North American Free Trade Agreement

• Canada.• Came into effect in1994. United States and Mexico • World’s largest free trade zones. .

objectives • Eliminate barriers • Facilitate cross border movement of goods and services • Promote fair competition within the area • Increase investment opportunities • Enforcement of IP within area • Joint administration • Effective conflict resolution .

783.English. • NAFTA Population: The NAFTA region is home to 444. 304.7 mn . Ottawa and Washington.1 mn.Total21.3mn .Mexico) . and 106. French and Spanish NAFTA Economy.Mexico City.1 million people. (33.US.Covers a North American economy with a combined output of US$17.850 km² (1st) Secretariats .Canada.C. Official languages .• • • • Area .0 trillion. D.

NAFTA SUPPLEMENTS • North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC) • North American Agreement on Labour Cooperation (NAALC) .

NAFTA Agreement • • • • • • Free Trade Commission NAFTA Coordinators NAFTA Working Groups and Committees NAFTA Secretariat Commission for Labor Cooperation Commission for Environmental Cooperation .

benefits • • • • Foreign Investments Intellectual Property Easier Access to Business Travelers Access to Government Procurement .

Benefits• Enlarges more efficient regional productive base • US and Canadian firms tap labor-intensive low-wages • Mexico receives FDI and employment • Increases Mexican income to buy US/Canada goods • Demand for US/Canada goods increases jobs • Increases competitiveness of US/Canadian firms .

6 million square miles .3.canada • Area.

India’s exports to canada .

SUCCESS STORIES• US1)Caterpillar Inc. • Mexico1)MABE 2)Grupo Modelo • Canada1)Bombardier Transport Division 2)Unique Solutions . 2)Mary Kay Inc.

D.c but on the other hand it is also responsible for causalities like loss of jobs.otherwise it will create inequality in many terms which can lead to bad conditions in future for all the three countries. G. imports & exports.ConclusionNAFTA is one of the most successful treaties of the times in terms of growth in trade i.t. rising level of inequality and many others. migration.P e.e. . Thus it is important that the treaty should be carried forward concerning about taking steps for the problems originated due to NAFTA .

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