What's New in Foxit Reader 5.3 ================================================================================ ====================================== New Features: 1.

Supports viewing RMS-protected PDF files with the dynamic watermark. 2.Added the option ¡°Tile Large Pages¡± to the print dialog box. With this new feature, users can tile pages that are larger than the selected paper size at a specified scale. The whole page content will be divided and printed on pieces of paper. 3.Provides users with three update options, allowing users selecting the most ap propriate upgrade method according to their requirements. 4.Automatically changes the hand tool to the select text tool after moving the c ursor to the text content. 5.Supports controlling preference dialogue with the keyboard shortcuts. Improvements: 1.Added the option ¡°Read from Current Page¡± to the Read Out Loud feature, which makes the system read out the PDF content from current page to the end of the file. 2.Improved the user interface elements, including arrow comment, Facebook interf ace, etc. 3.Added the toolbar mode switch icon to the toolbar, simplifying user¡‾s manipulatio n. 4.Shows the progress bar before displaying the content when opening the PDFs in the web browser. 5.Improved the accuracy of highlight location, enabling the highlight area more agree with the target text. 6.In the Full Screen mode, places the toolbar in the location adjusted last time . 7.Supports using arrowheads to switch the file tabs when opening multiple PDF fi les, which is convenient for users when the tabs cannot be arranged in a row. Bug Fixes: 1.Fixed an issue where users cannot open the attachments of PDF files in XP and Windows7. 2.Fixed an issue where the high screen resolution disordered the layout of the i nstallation interface. 3.Fixed an issue where note comments cannot move with the marked content when dr agging the scroll bar to view a file. 4.Fixed an issue where a large blank area appeared in the toolbar when reading P DF in web browser. 5.Fixed an issue where users cannot use the arrow keys to view the search result s.

.To extend the document pane.Fixed an unexpected termination issue of Foxit Reader when opening certain PDF files.Provides integration to the social networking sites to satisfy Facebook and Tw itter users.For better reading experience with maximized PDF document display area. 7. navigation pane and status bar.Fixed an unexpected termination issue of Foxit Reader when switching the inter face language. Foxit Reader supports collapsing/expanding the toolbar area to maximize the reading area.0104 ================================================================================ ====================================== Bug Fixes: Fixed an intermittent issue where tool bar and menu bar are not displayed proper ly. What's New in Foxit Reader 5.4. 4.1201 ================================================================================ ====================================== Bug Fixes: 1. Foxit Reader supports showing PDFs in Reading Mode that hides the toolbar. 2.Fixed an issue where the Paper Drawer cannot be changed to Cassette when print ing.In Tabbed Toolbar Mode. 4.Fixed an issue where users can only selected the Snapshot area in the current visible area.Fixed an issue where the system executed an action if user typed the shortcut key in the text input box. 3.Fixed an issue where paper size in the Preview Area of Print Dialogue Box cann ot be updated accordingly when using Xerox Printers.1.1. 3.3.Fixed an unexpected termination issue of Foxit Reader opened inside a web brow ser when switching interface languages. 5. the Auto-hide Status Bar feature hides the Status Bar during reading and shows the status bar floating at the bottom of the page only when the cursor is moved to the bottom. 2. What's New in Foxit Reader 5.1 ================================================================================ ====================================== New Features: 1.6. What's New in Foxit Reader 5. with only the menu bar available.

12.Increased performance for reader startup. and closing a PD F file. 9.0718 ================================================================================ ====================================== Bug Fixes: 1.Supports displaying PDF documents in Reading mode or Full Screen Mode automati cally when opening PDFs with Foxit Reader.Fixed many bugs and enhanced the performance. What's New in Foxit Reader 5. 14.Show the page thumbnails when dragging the scrollbar in a single page display mode.Fixed a security issue of arbitrary code execution when opening certain PDF fi les.Added the Foxit Reader classic skin. 15.Improved the accuracy of spell check.0 during installation on Windows XP. 7.0 . 4. 2.Fixed an issue where the page content cannot be displayed when opening certain PDF files in a web browser. 6.Automatically chooses paper type according to the page size of PDFs when print ing. 10.Fixed an unexpected termination issue of Foxit Reader when opening certain PDF files in a web browser.Supports Read out loud function.5.0 versions.Fixed an issue where the file name would be a messy code or its extension woul d be missed when emailing certain PDF files from a web browser.Moved the comment and attachment pane to be aligned with bookmark. opening a PDF file.Foxit Reader enhances the text rendering quality to display the text more clea rly and neat. 5. 11.2.0. 13.Fixed an issue where the desktop icons would be rearranged automatically when creating the desktop icon of Foxit Reader 5. 3. layers and signatures panes. thumbnail.Disabled spell check function in the Typewriter/Form Mode as the default opti on of the preference. 8. 6.Recovered the Print Scale function which was available in pre 5. What's New in Foxit Reader 5.

Fit Visible mode enables the PDF pages to fit the width of the window. 11. Bug Fixes: Fixed an unexpected termination of Foxit Reader when opening some affected PDF f iles. Also.Supports to search keywords in the comment and bookmark.Supports Tabbed Toolbar Mode. reading a PDF in an HTML page operates the same as any other PDF document viewe d in Foxit Reader.Supports XFA form filling. 2. 4. 10. 12.Displays the PDF files in the Windows Explorer as the thumbnails if Foxit Rea der has been set as the default PDF viewer. Bug Fixes: 1.Viewing the PDFs Embedded in HTML Foxit Reader 4. 9. The same tool bar options are available in all PDF documents. giving users many advantages and flexibility when viewing PDF files. What's New in Foxit Reader 4.Adds more available command lines.Supports to customize shortcut keys for various commands.Enables you to preview a PDF attachment in Microsoft Outlook. 2.The new Split View mode allows you to divide the PDFs into two panes or four p anes.Offers four nice skins for appearance change.Fixed a crash issue when opening certain PDFs.================================================================================ ====================================== New Features: 1. 5.Supports 11 different page transition types in the full screen mode.3 supports the viewing of PDF documents that are embedded inside HTML.Fixed an issue where Foxit Reader crashes when scrolling back after the user s crolls down to view the last page (actual image) of a PDF file. 6.3 ================================================================================ ====================================== New Features: 1. 3. 7. 8.Supports to open the RMS¨Cprotected PDFs with Foxit Reader. .

which uses a random algorit hm to determine a memory address used to store key file data.Fixed the issue where the ¡°delete¡± option in the right-click popup menu is unavailab le when right-clicking the link created by the link tool.Fixed the issue where Foxit Reader will pop up two tabs when opening a same PD F file which is targeted by two links. ASLR.Enhance Security With ASLR & DEP Support Foxit Reader 4.2 now features a PDF digital signature verification technology wh ich uses an enhanced. The current version of the reade r includes Address Space Layout Randomization. What's New in Foxit Reader 4. Foxit Reader users. The support to MDP Verification will be coming soon.1. This new verification process provides a secure and reliable platform f or exchanging electronics documents without putting the user at risk from falsif ied documents. DEP. 3. Bug Fixes: 1.Fixed the issue where Foxit Reader crashes if the headline of the PDF content exceeds 512 bytes.1.1 ================================================================================ ====================================== Bug Fixes: 1. What's New in Foxit Reader 4.0805 ================================================================================ ====================================== Bug Fixes: Foxit Reader 4. one is created with relative path and the other one is with absolute path.0805 fixes the crash issue caused by the new iPhone/iPad jail break program and prevents the malicious attacks to your computer.Optimized the reading engine and fixed the issue where the scrolling becomes v . 2.1. business and c onsumer. verification process that ensures the signature is real and neither the document nor the signature have been comp romised.Fixed the crash issue when opening certain PDFs. which simply prevents executing code from a non-executable memory location. 2. ASLR and DEP combine to highly improve Fo xit Reader Security and provide a stable platform for enterprise. A second security feature is Data Execution Prevention. yet ISO 32000 compliant.What's New in Foxit Reader 4.1. 2.2 ================================================================================ ====================================== New Features: 1.Verify The Digital Signature Foxit Reader 4.2 continues to add features that increase security by making it h arder for hackers to compromise a PDF document.

Bug Fixes: Fixed the crash issue when opening certain PDF documents.Added a Advanced Set of Professional Features The New Reader 4.ery slowly when reading large PDFs. attachments PDF actions. streamlining the workflow and o ffering better protection with PDF File. 5.Users will not be prompted to set default PDF reader when either or both Phant om and Foxit Reader is installed. efficiently avoiding the attack from malicious contents and viruses.PDF icons are reverted to other Reader¡‾s PDF icons when Foxit Reader is uninstall ed.Secure Trust Manager The new Secure Trust Manager enables users to allow or deny unauthorized actions and data transmission.Undo and Redo .2 ================================================================================ ====================================== New Features: 1. 2.0 now includes Comments tools. Text Viewer & Text Converter. What's New in Foxit Reader 4. No ad ditional licensing is required for more features with PDFs.0 ================================================================================ ====================================== New Features: 1.Improved Ask Search Button Setting Enables users to show or hide the Ask Search Button in the Preferences menu.Enhanced Safe Mode Setting Supports Safe Mode settings during installation. if those exist. Spell Checker and Advanced Editing Tools. including URL connection. Fo rm Filler. and J avaScript functions.3 ================================================================================ ====================================== New Features: 1. 2. Bug Fixes: Fixes some bugs from previous versions including an issue where Ask Toolbar may be installed by default. 3. 4.Fixed the issue where the system sets Foxit Reader as the default PDF viewer w ithout user permission when Foxit Reader launches. What's New in Foxit Reader 3. What's New in Foxit Reader 3. and it is still free.

New Features: 1.Fixed the crash issue when double click to open certain PDFs. Fixed the issue where Cyrillic symbols in the Tab header displaying inaccurat ely in Japanese operating system.Fixed the issues where certain PDF documents cannot be associated with Foxit R eader.Fixed the issue where the space may disappear when copying text. 4.Better support saving PDF as text.Fixed the issue where pop multiple message boxes when clicking the bookmarks s everal times continuously. What's New in Foxit Reader 3. 5. 7.Fixed the issue with vertical text selection and text highlight. 4. 5.Fixed the crash issue when sometimes use arrow keys on keyboard to turn pages.1. . 3.Speed up printing 5. 11. 2. 8.Logical Page Number Support Bug Fixes: 1. Favorite Toolbar Internet Search Comments Panel Summarize Comments Document Restrictions Supports MSAA Streamlined UI Bug Fixes: 1.Fixed the issue where the text string starting with a space cannot be searche d. 6.1.Grayscale Printing 4.Fixed the issue where the text may not be highlighted under certain conditions .2. 3.Bookmark Sync 3.0. 6. 2. 10.JavaScript better supports the PDF files and web interaction. 9.0824 ================================================================================ ====================================== The following is a list of exciting new features in Foxit Reader 3. 7.Fixed the issue where cannot correctly display the content copied from Text Vi ewer mode on popup dialog box.

foxi tsoftware.support@foxitsoftware. Fixed the issue where cannot import FDF file when opening the PDF file contai ned interactive form fields in the browser window. 3.com Website Questions .com.Friday) Support Phone: 1-866-MYFOXIT or 1-866-693-6948(24/7) 979-446-0280 (6AM-5PM PST Monday .sales@foxitsoftware.Friday) 510-438-9090 (8AM-5PM PST Monday . Suite 201. Download the Latest Version ================================================================================ ======================================== You can download the latest version of Foxit Reader from our website at www. Fixed the issue where PDF Reader only works on the primary screen while going to full screen with dual monitor setup.com Foxit Corporation Address: 42840 Christy Street. Fixed the issue about too large printer buffer. automatic paging and duplex p rinting when printing a document with multiple copies. 4. please contact us by email: Sales and Information .foxitsoftware.com Technical Support .com Marketing Serivce .Friday) Fax: 510-405-9288 Web: www. Fremont CA 94538.2.marketing@foxitsoftware. Contact Us ================================================================================ ======================================== If you have any questions using Foxit Reader.webmaster@foxitsoftware. USA Sales Phone: 1-866-MYFOXIT or 1-866-693-6948 (8AM-5PM PST Monday .com .

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