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Hale Em

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Published by: Jenny Angelina on May 24, 2012
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Thumbs Up with Haleem


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986.70.188.4%) Andhra Pradesh: 6.16%) Tamil Nadu: 34.57%) 5/24/12 .Muslim population Statistics showing the Muslim population in :    India: 138.726 ( 13.856 (9.647 (5.

5/24/12 .Ramzan   Ramzan is a month long fast abstaining from food and smoke between sunrise and sunset. And the best way to break the fast is a huge bowl of high calorie haleem.

  5/24/12  .Haleem  Haleem is a popular dish prepared during the Muslim month of Ramadan. since it is regarded as an ideal food to break the Ramadan fast.

Actor Mahesh Babu made rounds to Hyderabad hotels naming the programme as Haleem Visits which was organized by the Coca Cola company. 5/24/12  .Thumbs up with Haleem  Free thumbs up was given for every haleem purchased in Hyderabad hotels (2010).

Other Promotions    Banners Posters Newspapers 5/24/12 .

a rich. filling rice dish of porridge consistency. Muslims break their fast with nonbu kanji. Vegetarians of other communities are 5/24/12 given a dish called surkumba which is   .Ramzan in Tamil Nadu  The Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam organizes Ramzan special prayers at Jinnah Grounds in Melapalayam. bajji. cooked for hours with meat and vegetables. and vadai. This is often served with bonda.

Competition .PEPSI 5/24/12 .

C. 25 L. 5/24/12 . a scratch card that offering gift prizes :    5 Nano cars.Ds and 30 music systems.PEPSI On buying a Pepsi Haleem combo.

P. Free 300 ml coke with every plate of Haleem.  5/24/12 .Coke  Free 600 ml Coke with every 2 plates of Haleem in Hyderabad and other cities in A.

Soft drinks and tea in particular. are consumed in large to prevent dehydration and maintain a healthy body balance. they consume any kind of drink like tea.Consuming soft drinks after the fast?? During the fast Muslims abstain themselves from intake of food and certain drinks. soft drinks and milk. After they break the fast. 5/24/12 .

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