Role of Women in Economic Development of Pakistan

This article provides information about the role of women in economic development of Pakistan. Women are very important asset of Pakistan economy; in Pakistan there is about 50% women population. In all over the world women are participating in different businesses. Pakistani women also have potential to do work equally with men but majority are not paying attention towards it. There are only 30% women who are doing jobs but the rest of the women are only concerned with the house hold activities. The problem is that most of the families do not allow there ladies to go out to get education or to do any kind of job. Majority educated people; including women do not agree that they are important in development of Pakistan, which is a wrong perception. One of the huge problems for women is our old tradition due to which women should not do any job and women education is not much important. Women participation in almost all sectors is minor. Discrimination in men and women is not only keeping women aside from development but also keeping the economy down. People should allow there women to go out and get education and then to participate equally with men for the economic development of Pakistan. Role of women in Pakistan economy should be acknowledged by the government of Pakistan and business sectors also so women could do jobs and help Pakistan in its development. Government should notice that Pakistan could not progress until we understand the importance of women in development and provide them equal opportunities so that they could prosper. Women entrepreneurs should work out a plan for women education and their participation in development of Pakistan and its economy.

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