Energy 1 Unit 1

Ask the right question
Yes – I study at Dalesway Secondary School Tom Adamski

I’m fourteen Yes, he’s from Poland, but my mother’s English The band’s called NRG

I’m from Poland but I live in Manchester My friend? His name’s Dave Black Err no, she isn’t, but I really like her. She’s called Isabel

Yes I am. I play the guitar

A Complete the speech bubbles with the correct questions
5 1

6 2 7 3 8

4 9

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Write on the board My name’s (your name). Ss practise the conversation Activity A: 10 minutes Activity B: 5 minutes Individual and pair work Photocopy one worksheet per student Practise personal questions with to be Answers 1. Is your father from Poland? 8. What’s your band called? 9. Can their partner guess the person? This photocopiable guide has been downloaded from www. A friend/a singer/sportsperson/actor … • Each S prepares basic information about the person. What’s your friend’s name? 5. Where are you from? 4. Elicit the question for this response – What’s your name? Tell Ss that they need to write the correct questions for the information about Tom on the worksheet.longman.Energy 1 Unit 1 Ask the right question Teacher’s Notes Time Interaction Preparation Aim Procedure Activity A • • • • • • Ask Ss to work individually or in pairs and distribute the worksheets. They don’t give the name. Are you a student? 7. Is she your girlfriend? 6. How old are you? 3. What’s your name? 2. Allow the Ss to check in pairs before eliciting the questions and mystery person.) • In pairs the students ask and © Pearson Education 2005 . (They can also answer “I don’t know” to some questions. Are you a musician? Activity B Guess who? • Ask each student to think of someone they and their partner know about. In pairs.

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