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Adigas Brochure Final

Adigas Brochure Final

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expand capacity to meet domestic requirements and finalise ongoing export-based projects. Pakistan. Kuwait. the UAE and Bahrain. share ideas. Singapore. liquefaction. This will be driven by China's economic growth. ABU DHABI. Global gas demand is likely to grow by around 2% per year. technology and projects to meet that demand. All the major players and suppliers to the gas industry will bring together their latest products and services to showcase them directly to the most influential gathering of gas professionals. and closer to home. This represents a rise of almost 50% from today's levels. build relationships and generate new business in Abu Dhabi. Malaysia. conference and networking functions. ADIGAS is designed to attract personnel from the global gas industry to meet.adigas. The latest innovations. probably for several decades. ADIGAS connects and showcases the entire gas supply chain from E&P to the distribution and consumption of gas – the total gas show Why ADIGAS? Demand for gas is increasing globally and the Middle East is no exception.2 Nov Introducing the new gas show for the MENA region and Asia ADIGAS will connect buyers. the emerging hub of the energy industry. technologies and developments of the gas industry will be discussed and displayed during the exhibition. The MENA region has unrealised potential demand with investment needed to develop new production and transportation capacity for both natural gas and associated NGLs.000 industry experts to engage face to face in an active buying environment. UAE ADIGAS 2011 31 Oct . the region is well placed to expand gas infrastructure. India.5bn cubic feet per day and the demand is growing at 13% per year. sellers. demand will be up to 4. increased demand in Europe. Iraq's revival to achieve full development of its enormous hydrocarbon sector. pipeline. ADIGAS provides a platform for 10. By 2030.ae . technology companies. Demand for gas is generated by increased industrial production. The UAE's gas requirements are 5. With 40% of global reserves. service providers. network. increased desalination and electricity demand due to a very young and fast growing population and industrial sector. Thailand.1tcm today.ADNEC. compared with 3. transport.5 trillion cubic metres (tcm) of gas per year. www. exploration and production companies all under one roof.

Onshore QatarGas II .Trains 6 & 7 .Offshore Aramco . Abu Dhabi is the ideal place to host the first edition of ADIGAS.Why Abu Dhabi? A rEGIon of opportunIty the uAE holds the world's fifth-largest gas reserves – approximately 214 trillion cubic feet.Habshan Plant O&U Dolphin Gas Project .Onshore .Phase 1 .Das Island Train 1 & 2 Replacement Gasco . Country United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Qatar Qatar Qatar Qatar Qatar Qatar Qatar Qatar Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Iraq Kuwait Ahmadi Manifa CIty Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Ruwais Abu Dhabi Ruwais Dubai Abu Dhabi Ras Laffan Ras Laffan Ras Laffan Ras Laffan Barzan Ras Laffan Ras Laffan Barzan Fadhili projECt Gasco .Onshore . Abu Dhabi plays a critical part in the global energy supply chain and enjoys a geographical advantage unmatched by any other city in the world due to its infrastructure and central position between East and West.Habshan 5 Gas Processing Plant Adnoc .Phase 1 . UAE’s desalinated water and electricity demand is set to grow by an average of 9% over the coming few years.Sour Gas Development Program . Energy investment in the UAE (the third biggest potential energy investor in the region) are estimated at around $74 billion during 2011 .2015. providing a stable environment for companies seeking business opportunities in the Middle East.Integrated Gas Development (IGD) .Onshore .Barzan Field Development .Offshore Package QP .Onshore .Integrated Gas Development (IGD) .Manifa Field Development .Integrated Gas Development (IGD) .South Rub Al Khali Gas Development Aramco .Ruwais NGL Train 4 Adgas . Global Petroleum Show & Conference and ADIPEC 93% of survey respondents would prefer to attend a gas show in Abu Dhabi Section of major UAE & Gulf gas projects.Integrated Gas Development (IGD) .Ethane & NGL Recovery SRAK .adigas.Ras Laffan Upstream Onshore Complex ExxonMobil Integrated Gas to Liquids (GTL) ConocoPhillips Integrated Gas to Liquids (GTL) ExxonMobil GTL . EAGC.Mina Al Ahmadi LPG Expansion BuDGEt (uS$ MIllIon) 4700 4000 2500 2100 2500 2100 2000 1700 1600 18000 9000 6000 5000 4000 4000 2000 3600 3000 3000 3000 1800 StAtuS Execution On-hold Planned Execution Planned Execution On-hold Execution Completed Cancelled On-hold Cancelled FEED Completed Execution FEED Completed Execution Execution Study On-hold SECtor Upstream Upstream Downstream Upstream Downstream Upstream Downstream Upstream Downstream Upstream Upstream Upstream Upstream Downstream Downstream Upstream Downstream Upstream Downstream Downstream Downstream Off-shore On-shore LNG GTL Off-shore Processing On-shore Transportation Processing LNG SuBSECtor On-shore On-shore LNG On-shore LNG On-shore Transportation On-shore Processing Off-shore *Source: proleads project Data www.Central Processing .Package 4 (Gas Processing) Kurdistan Gas City KNPC .Onshore .AFK Oil Field Development . As it is rich in natural resources and neighbouring some of the largest energy consumers.Trains 4 & 5 Onshore RasGas III .Onshore Package QP .Bab Field Adgas .ae 3 . presenting great demand for gas. The success of the UAE economy is inextricably linked to the hydrocarbon sector. Brought to you by the team behind the hugely successful Gastech. Abu Dhabi's modern infrastructure and facilities are driving vibrant economic investment in the region.Das Island Train 1 & 2 Replacement Gasco .Ruwais NGL Train 4 DMCC/Impel LNG Storage Facility Gasco .Barzan Field Development .

ae .9 7. International Energy Statistics database (as of November 2009). web site www.gov/emeu/international. International Energy Statistics database (as of November 2009).7 MIDDlE EASt nAturAl GAS proDuCtIon 1990-2035 (trillion cubic feet) EIA. America 33. web site www.gov/emeu/international.9 8.7 4.DIStrIButIon of provED rESErvES percentage 4. www.adigas. & Cent. projections: EIA. World Energy Projection System Plus (2010). International Natural Gas Model (2010).3 Middle East 40.eia. WorlD nAturAl GAS ConSuMptIon 2007-2035 (trillion cubic feet) EIA.6 Europe & Euroasia Asia Pacific Africa North America S.eia. projections: EIA.

0% 0. the series will continue annually – alternating between ADIPEC and ADIGAS.5% Geosciences 0. Education & Training Renewable Energy Research & Development Service Company Shipbuilding 1.ADIGAS CEo SuMMIt CEO Summit Following the successful launch of the CEO summit at ADIPEC 2010. transportation and handling. independents. forecasters and market analysts.5% 1. Transmission & Gas Storage 0.5% Key target markets for ADIGAS include: Qatar Kuwait Libya UAE Iran Iraq Egypt Algeria Uzbekistan Kazakhstan Tajikistan South Africa Nigeria Saudi Arabia Oman Angola Yemen Bahrain India China www. This year the Summit will take place during ADIGAS and will.5% HSE (Health.5% 2.5% 10. focus on key issues facing the Abu Dhabi. lawyers. LNG & Ethane production. thE ADIGAS AuDIEnCE A relevant database of gas individuals: (UAE has not been included in the below chart) Algeria Bahrain China Egypt India Iran Iraq Jordan Kuwait Libya Malaysia Nigeria Oman Pakistan Qatar Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore South Korea Sudan Syria Tunisia Turkey Yemen With the following company activity: Associations.ae . Safety & Environment) International Oil & Gas Company (IOC) LNG/LPG/GTL/CNG Production & Marketing Media/Publications/Events National Oil & Gas Company (NOC) Oil & Gas Equipment Pipeline Technology Maintenance & Operations Plants. bankers.4% 5.7% 7.8% 14. zero flaring and EOR. and safety and training. information providers.5% 1.0% 11.7% 3. The Summit will bring together chief executives.0% 0.5% Other 13. senior industry figures and strategists from the world’s biggest International and National Oil Companies. LNG as a shipping fuel.9% 1. ADIGAS tEChnICAl ConfErEnCE Conference A key feature of ADIGAS will be the Technical Conference that will serve as the major biannual gathering of technical experts from across the region and world to explore the latest in technological developments in all parts of the gas supply chain. of course. Institutes and Regulatory Bodies Consultancy Drilling EPC/FEED Exploration & Production Finance/Banking Gasification 3. Middle East and global gas market.0% 0.8% 1.adigas.4% 2. traders.2% Power Generation/Utility Processing Recruitment.5% 1. Call for papers will be announced after the formation and deliberation of the ADIGAS Technical Committee. contractors and service companies as well as. with topics and case studies likely to include: sulphur production. Government Agencies.3% 0. Terminals.9% 12. government officials.4% 1.

manufacturers and technology and service providers.Exhibiting at aDigaS ADIGAS will comprise 5000m2 of dedicated exhibition space for companies involved in the full gas supply chain. Fiscal Regimes Finance/Banking HSE (Health. Institutes and Regulatory Bodies Pipeline Technology Maintenance & Operations Ports & Harbours Power Generation/Utility Processing Recruitment. Safety & Environment) Legal Services Media/Publications/Events Associations. www. Globally we organize more than 15 energy events. a city whose demand for gas is increasing year on year • Organised by the team behind ADIPEC. engineering contractors. Education & Training Renewable Energy Research & Development Service Company Why you should exhibit • Great opportunity to meet gas professionals and project owners from the MENA region and Near East • Build new relationships and network with peers at various networking functions • Generate brand awareness and enhance product placement • Unlock new business opportunities in a thriving and financially sound city like Abu Dhabi • Reap the rewards of new projects in Abu Dhabi.ae .adigas.000 companies exhibit with us annually.Local Content.000 people visit our shows and more than 10. the world’s second largest oil and gas show DMG's global energy network ADIGAS is organized by dmg::events which has a proud track record of delivering large scale events around the world. Government Agencies. Who should exhibit? If your organization operates within the natural gas industry or manufactures products in any of the following areas. Gastech and Global Petroleum Show. We are also the organizers of the highly successful and popular ADIPEC (Abu Dhabi International Exhibition and Conference).LNG/LPG/CO2 LNG/LPG/GTL/CNG Production & Marketing Oil & Gas Equipment FLNG Exploration & Production EPC/FEED Drilling Plants. leading gas producers. Terminals. more than 200. you should be exhibiting: National Oil & Gas Company (NOC) International Oil & Gas Company (IOC) Geosciences Gasification Gas Shipping . Transmission & Gas Storage Carbon Capture & Storage Classification/Certification Consultancy Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

2 Nov www. videos. ShEll SChEME StAnD *ADIPEC Exhibitors Non ADIPEC Exhibitor uS$ 495 per sqm uS$ 525 per sqm Includes one back and two side walls.Exhibiting OPtiOnS *Special prices are offered to loyal clients of ADIpEC A. and a powerpoint 2. SPOnSOrShiP OPPOrtunitiES As the UAE's and the middle east's premier gas event. polls. carpet. UAE ADIGAS 2011 31 Oct . lighting. projects are discussed and deals are done. ADIGAS will be at the heart of the market where new relationships are formed and where old ones are cemented. ChooSE your ExhIBItor pACKAGE 1.adigas. With one of our bespoke sponsorship packages you can: • Position yourself as a key player • Demonstrate your commitment to the UAE market • Gain prime exposure to senior decision makers • Showcase your company’s activities Standard Sponsorship packages range from $55k-$75k-$95k which includes floor space in blocks of: 18sqm. ConfIrM your BooKInG To ensure a premium position you should book as early as possible. ABU DHABI. 36sqm.000 per month and this bonus monthly exposure will open up opportunities before and during the event.ae and select your top 3 stand choices. numerous options are available.ae 6 . to DISCuSS tAIlorED SponSorShIp optIonS plEASE CAll ABu BAKAr ISMAIl on +971 50 7087137 86% of survey respondents were more likely to attend a gas event organised by the dmg energy team ADNEC. 72sqm respectively Connect to the ADIGAS online audience Website traffic amounts to 7. SpACE only StAnD Exhibitor must appoint a stand contractor to customize their stand design *ADIpEC Exhibitors: Launch rate until 15 June 2011 Launch price Full price uS$ 375 per sqm uS$ 425 per sqm non ADIpEC exhibitors Launch rate until 15 June 2011 Launch price Full price uS$ 425 per sqm uS$ 490 per sqm B. Call +971 2 4444 909 for more information. Complete the attached contract form or call +971 2 4444 909. table and 2 chairs. Stand bookings are being made daily and the floor plan is constantly changing. C. fascia board. pop ups.adigas. Banners. ChooSE your prEfErED StAnD loCAtIon View the floor plan on page 9 or online at www. skyscrapers.

adigas.2 Nov REFINING CONFERENCE AND EXPO 2011 • Leadership summit • Roundtable and gala events • Senior industry leaders 2012 Global petroleum Show & Conference Calgary. UAE 31 October – 2 November 2011 www.com • • • • • • • • • Indoor and outdoor exhibits Large scale exhibition 50.com • • • • 38 year history 10.com +971 56 6440 884 Call: +971 2 4444 909 Email: adigas@dmgevents. Canada 12 – 14 June 2012 www. ABU DHABI. The Netherlands www. Alberta.globalpetroleumshow.300 dedicated delegates $4bn worth of projects signed dmg::events dmg::events is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Daily Mail and General Trust plc (DMGT).000 international attendees 91 countries represented 260 technical and panel speakers 4. For more information on exhibiting and sponsorship at aDigaS: ADNEC.com Visit: www.2 Nov Sales & Sponsorship Manager Abu Bakar Ismail abuismail@dmgevents. and published related magazines.uk ADIGAS Abu Dhabi. directories and market reports for many industries.120 speakers Exceptional networking functions ADNEC.000 attendees One of the world's largest energy events 45. one of the largest and most successful media companies in the United Kingdom. UAE 12 – 15 November 2012 www. dmg::events was founded in 1986 and has produced conferences and exhibitions.adigas. UAE ADIGAS Co-located with: MIDDLE EAST 2011 31 Oct .net Abu Dhabi.theeagc. France 15 – 16 November 2011 www. UAE ADIGAS 2011 31 Oct .ae .com ADIpEC (Abu Dhabi International petroleum Exhibition & Conference) Abu Dhabi.gastech.adipec.com +971 50 7087137 Event Director Peter Braham peterbraham@dmgevents.co.the energy division of dmg::events organises some of the world's largest oil and gas exhibitions and conferences including: 2011 Conference & Exhibition The Netherlands | Amsterdam RAI | 21-24 March 2011 25TH EDITION Gastech 21 – 24 March 2011 Amsterdam Rai. dmg::events employs more than 500 people and maintains a worldwide presence through its events in 25 countries. ABU DHABI. An international exhibition and publishing company.000 international decision makers High level conference . uAE 31 October – 2 November 2011 EAGC (European Autumn Gas Conference) Paris. newspapers.

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