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Logistics Hndbk 2007-En

Logistics Hndbk 2007-En

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Published by: Kacem Cherfa on May 24, 2012
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MC 336/2, NATO Pr nc ples and Pol c es for Movement and Transportat on,
establ shes the pr nc ples and pol c es for M&T. They are repr nted n the
paragraphs to follow.

Collective Responsibility. NATO and nat ons take collect ve respons b l ty
for movement and transportat on support to NATO operat ons. Spec fc
respons b l t es are descr bed hereafter.

- NATO Respons b l ty. NATO Commanders are respons ble for n t at ng,
pr or t s ng, co ord nat ng and deconf ct ng the deployment ( nclud ng
RSOM), transportat on for susta nment (re supply), and the r respect ve
forces redeployment. Th s must be done n co-operat on w th nat ons.


- Nat ons’ Respons b l ty. Nat ons exerc se pr mary respons b l ty for
obta n ng transportat on resources to deploy, susta n and redeploy
the r forces. Th s respons b l ty may nclude plann ng and controll ng
the movement of nat onal forces, nat onal components of mult nat onal
forces, and, where a nat on accepted lead nat on respons b l ty, of a
mult nat onal headquarters group. Th s pr nc ple must be tempered
by the need for co operat on, co ord nat on, and economy, and may
nclude b lateral and/or mult lateral co operat ve arrangements.

Co-operation. Co-operat on between NATO and nat onal author t es, both
m l tary and c v l an, s essent al. Such co-operat on can be of a b - or mult lateral
nature. Th s ncorporates both co operat ve and shared use of l ft.

Co-ordination. Movement and transportat on co-ord nat on between NATO and
nat onal and c v l an author t es s essent al and conducted at all appropr ate

Effciency. Opt m ses m l tary and c v l an resources’ use. Take nto cons derat on
the complementary and ntermodal nature of a rl ft, seal ft, and nland surface
transport resources.

Flexibility. M&T plann ng and execut on must be capable of react ng n a t mely
manner to dynam c changes n the operat onal s tuat on and requ rement.

Effectiveness. M&T plann ng and execut on must be ta lored to sat sfy overall
NATO operat onal requ rements.

Simplicity. S mpl fy plans and procedures as much as poss ble.

Standardisation. Standard sat on fac l tates successful M&T. It appl es as
much to systems, data and software as t does to procedures, equ pment and

Transportability. Des gn equ pment, when poss ble, compat ble w th ava lable
transport resources for un ts and format ons w th a mob l ty role.

Visibility and Transparency. M&T data nformat on exchange between NATO
and nat onal m l tary and c v l author t es s essent al for the effc ent support of
movement and transportat on tasks.

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