Market Environment


Market Environment The forces that affect the “building the customer relationships” with the target customers are the Market environment. These are broadly classified as MICRO and MACRO. MICRO – The factors which are close to the company, and can be controlled by the company such as; • The company • • • • • The top management Mission, Goals & Objectives and Policies Purchase and R & D The suppliers The marketing intermediaries • • • • Agents Channels Customer service Marketing services like survey, research, etc,

individuals and households or Business customers • • Competitors and Publics • • • • Financial institutions Media Government Citizen or local public / community etc .Market Environment Introduction • Customer/markets • • Consumer .

Market Environment MACRO – Demographic – human population in terms of. Age Location Gender Occupation Race Religion and Other factors Introduction . • • • • • • • Economic • • • • • • Overall economic conditions Industrial growth FDI/Foreign funds in case of India Earning levels Consumer spending Infrastructure & industrial developments etc.

air.Market Environment Introduction Natural Environment • Availability of natural resources as raw materials. pollution and its control by the government/authorities and its effect on the company’s production facilities etc. preferences and behaviours of the society GLOBAL • Global factors. water. governments attitudes and policies for developments. Technological Environment • Forces that create new technology / product / market opportunities etc. strength and weakness compared when seeking tie ups or joint ventures and opportunities available . perceptions. Political • • • Regulations by government Governmental structures (majority / coalition) Controls (High or Low) by the government. etc Cultural – • The factors affecting the basic values.

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