as a _ to the courage of all the men who fought so bravely of my holiday. I've got a good memory of faces. I memory note memorial souvenir blank reminder of when I need to p 7. It's worth bearing in the mind. but then something you said jogged / awoke my memory. 15. 17. He committed all the irregular verb forms in English to 9. I vaguely / slightly remember meeting him about ten years ago. I understand / recognise the face but the name escapes / avoids completely slipped my brain. I'd completely forgotten her name. 64 1 . Phil will be able to tell you. I tried to remember where I'd met him but I drew a 12. 2. Choose the most suitable word. I made a mental to ask Pete to bring the book in for me tomorrow. This monument will serve as a lasting 10. I think I saw him in the office. Memory A. 6. _ 11. Come to think it. 5. We were looking at some old photos and the memories came flooding / running back. 1. 14. Sorry I forgot . It serves as a useful them. I put all my bills on a notice board by my desk. B. Now that you say / mention it. He's got a photo / photographic memory. This music carries it all back. you're right.

minds my doubts C.Rewrite the sentence using the words in italics.. I'll pay you back tomorrow 2. What? Me go to her party? I don't think it! 16. I'm expensive.1'11 come at 7. you lock the front door when you go out. what happened. I'm afraid I 4. No way! That's never going to happen after a million years! 15. This is without the doubt the finest meal I've ever eaten! 17. 10. B. 13. on second thinking. Are you sure there's absolutely 6. We're still undecided. They gave us a of it happening again? that the goods would be delivered today. I have a mixed feeling about your suggestion. I'd like to. 18. 12. Write the correct words in the spaces. Certainty A. 65 . I'll let you know tomorrow for certainly. about moving house. 11. Actually. firm promise make sure and uncertainty have no idea I doubt it in two minds no doubt without fail no chance whatsoever _ 1. about it. but moving is so 5.65. I'll come at 7. second thoughts doubts make up . 8. I'm a little suspicious of him.. I'm almost certainly going to Paris. Correct these sentences. 9. 14.30. She'sunsure about the plan. 7.I'vechanged my mind. A: Will you be here tomorrow? B: very much. This is the best restaurant in town. 3.

Take the pick. collocations are in bold type. I don't want to influence you. a say in the final stages. I don't want to question your judgement. 8. The committee hasn't made / done / reached / arrived at a decision yet. I'd get a job working in the travel industry. Choose the best verb to complete these sentences. You can have any of them. 2. 3. I'd like to 10. I can't really decide what to buy. Do as you decide / wish / see fit / please. After all. I need to weigh up the pros and the cons. 4. A: Do you want me to pay by cash or cheque? B: I don't mind. Correct the mistakes in the underlined expressions. Choices and decisions A. It's your choice / option / decision / call. It's up for you. He really knows his own brain. There's not much in it. _ 9. lean choose pick make (x2) have (x2) 7. any job he wants. I'd say there's nothing to choose among them. Which of these alternatives does not sound natural? 13. it's a big decision to 11. I've been thinking it over and at the moment I'm 12. 5. 1. 17. 66 . there's not much in there. Change the form if necessary. You don't need my advice. Example. B. C. It's not much of a choice. A: Is it better to buy a cheap car new or more expensive car second-hand? B: It's six of one and a dozen of another. but do you think that was a wise / sound / good / judged decision? 16. 14. Both apartments are very nice. A: Is it better to go by bus or taxi? B: In terms of time. We'd like to move house.I can't wait all day. but we're taking our time. Don't just stand there . but I'm going to go with / select / opt forI pick this red jacket here. He's so well qualified he can and towards getting a new job.66. 15. If I up your mind which one you want the option. Even though it's mainly your project. 6.

. 14. down the middle... wholeheartedly b. 13. B: I couldn't _ a.. Match the two parts of the sentences. 67 .. amicable agreement c.They'vedecided to separate because of irreconcilable 4. hardly c. more agree on this. 15 We failed to reach . agree more IO. amiable agreement 1.Choose the best phrase to complete these sentences. same opinion. agree less c. and the students agreed a.I'm sure we can come to some a.67. came towards c. an agreement. b.Alec and Isabelle don't see eye to 3. I'm afraid. Agreeing A. reached _ 2.After hours of arguing. to disagree. b. I think we are of the . 17.Foronce. on this matter.Theclosure of the hospital was a very controversial 7.. c. friendly agreement an agreement on the proposal. b. d. _ _ 6. We really need to break . B. The committee was split . b. strongly 9.1haveto take agreement differences argument half way eye and Disagreeing with you on that. the deadlock. I'll meet you 5. I found myself in with David. e. Choose the most suitable word from the box. _ 2. perfectly c.1 a.They've had a terrible and offer a five per cent increase. firmly disagree with Helen's cost-cutting suggestions.. A: I think we need to extend the deadline for this. I think we have to agree .. decision issue 1.. a. 16. joined b. absolutely C. The teacher suggested having the lesson outside. 8. they eventually a.

. 4. Where do you _ 8. 11. 3. I think we should cancel the order. 6. Which of these expressions is not a natural collocation? 1. your opinion! 5. Correct these sentences. on the issue of taxation? your opinions to yourself. What's your opinion about this? 9. If you asked me. Don't be afraid to speak your _ 2. I think you should _ 68 . it's a work of genius. Opinions A. Let me know what you think for it. of opinion on the subject. express / say / give / state an opinion reach an agreement / a compromise / an opinion / a consensus take the attitude / the opinion / the view / a stance public / personal/in my / popular / usual opinion have a good / bad / high / low / favourable opinion of . B.. 7.68. opinions on that subject. Personal speaking. Choose the most natural answer to complete these sentences. 1. 2. I the view that children should be seen and not heard. They've had a _ 3. 7. 6. As far as I'm concerning. C. I didn't ask _ about this. As I'm seeing it. it's a load of rubbish. 5. _ opinion is easily swayed by the media. 10. we've got to act now or it'll be too late. She has very _ 4. 8.

make for this weekend. S. so let's make it the week after. Something has come up.69. booked up 1.1 needto control my diary to see if that's OK.Doyou hold a reservation. I lookforward to see you then. fix a date c. make 9. note down S. occupied b. Are you freed this evening? Are you free this evening? 1. order c. do arrangements for someone to come and water our plants while we're away. redo 4. Weneedto a. we can make it later. seating arrangements i.1phoned the hotel but they're a. organise 10. b. b. I'm pretty for most of next week. table arrangements for the meeting. take care of a date for the delivery. and arrangements Correctthe mistakes in these expressions. Choosethe most natural-sounding word or phrase to complete the sentences. b. and we'II a. a. but if anything comes up. sir? 2. table plan c. shall we? a. do a date c. write up for the wedding reception. c. if that's OK to you. please.Let's c. get a date 69 9 . WouldTuesday be any good with you? 7.I'm going to have to a. b. full c. pencil in b. at 3. organise all the arrangements for your hotel. b. 6. reorganise the meeting for Tuesday. complete . fully booked I'm afraid.I'dlike to do an appointment. b. set 2. Howabout the Monday 11 th? B. Letme know when you're free. Weneed to a. postpone c. 4. 8. b.I'm not very pleased about the a. Meetings A. set c. fully reserved my appointment. Friday 2 o'clock then. Mysecretarywill a.

We need to all pull _ with the local council. The theatre. B. Which are the most natural-sounding answers? 9. Worki ng together A. Listeners are asked to contribute their programme. working in the arts centre. It was a united force / combined attempt / joint effort. 5. C. Workers went on strike across the country to show with the miners. solidarity part effort project ideas partnership differences together 1. . The mural in the school playground was a collaborative teachers all working together. 12. A: Did you do up the whole house on your own? B: No. Fire fighters and local residents worked arm to arm / side by side / hand in hand to save the building from fire. 14. 10. I've been asked to take in a survey on telephone habits. Tom was working on it. Which of these expressions 15. have improved the parking facilitiesfor to tackle this problem. parents and 2. 18. The history department joined a force / teamed up / made a team with the archaeology department to put on the exhibition. I'd like you to move / get / turn into groups of three and talk about the subject together. is not a natural collocation? a unanimous answer / decision / agreement / verdict a joint project / cooperation / venture / account sleeping / mutual/business partnership / management / equal partner / winning / dream team 70 . 11. The successful applicant will be active in the day by day administration / day to day management/ daily organising of the sales department. 16. 8. James collaborated with Steve on the 4. 13. We need to work together to settle our 7. _ on any of the issues discussed in the 6. Write the correct words in the spaces. too. 3. with pupils. 17. The thing that moved / brought / pulled them together was their love of music.70.

winning company B: He passed with flying colours! c. 15. There're always losers and winners / winners and losers in every game. success story 7 b. c. b.Thenew restaurant business was a real a.Theother team were much stronger. Which of these two versions sounds more natural? 13. Success A. It was difficult to begin with. c. roaring win c. pa~ 11. This match is make or break / break or make for the team . she deserves all the success she has 3.Hewon a prize for his outstanding a. 14. but it all a. go success. 71 . strong in last April's elections. The production of Romeo and Juliet was a a. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. At last we're home and dry / dry and home. boom story 10. 4.1 you every success in your new jobl us hands down. results . succeeded well 7. _ 2. You've worked hard and wish have make beat good progress in the last few months. by a narrow margin. A: How did your son's exam a. b. was a hit c. b.Although they were elected.. The Liberal Republican party won a a. with record profits in the first year.With her application and hard work. Change the form of the verb where necessary.I think the party a. Choose the most suitable verb from the box. went really well . vast C. landslide victory c. happened well _ these sentences. win 1. and they 5. spectacular 12. made a big hit in the end. The business is going from worse to bad / bad to worse. successes c. huge success b. b. achievements 9.Choose the best word or phrase to complete 6. 16. the party only B. turned out OK 8.71.

3. Former World Chess Champion James Woods accepted the Russian opponent after just seventeen a. 7. We nearly sold the house. did no good b. 9. Sometimes it takes a brave man to a. If we don't manage to do it this time. not being successful for the lost treasure. a complete and utter whatsoever. weren't useful at the last minute. Frankly. a full and total c. c. an absolute and total 8. 16. flopped defeat. admit the _ c. 15. then all our hard work will for nothing. Unfortunately. 14. admit 11. 2. 1. They searched a. after it lost a contract recently. going nowhere 12. through no fault of my own. failed c. confess to b. c. Failure A. Sophie and Mike's marriage started to go wrong / die / fall apart after the birth of their first child The meeting was a total rubbish / fiasco / waste of time. I think that building that bridge was a. fell through b. Which of these alternatives does not sound natural? The play was a complete / total/maximum disaster and closed after only two weeks. unsuccessfully . unavoidable C. 6. 4. 17. b. Choose the best word or phrase to complete these sentences. Trying to get the stain out wasn't a success story / didn't work / was a waste of time. didn't work waste of money.72. I tried those tablets but they a. inevitable moves. but the sale a. vainly c. b. rise and sink or hit and by trial and _ _ _ _ LAFL MWIS SMSI RERRO 72 . 10. have been in vain / lost time/ 5. Complete these two-word expressions using the jumbled letters. inescapable b. in vain b. The factory is threatened with bankruptcy / closure / closing. moving nowhere c. and surrendered to his 13. the negotiations are a. B.

as it happens / by a fortunate her the day before yesterday. in my coincidence fortune ::~----------------------------~ 1. 16.Whichof these expressions is not a natural collocation? 11.You can set your Mp3 player to play tracks in any order you choose. Is there any chance / opportunity of getting a day off next week? coincidence. 12.Hisacting career was going nowhere. C.73. 18.As luck would it. _ 8. When they offered me a trip to New Zealand.more by opinion. 3. 15. a missed / lucky / golden / once-in-a-lifetime a stroke of luck / good fortune / fate a chance of destiny / in a lifetime / in a million / meeting tell / predict / say your fortune a lucky guess / escape / opportunity / break / good opportunity 13. 2. Write the most natural-sounding : I random opportunity n ity words in the spaces. Choosethe best word or phrase to complete the sentences.Sheleft the party very early so I didn't get a 9. I ran / jumped at the chance. we all arrived at exactly the same time. It's funny you should ask about Jenny because.Theoffer of a year's work in Paris seemed like a golden _ that happened to be right. I didn't really know the answer at all . but then in 1977 he got a lucky 10. guess chance fate luck break have than judgment. 14. 20. to speak to her. By a strange twist of 7. It was completely deliberate. 17. By a stroke of good t it was the same car that we had sold years before. or completely at 6. Cross/ Fold your fingers and with any good fortune / luck we should have some better weather next week.It was no that Jim chose the seat next to Emma. Luck. _ 5. B. Thenew business has been reasonably successful . cha nee and opportu A. 1opened the book at exactly the right page. I met was just a lucky 4. Wish / Give me luck! I'm going to take my driving test tomorrow. 73 .

have run 1. Choose the most suitable and solutions verb from the box. After starting I don't well.74. a setback when their star player was badly injured. so don't worry about it. Call me if you I've You've into a few difficulties on the project. We're faced with the difficult / tricky / nasty problem I think that he's heading for problems / disaster / catastrophe. I'd like to clear up . it all began to horribly wrong. 74 . 2.. 5. 20. This forces us to take desperate . lost your passport? That's going to Iife difficult. than a help.. e. d. 11. for everyone. 19. 8. I'm sure we can find / do / come up with / work out a solution C.. I'm afraid. f. c. problems. I never got into . out the problem before you get back. Change the form of the verb where necessary. The company does not sound natural? money recently. b. 18. go be suffer put sort make a problem.. trouble at school. 7. 14. 15. The road works are making / presenting / causing problems What's up / the matter / down / with Karen? to this problem.. There are no easy ... 16. you to any inconvenience.. 13. measures to resolve this.. Which of these alternatives 9. a problem that's been bothering me. B. 17. You won't We'll try to The team a bother to anyone. 12. 4.. has run into a few problems / difficulties / troubles with It puts me in a very terrible / awkward / difficult position. due to health . of how to reduce our expenses. 3. answers to this problem. 10.. a.. You're being more of a hindrance . want to 6. Match the two parts of the sentences. Bill took early retirement 21. Problems A.

b. Storiesabout the mysterious appearance of the ghost differ closely / strongly / widely. 9. 10. find 12. the same path c. I can't tell one against the other. much difference c. Thisshop-bought cake a. The gleaming new skyscrapers contrast suddenly / a lot / sharply with the shanty towns that surround them. I can't tell / say / know the difference between this cheap wine and the expensiveone. Try and c. but their habits are pretty similar / alike / close. move from b. 14. 15. is from other writers in this genre. departure from 75 . 4. They live in different countries. We've got a lot in common for each other. 11. change of c. there's a. different in the world between them. 6. 8. 1.There's a near / strong / heavy similarity between this book and the last one shewrote. spot 13. bears no resemblance to the homemade one you made last week. He bears a striking / pointed / crucial resemblance to the portrait of his great grandfather.Although these two watches look very similar. 2. apart c. close resemblance their usual style.75. carries c. 5. Similarity and difference A. Example: They are exact the same.The new organisation was run along a. I can't tell from them apart. B. a wide difference 16.Hiscreativity and his imagination set him a. The brothers are two of the kind. similar lines 17.Correctthe mistakes in these expressions. 3. notice a. all the difference to the old one. in contrast b. Choose the most natural-sounding word to complete each sentence. C. Choosethe best word or phrase to complete these sentences.The band's new album is a bit of a a. 12. b. b. They are exactly the same. It's much the same than it ever was. 7. the difference between these two pictures. b. We're at the same wavelength.

TV advertising can exert a strong . No good can come from it. 16. 9. not because I was suspicious of him. We can't pullout of the deal without good . a hidden reason 2.. cause of the problem. Picasso had an enormous . consequence on c.. 8. e. c. We're safe.. There are several possible explains for this. an ulterior motive c.. a.. I only opened the letter a. b. effect on 6. a. make c. 17. Correct the mistakes in these expressions. b. C. 76 . Ca use a nd effect A.. impact on the art world.. Choose the best word or phrase to complete these sentences. The council's decision may have far-reaching . There's no cause for a concern. do the other pupils. longer consequences 3. but in fact he had a.. 10. It's necessary to treat the underlying . Lucy said she wanted to leave but she didn't a. behind 4. grounds. further effects b. 13..76. reason. Bill took early retirement on health . The b. out of a reason. consequences for local people. from B. influence on younger viewers. e. in c. about c. Example: It stands in reason. 15. 7. 12. He claimed that he just wanted to help. thanks for you. c.. What are the reasons a. _ 1. b. 14. out of b.. Match the two parts of the sentences.. That's the reason of why they argued. give 5. His teachers felt that he was a bad a. It stands to reason. wider implications the closure of the hospital? b. 11. influence on curiosity. a secret purpose of this discovery have not yet been considered. d.

1. 3. She's changed _ all recognition! 77 . Match the two parts of the sentences. of stability in the stock market at the moment. change around here at the moment. . e. c. The exchange rate varies from .Well. The whole place is in a state S.. day to day. of flux. change your personality / house / colour / places with C. to the contract. 6 down.. We need to _ 7. The old sports stadium was transformed . a.. for the better. d. from the past. Which of these expressions is not a natural collocation? 7. 4. radical/complete / new / dramatic / sudden transformation / big / large change 11. Let me know if you _ 2. b.She felt she needed a break . 1. a subtle / sudden / gradual/quick 12. bring about / do / cause / make changes 10.77. 3. into a state-of-the-art complex 6. man. This _ back now! a change from being at work! some changes around here. He made a few adjustments . Complete the crossword.. changeable weather / story / climate / personality 9.. He came back from India a S. There's a _ 4. It's _ your mind.. f. Cha nges A. You've brought about a change . a change of heart / scenery / direction / love 8. B. there's no _ 6 across.. 2..

then. -. I've told you time and . Don't spend / take all day' It's time to go! C.. 13. 3. 1.. 17. 2. These watches are very reliable. time again. we'll_ 18. They _ 21. I'll be there at nine o'clock on the . d. 21. 6.. b. now. 17. I'll probably do it sooner or . Write the missing words into the grid. Choose the most natural-sounding word to complete the sentences. Ti me 'I ~ ~ ---':~. What time do you _ 19. the next train should be arriving by / in a few minutes. If you don't hurry up. 16. later. 18. c.. 19.78. perfect time. Sorry I'm late. but it's Ok for the present time / the time being. never in a million years / all time! his month. Don't worry about the future -live for the here and .. 10. a. I lost of the time. 15. It's nice to get into the countryside every now and . According to the timetable / As the timetable says. e. If you'll be quiet momentarily 9. dot. 11. I always _ ages to get ready in the morning. 4. 20.. Which of these expressions is not a natural collocation? 12. I'll tell you. 16. 7. 20.. 14. A: Would you ever go there? / for a minute. We're going to be working to a very tight schedule / hard timetable 8. Match the two parts of the sentences.. ~ A.. The word in grey is the answer to number 21.. 5.. out of time. B. This isn't where I want to spend the rest of my life. B: No.. to pass the / save / lose / waste / spend time to be on / out of / in / with time to go round / away from / against the clock the time of your life / day / year / your age D. The time may _ it? when he wishes he hadn't done that. 78 .

See you the day after tomorrow / the tomorrow of tomorrow! isn't it? It's very warm for the time of year / this season's weather. at the end of She spends her time cataloguing the collection. 3. He just lives from day I've been tidying and cleaning all and I need a break.' I guess it's not that important. I missed the bus and lost my wallet. 4.79. Don't forget that the clocks jump / go forward next Saturday. 7. 10. I suppose. and seasons on end the day Write the correct words in the spaces.Choose the best word or phrase to complete these sentences. 16. Summer's over and the nights are drawing / closing in now. months A. _ _ 1. The house is usually nice and warm. in the coming / winter / next few / soon months seasonal produce / weathers / variations / adjustment in the spring time / summer time / autumn time / winter time a long / wet / clean weekend 79 . day in. How much do you pay in rent a month / for one month? You told me the cheque was in the post but a month has finished / gone by and I still haven't received it. Whichof these expressions is not a natural collocation? 17. C. 20. 15. 13. I only work four days in a week / a week. 19. 12. those days a time to day day long day out after day _ _ . 11. . I think we should take it one day at He sits and reads his books for days Well. 14. 2. even in the depths of / the heart of winter. He doesn't plan for the future. 5. Days. It's a great apartment. 8. It's going to be one of Day you just sit there on your sofa feeling sorry for yourself! B. 6. 18. 9.

Which word or phrase is not a suitable collocation for the situation? 8. It's only a party. go! c. Our holiday was a disaster from start to . first thoughts _ my name and calling me Suzy. from the outset _ b. On your marks. or it'll all end 15. steady. f. The end is 17. Beginning and Ending 1. I read it from beginning to .. He pressed the 'off' button and the machine slowly ground _ 16. In the beginning c. a. So if all the athletes are in their places now a. This company is a supermarket first and . 2. c... A. from the kick-off _ b. B. 3. make a good beginning C. First of all c. I never really liked him. b.. It'll be nice to finish the project once and . . initial reactions 12.. Stop playing with those matches. I'd like to hear your a. right from the start 10.. go! to the plans. He kept forgetting b.80. when all's said and .. First and foremost 9. we're home and . Maybe we should begin at the . so who would like to get the ball rolling? b. e. d. g. I'd like to welcome you all to the fifth annual meeting. I've early finished painting the house now. end. get off to a very good start b. a. 6. foremost. Match the two parts of the sentences. 7.... 3. 4. finish. 5. get set. dry. Go! 11. 2 1.. Ready.. beginning. Once we've finished this. for all. done. early ideas c. The first signs of spring are here as winter draws _ _ 80 . Write the correct words in the spaces.. a. I suppose I might as well watch this awful movie to the 14. in tears to a halt in sight bitter end to a close 13. so we didn't a.

11 a.25 usual/special. 2 on. 8 9 wearing / carrying 14curly hair. 11 directions. 3 disease. 11 put on. 18 plate. 6 doing / put on. 14 helping 15strong. 14a. Everyday activities key 1getting. 3 holiday. 4 on / management. 2 goes. 5 high fever 6 take. 8 clean. 17 a. 16 watch. 12 meal. lOb. 7 b. 17 huge. 16 night.2 ambulance. 9 directions.Answer . 15 look at. 8 direction. 12 get. 3 serious illness. 10 dish. 7 had. 7 scruffy / make. 20 get your hair cut. 7 have. 12 13 do. 17 crooked teeth 1a heavy meal. 5 taxi. 2 age. 6 have. 17 e. 5 house. 9 transport / get around. 5 health. 15 on the move c. 19 speed 7 out / leave / included. 26 got into. 19 chips 1way/ show. 8 b. 4 diet. 16 broad shoulders. 18 c 81 . 16 c. 4 in / average / full. 14 check. 13 take / had 1 headache. 10 had. 5 sweet wine 6 a. 12 non-stop. 9 c. Health and Sickness 1severepain. 22 typical of 23 have for lunch 24usual. 4 by foot. 20 a direction.14 on. 13 bite. 21 made a terrible mistake. 6 recovery Getting Around 1travel. 2 minor injuries. 11 there yet / not far.7 directions. 3 a mild curry. 8 takes. 27 regular. 28 break Physicalappearance 1 looks/ dress. 17 leave 18answerthe door Imocl(ing. 15 dry skin.2 a travel. 10 my way. 9 dressed. 10 comb. 3 going. 11 course. 12 b 14fork. 5 make. 9 taking / getting. 11 take. 15 b. 18 saucer. 8 get / take. 3 out of bed. 15 pepper. 18 d. 19 it gets dark. reservation booked / 9 order. 4 still mineral water (also: fizzy / flat mineral water). 5 features / adopt. 4 go. 17 butter. leg. 12 direction a. 19 b. 6 car travels/ off / packed / go. 2 stale bread. 16 vegetables. 4 low temperature. 3 unfit. 10 directions. 6 home / convenience.

5 held. 14 having. 18 terms. 2 close. 12 spade 0: 13 send. 8 remain / complete standstill B: 9 small-haul. 6 seat / in advance. 11 nice to me C: 12 make. dependent C: 10 breakfast. 3 enormous. 10 duty free. 16 d. Public Transport A: 1 office / booked. 10 give C: 11 works / serious. 15 terms. 3 madly. 13 b. 14 c. 9 given. 7 long B: 8 Keep in touch. 3 take off / get in / time. 11 a. 13 pull. 21 love 82 . 9 Make yourself at home. 11 embark. 11 mountains. 10 of yours. 16 having / to. 3 warm. 4 spoilt. 20 a two-hour drive A: 1 11. 7 observe. 11 a. 6 sour. 2 a lift. 18 give c: 14 have. 8 an expectant B: 9 b. lOb. 13 b 16 raise. 15 strongly / relationship. 18 c 10. 3 gets. 16 a. 8 honeymoon. 14 struck up. 2 a. 19 marriage. 13 life. 4 reception. 12 control. 6 experiencing / fastened. 7 city. 3 d. 8 do. 9 happy B: 10 couple / just. lOa. 13. 5 distant relative. 15 have. 2 immediate. 13 romance. 18 fasten. 20 tale. 17 a. 12 b. Driving A: 1 clever. 18 getting. 16 doing. 4 yourspeed B: 5 doing. 2 last / miss. 4 b. 14 going out. 17 start. 6 go. 6 runs. 17 c 9. 12 d. 3 at / on. 5 fast / stop. 7 made. 19 taken 12. 19 in. 16 run out of. Friends and colleagues A: 1 high. 5 strong. 7 gave. 5 e B: 6 guest.~ Answer key OJ « VI ~ c 8. 6 toasted. 15 booked. 15 brought. 5 return / outbound. 2 wedding. 17 get involved / broke up with C: 18 bride. 8 holiday. 13 suitcase c: 14 b. 4 left / stopover. 8 fare / journey B: 9 d. 7 next of kin. 9. 4 get to / change. 15 e. 4 wide. Love and marriage A: 1 had. 17 gets behind the wheel. 12 opposite. 11 first sight. 14 stuck. 15 e. 19 casual 14. Flying A: 1 delayed / technical difficulties. 17 sitting. 12 a six mile tailback. Holidays c. Families A: 1 large / an only. 17 a bad. 2 go through security. 7 terminal / crossing. 16 relations.

9 d. 12 b. 4 keeper B: 5 go / ordering. 11 a c: 12 lay.Answer 15. 9 out of stock / order. 6 take B: 7 doing. 8 pick up. 7 at. Housework A: 1 d. 10 standing in a queue. Shopping A: 1 usual. 7 b. 6 round / hunting. 14 stores / shopping / independent. 6 b. 17 d. 18 b. 2 d. 4 a. 4 e. 3 send. 19 lose. 2 a good job. 4 studying. 5 c B: 6 d. Others: home 18. 5 d. 3 good / relevant. 13 indoor. Youth and age A: 1 b. 9 do. 8 a. 13 at / reading. 11 do. 12 an object. 15 conducted c: 16 study. 16 hang. 5 got. 8 b. 2 b. 5 b B: 6 b. 14 natural. 13 tender. 14 untidily c: 15 d. 8 b. 3 workers. 15 prime. 19 c 21. 3 shopping. 13 a. 18 b. 4 job. 10 b. 11 child key c: 12 ripe. 10 b c: 1 redundant. 6 b. Work 1 A: 1 the office. 6 d. 7 officer. 12 holders / farmer's market. 6 living. 2 department. 11 purchase / exchanged. 7 b B: 8 content. 7 done / shopping days. 2 do. 11 summer. 5 manager. Work 2 A: 1 b. 13 do. Houses and housing A: 1 d. 2 for a shop. 5 b. 17 a. 14 hand in. 10 apply B: 11 b. 2 c. 4 b. 9 b. 8 salary 83 . 3 c. 20 c 20. 5 a. 16 c. dropped out of. 8 get. 18 b 22. 4 company. 2 e. 18 get 19. 9 c. 3 c. 15 c. 14 make. 20 lower 17. Clothes and fashion A: 1 b. 3 a. 12 taking. 16 e. 7 b. 8 done. 5 non-stop. 15 items / express C: 16 e. 4 c. 16 new-born 16: Education A: 1 started. 17 make. 14 b. 3 a. 6 position. 4 a. 10. 3 b. 9 work. 18 read. 17 a. 19 a. 7 a. 17 clear. 10 b B: 12 and 17: house. 2 d. 7 c B: 10 fashion. 10 new. 9 section. 15 draw. 13 traders / outlets.

Computers A: 1 enter. C. Money 1 A: 1 b. 11 b. 5 have. 19 borrow 25. 14 e. 9 a total of fifteen C: 10 big. D: 15 do. 17 a 24. 3 b. 16 currency. 3 made. 12 follow. 12 working / serviced 29. 8 do you make it?. 17 take out.Answer 23. 12 b. 3 b. Money 2 A: 1 c. 9 c. 18 expand. 14 comply with. 9 pay in. 7 a. 3 d. 3 back up / goes down. 9 a. 8 pay on. 4 e. 15 a. 16 b. Business key A: 1 make. 15 c. 16 get into. 13 a. Science and Technology A: 1 c. 11 opened. 14 switches itself off / save. 5 doing B: 6 national. 15 low / high. 17 turn over. 16 mistake. Bureaucracy A: 1 d. 10 broken down. 7 payoff. 15 apparatus C. 13 with / healthy 15 economy. 20 instant 11 activated / set off. 17 d 84 . 7 run / close down B: 8 a. 16 b. 8 a. 9 a C: 10 cost / increasing. 4 click on. / wrong. 13 apply for. 7 d. 2 type. 6 open. 11 price. 7 spare. 14 b. 9 order. 4 a. 18 engineer. 4 c. 12 a c: 13 c. 2 doing. 16 process 28. 18 track 27. 10 pay by 14 heavily 12 waste. 2 a. 13 running. 5 c B: 6 I've lost count. 17 income 26: Numbers and statistics A: 1 d. 2 e. 7 come to. 11 change / exchange. 10 a. 2 e. 8 shock. 4 make. 10 c. 8 trade. 4 a. D: 14 fortune. 4 c. 19 technical. 9 deal. 2 a. 13 can't afford. 5 d B: 6 faulty / manufacturer. 15 break. 5 b B: 6 b. 11 c C. 3 a. 2 e. 3 b. 12 money. 5 a B: 6 pay with. 10 take up C: 11 c. 8 b. 17 keeping. 12 down / get. 7 friend. 13 approximation D: 14 made. 16 sharply. 5 b B: 6 c.

13 doing. 18 a. 3 for three months. 15 comedy c: 16 c. 4 words. 13 ear / tune. 12 playing. 6 c B: 7 comedy. 5 a. 2 line. 4 made. 15 long. 4 a. 10 done. 12 c. 5 a standing ovation. 12 lamp. 9 block. 19 b 34. 17 d. 2 start. 15 e. 10 b c: 11 d. 13 acting. track B: 7 play. 6 the spotlight. 3 receiver. 3 an electronic. 14 a. 8 b. 8 curtain call B: 9 act. 3 hold. 8 battery c: 1 house. 16 b 36. 3 ring. 9 go. 11 a C. 9 c. 18 feature / failure 33. Films. 10 start. 10 a. Telephones A: 1 engaged / get through. 8 a. 2 dress rehearsal. 9 movie. 14 the tango / partner. Sport 1 A: 1 course. 2 antique. TV and radio A: 1 b. 19 e. 16 in. 13 tune in / pick up. 21 a 35. 7 voicemail. 3 take. 2 telephone. 16 taken / good c: 17 d. 7 it up. 3 b. 5 hold. 6 message. 11 everyday c: 12 watching / on. 8 does. 5 tone 31. 5 keep B: 6 in full. 5 pool. 10 programme. 10 beat. 5 camera B: 6 b. 11 to put pen to paper. 8 film. 10 print. 17 on. 5 returned my calls. Leisure A: 1 put. 7 a. 2 jot down. Art and artists A: 1 hold. 2 call you back / up. 14 performance. 4 work. 8 black and white. 18 book. 3 note. 8 home B: 1 call. 19 master 37. 3 stadium. 12 go on. Writing and books A: 1 rub out. 7 stage fright. 15 e 32. 7 practise. 20 b. 11 talk. 9 terrible / rhythm. 14 fiction. 15 bursts. 11 gave. 12 c. 7 b. 5 take B: 6 c. 4 take. 2 court. 16 printed. 6 someone on the phone. 13 b. 12 block capitals c: 13 love. 2 c. 8 words. 11 gone. Theatre A: 1 the lead. 7 ring. 17 typical. 2 tune. 4 rink. 4 number. 15 zapping / on. 3 put into.Answer key 30. 4 ring. 18 c. 9 b. 13 d. Music and dance A: 1 choir / voice. 5 albums / career B: 6 out of tune. 4 on the stage. 4 read. 14 go / do / play 85 . 14 a.

5 flora and fauna. 7 served. 16 flowing. 2 crop. 10 c. 8 in custody / on B: 1 let. 15 regulations. 13 against. 7 c. 13 a C: 14 planet. 2 leg. 3 sheep. 2 a million pounds. 14 environmental c: 15 b. 4 golf. 12 b. 20 e 40. 19 took part in. 19 c. 5 match (a try is from rugby) B: 6 a. 6 minor. 10 c. 17 b 39. 8 heavy. 5 down life. 5 major. 16 f. 14 highly. 7 spectacular. 15 horses. 7 c. 17 alive 41.Answer key C: 15 won the match. 16 cows. Agriculture A: 1 agricultural. 4 rain. 5 growing B: 6 b. 19 c. Animals A: 1 seagulls. 9 b. 11 c. 6 pleads. 15 committed C: 14 order. 6 locusts B: 7 b. 12 b C: 13 corn. 14 big. 5 across lack. 7 smash B: 8 speeding. 10 b. 20 beat us 38. 8 a. 2 admire the view. 3 any / an arrest. 16 a. 8 b. Punishment A: 1 scene / fingerprints. 5 carrying out / investigation. 14 c. 3 snow-capped / countryside / breathtaking. 18 We went cycling. 16 horrible. 16 driving. 5 sunlight. 17 harvest 42. 19 robbers 44. 9 strike. 4 rocky / sandy. 4 full. 3 take. 13 weak. 9 find 86 . Crime A: 1 stealing. 2 a verdict / found. 17 do you do. 17 d. 3 elephants. 10 an armed. 3 tennis. 4 of an offence / proved. 3 things. 2 lightning. 11 environment. 2 teach. 9 thick. 13 countryside. 20 c 43. 8 gave. 11 c. 3 snow. Nature and the environment A: 1 thick. 12 previous. 4 small. 2 bees. 6 evidence / against. 14 fields. 17 strict D: 18 b. 17 punishment. 15 e. 15 savage. 11 a. 9 nature B: 10 problems. 16 the world record. 5 wild dogs. 15 heavy. 12 keep. 4 kittens. Sport 2 A: 1 players. 8 a. 4 helping. 12 strong. 8 development / damage. 9 c. 18 entering. 12 b c: 13 d. 9 b. 10 hard C: 11 wind. The weather A: 1 thunder. 6 wind B: 7 strong. 18 a. 7 custodial / a fine. 6 friendly. 11 record.

13 b. 14 investigative. 2 wide. 14 a. 5 f. 2 b. 12 sweet and sour. lOb. 12 the leadership. 14 b. 8 b. 15 broke. 3 c. 17 shiny 51. 6 a B: 7 to power. 15 dust 0: 16 drink. 13 a. 9 c C: 10 snow-cold. 4 moist B: 5 d. 9 a. 2 going. 14 shot. 6 e. lOa. 2 d. 7 a. 6 e.Answer 45. 8 c. 20 a 10 full-bodied. 9 b. 9 caught. 6 c. 13 broken / press. 5 flavour. 15 acquired C: 16 c. Sleep A: 1 heavy. 17 f. 19 b. Politics A: 1 c. 13 gives off. B: 7 run. 11 pouring. 11 bring C: 12 front. 7 c. 16 a. 2 supplies. 15 nightlight. 7 a. 11 accounting. 17 c 49. 4 b. 3 horrible. 13 wet. Disasters A: 1 c. 5 c. 4 office. 12 c. B: 6 b. 11 a. 8 a keen. 4 weak. 2 a. 10 come. 6 c. 11 a. 8 make. 9 a military coup. 12 having. 12 gassed. 13 in 47. 3 light. 3 a. 14 had 52. 8 c. 4 under moonlight. lOa c: 11 make. Tastes and smells A: 1 stink. lOa. 12 c C: 13 flashing. 12 c. Light A: 1 hard. 14 in favour of 11 general election. 18 quench. 8 a landslide victory. 18 d. 14 river. 16 in the news key 46. 9 b. 9 place. 13 get. 15 b. 11 b. 9 a. power. Fire A: 1 home. 14 87 . lOa candidate. 4 c. 5 night 16 darkly. 5 a. 15 b 48. 8 a. wearing / stinking. 3 perfume. 4 g. 3 falling. 17 leak. 2 fiery. 6 savour B: 7 nice / have you got on. 6 burn B: 7 c. Water A: 1 shortage. Journalism and the News A: 1 b. 7 b B: 8 c. 2 odour. drip 50. 3 by sea. 4 sweet B: 5 a. 5 red. 3 b.

3 say. 5 word. 4 planted. 8 a. lOa. 3 the facts. 13 a. 9 f. 14 c. 12 b. 10 racket. 7 sound. 18 crash. 13 the conversation. 2 d. 7 speaking B: 8 your mind. 8 a halt B: 9 surely. 21 side 55. 17 f. 18 a barefaced. 4 resist. 20 about 59.Answer A: 1 key 53. 5 sadly B: 6 c. 17 hear. 17 clap 54. Shouts. 3 a. 18 wandered D: 19 round. 4 b. 2 d. 14 made. 9 a word. 14 a statement. 10 To be honest. 12 e C: 13 dash. lOa. Gestures c. 20 forwards. 8 a. Speed A: 1 speed limit. 18 d. 13 honestly. 16 under. Sounds c: 13 noise. Likes and dislikes A: 1 had. 12 a hint. 12 little. 7 c. 7 excuse B: 8 tell the truth. 7 b. 11 b. 2 lies. 6 truth. 5 c B: 6 voice / peace. 19 g. 11 c. 13 grinning. cries and whispers A: 1 big. 2 a hurry. 15 pathological 19 on this liar / trust. Movement A: 1 take. 9 b. Truth and lies A: 1 honesty. 60. 2 go. 16 burst. 2 spoke. 15 b. 14 solemn promise. 17 element. 3 e. 9 take your word for it. 2 had. 20 b A: 1 b. 10 c. 8 ears. 6 with naked feet B: 7 d. 3 stamped. lOb. 9 hearing. 11 heart to heart. 16 silence. 11 volume. 10 easy. 19 say. 17 had. 13 step c: 14 e. 9 a. 18 Speak. 8 c. 5 remain. 11 furious. command 10 edgeways. 16 a 58. 16 c. 4 e. 16 stroll. 15 c: 16 gave. Speaking A: 1 tell. 15 a. 11 will come out c: 12 fell for. 6 feel B: 7 a. 4 telling. 12 blast 56. 11 c C: 12 shrugged. 15 crossed. 19 noisy. 6 your time. 3 took. 4 deception. 3 rough. 14 broke. 15 crept. 7 top speed. 5 tell. 17 strode. 20 making 57. 5 a B: 6 a. 15 turn down. 3 pace. 6 speaks. 14 fell. 4 slow motion. 5 a move on. 8 b. 11 b 88 . 2 fast. 9 b. 4 relief. 5 grown.

C; 12 attraction, 13 keen on, 14 passion for, 15 appeal to, 16 hit it off


61. Moods an feelings A: 1 b, 2 a, 3 b, 4 b B: 5 d. 6 c. 7 b, 8 a C: 9 get, 10 express, 11 kept, 12 flew, 13 make his day, 14 nerves, 15 mood, 16 strong, 17 mood

62. Ideas and intelligence A: 1 a, 2 c. 3 b. 4 c. 5 a B: 6 long and hard, 7 hate to think, 8 Use your brains, 9 have a think C: 10 brains, 11 wisdom, 12 intelligence,
13 mind, 14 hindsight

63. Knowledge and ignorance A: 1 b. 2 b, 3 a, 4 e B: 5 couldn't say, 6 faintest idea, 7 ask me, 8 should I know, 9 comprehension, C: 11 gap, 12 To, 13 area of expertise, 14 precisely, 15 learnt
10 for a fact

64. Memory and forgetfulness A: 1 think of it, 2 for faces, 3 brings it all back, 4 slipped my mind, 5 remind me of, 6 to me. B: 7 reminder, 8 memory, 9 memorial,
10 souvenir, 11 blank, 12 note 16 photographic, 17 flooding, 18 jogged

C: 13 vaguely, 14 recognise / escapes, 15 mention,

65. Certainty and uncertainty A: 1 without fail, 2 make sure, 3 have no idea, 4 in two minds, 5 no chance, 6 firm promise, 7 I doubt it, 8 no

B: 9 I've had second thoughts, 10 She's having doubts about the plan, 11 We still haven't made up our minds / We still can't make up our minds, 12 I have my doubts about him. (Variations are also possible) C: 13 on second thoughts,
mixed feelings 14 in a million years, 15 I don't think so, 16 without doubt, 17 for certain, 18 have

66. Choices and decisions A: 1 It's up to you, 2 choose between them, 3 Take your pick, 4 half-a-dozen, B: 7 make, 8 had, 9 have, 10 make, 11 leaning, 12 pick / choose C: 13 option, 14 decide, 15 judged, 16 done, 17 select

5 own mind, 6 the pros and cons

67. Agreeing and disagreeing A: 1 issue, 2 eye, 3 differences, 4 half way, 5 argument, B: 8 c. 9 a, lOb,
11 c, 12 a

6 decision, 7 agreement

c: 13 d,

14 c, 15 b, 16 e, 17 a


68. Opinions


A: 1 say, 2 an opinion, 3 the opinion, 4 usual, 5 bad

B: 6 I'm concerned, 7 ask me, 8 opinion on this, 9 As I see it, 10 what you think / what you think about it, 11 Personallyspeaking C: 1 mind, 2 difference, 3 strong, 4 for, 5 take, 6 popular, 7 stand, 8 keep

69. Meetings

and arrangements

A: 1 have a reservation, 2 OK with you, 3 check my diary, 4 seeing you, 5 make an appointment, 6 good for you,

7 How about Monday the 11th? (Note: in written English, 'the' is usually omitted, giving 'Monday 11th') B: 8 c, 9 a, 10 c, 11 b, 12 c, 13 b, 14 a, 15 c, 16 a

70. Working together A: 1 part, 2 effort, 3 project, 4 partnership, 5 together, 6 differences, 7 ideas, 8 solidarity B: 9 side by side, 10 get, 11 joint effort, 12 day to day management, 13 brought, 14 teamed up C: 15 answer, 16 cooperation, 17 mutual, 18 partnership

71. Success
A: 1 made, 2 had, 3 wish, 4 beat, 5 won

B: 6 c, 7 a, 8 a, 9 b. 10 b, 11 a, 12 c C: 13 bad to worse, 14 home and dry, 15 make or break, 16 winners and losers

72. Failure
A: 1 maximum, 2 closing, 3 wasn't a successstory, 4 lost time, 5 die, 6 rubbish

B: 7 b, 8 a, 9 a, 10 c. 11 a, 12 a, 13 a
C: 14 fall, 15 swim, 16 miss, 17 error

73. Luck, chance and opportunity A: 1 luck, 2 opportunity, 3 guess, 4 coincidence, 5 random, 6 fate, 7 fortune, 8 chance, 9 break, 10 have B: 11 lucky, 12 fate, 13 of destiny, 14 say, 15 opportunity
C: 16 as it happens, 17 jumped, 18 Wish, 19 chance, 20 Cross/ luck

74. Problems and solutions
A: 1 have, 2 run, 3 make, 4 go, 5 put, 6 be, 7 sort, 8 suffered

B: 9 troubles, 10 terrible, 11 nasty, 12 problems, 13 presenting, 14 down, 15 do C: 16 c. 17 f, 18 e, 19 a, 20 b, d

75. Similarity and difference
A: 1 tell, 2 strong, 3 striking, 4 similar, 5 sharply, 6 widely

B: 7 tell them, 8 as it ever was, 9 two of a kind, 10 on the same, 11 in common with, 12 one from the other
C: 12 c. 13 a, 14 b. 15 b, 16 a, 17 c


76. Cause and effect A: 1 b. 2 b, 3 c. 4 a, 5 c. 6 a B: 7 e, 8 d. 9 a, 10 e, 11 b, 12 c


c: 13 explanations,

14 reason why, 15 for concern, 16 thanks to you, 17 come of it

77. Changes A: 1 e, 2 c, 3 b. 4 a, 5 d. 6 f B: 7 love, 8 story, 9 do, 10 new, 11 large, 12 house C: 1 change, 2 all, 3 lack, 4 changed, 5 going, 6 across makes, 6 down make, 7 beyond

78. Time A: 1 d, 2 a, 3 b. 4 e, 5 c B: 6 According to the timetable / in, 7 tight schedule, 8 for a minute, 9 a million years, 10 the time being, 11 take
C: 12 lose, 13 with, 14 away from, 15 your age D: 16 take, 17 run, 18 make, 19 come, 20 keep, 21 track

79. Days, months and seasons A: 1 a time, 2 on end, 3 the day, 4 day out, 5 to day, 6 day long, 7 those days, 8 after day B: 9 a month, 10 gone by, 11 depths of, 12 drawing, of year
C: 17 soon, 18 weathers, 19 autumn time, 20 clean 13 go, 14 a week, 15 the day after tomorrow, 16 the time

80. Beginning and ending A: 1 f, 2 g, 3 a, 4 e, 5 b, 6 d. 7 c B: 8 c, 9 a, 10 c, 11 b, 12 b
C; 13 bitter end, 14 in tears, 15 to a halt, 16 in sight, 17 to a close


38 Statistics 26 Success71 Talking 58 Taste 52 Technology 28. 22. 23. 8.~ :J 92 . 10 Travel 11 Truth 59 TV 32 Uncertainty 65 University 16 Water 49 Weather 42 Whispers 57 Work 21. 4 Driving 10 Education 16 Effect 76 Ending 80 Environment 39 Everyday activities 1 Failure 72 Families 12 Farming 41 Fashion 20 Index Feelings 61 Films 32 Finance 24. 9.x (1) "'C +-' c U (1) Subject Age 15 Agreeing 67 Agriculture 41 Air travel 9 Animals 40. 8. 9 Punishment 44 Radio 32 Remembering 64 Roads 10 Schools 16 Science 28 Seasons 79 Shopping 19 Shouting 57 Sickness 5 Similarity 75 Sleep 51 Smell 52 Solutions 74 Sounds 56 Speaking 58 Speed 55 Sport 37.25 Months 79 Moods 61 Movement 54 Music 34 Nature 39 News 45 Numbers 26 Opinions 68 Opportunity 73 Physical appearance 2 Planes 9 Politics 46 Problems 74 Public transport 6. 25 Fire 48 Flying 9 Food 3. 29 Telephones 30 Television 32 The environment 39 Theatre 33 Time 78 Transport 6.44 Leisure 31 Lies 59 Light 50 Likes 60 Looks 2 Love 14 Luck 73 Marriage 14 Meetings 69 Memory 64 Mobile phones 30 Money 24.0 V'\ . 70 Writing 36 Youth 15 . 4 Forgetting 64 Free time 31 Friends 13 Gestures 53 Health 5 Holidays 11 Housework 18 Housing 17 Ideas 62 Ignorance 63 Illness 5 Intelligence 62 Journalism 45 Knowledge 63 Law 43. 41 Arrangements 69 Art 35 Beginning 80 Birds 40 Books 36 Bureaucracy 27 Business 23 Cars 10 Cause 76 Certainty 65 Chance 73 Changes 77 Children 15 Choices 66 Clothes 20 Colleagues 13 College 16 Computers 29 Crime 43 Crying 57 Dance 34 Days 79 Decisions 66 Difference 75 Directions 7 Disagreeing 67 Disasters 47 Dislikes 60 Drink 3.

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