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Shiretown ICT Presentation

Shiretown ICT Presentation

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Published by: Patrick Fitzgerald on May 24, 2012
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Shiretown ICT Project

for more information call Blair Price at (506) 529-xxxx

Leverages 3 areas    Technology Market Relationships - .

Network Area Storage Call Centre Talent .The Technologies High speed/High capacity NAS .

in New Brunswick .The markets Customers Anywhere Customers there.

The Resources The southern New Brunswick area is home to Experienced Call Centre talent High quality technologists Hospitality and Caring .

The Details A high speed / high capacity optical link to Aliant Hosting within meters of the Aliant network High Speed Optical Link 10 GBE .

Network Area Storage High Volume Backup for mission critical business data. Valued Client Valued Client Valued Client Shiretown High Capacity Storage Server The Cloud .

Service and Resources Leveraging the technology of VoIP Valued Client Experienced Resource Valued Client Valued Client The Cloud Experienced Resource Information Bases VoIP Switch .

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