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Davison - Socio-Psychological Aspects of Grop Processes

Davison - Socio-Psychological Aspects of Grop Processes

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Published by: HC Birog on May 24, 2012
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In this paper we have conducted a major review of a number of important socio-

psychological aspects of group processes. These have revealed many findings, notably

in the areas of group composition, status, influence, conflict and the move towards

consensus. The model we proposed at the start of this paper is designed to offer no

more than an overview of the issues involved, since they are all interrelated to a

considerable extent. Indeed, it is somewhat misleading to present the model as a

strictly linear set of processes, as in reality there is a significant feedback "counterflow"

process. Thus, disinhibition, satisfaction and consensus will all have on-going effects in

a meeting in progress. Furthermore, other independent variables not specifically

identified in the model, such as GSS technology and culture (national or

organisational), will also bear upon the meeting outcomes. In the light of this wider

scope, it may be useful to consider the weltanschauung in a Soft Systems approach

(Checkland, 1981). A key advantage of the Soft Systems model is that it encourages

the inclusion of feedback mechanisms into any depiction of reality.

The author believes that there is a need for integrated theoretical models in the

GSS domain. Existing theories, such as Minority Influence Theory, can be effectively

applied to the problems we encounter in GSS. This paper has provided an in-depth

review of the socio-psychological factors and processes germane to the study of GSS.

Further research should build upon these theories and concepts, in conjunction with

issues of: technology, culture and task with the aim of developing a model that can

comprehensively portray meetings and their processes, and the different support

mechanisms available to them.

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