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Style - Facebook Messages/Friends/Code ----- ---------------Models --------------------------DNA Strand CG ,PI,peUne -- ------------------------Telomere CGPlpellne -- ------------------------Prl'mer CG pipeline --------------------------Polymerase CG ptpellne ---------------------------Scenes & Anlmallon -- -------------------------The Tun nel CG Plpeli ne -- ------------------------DNA Strand Rotale CG 'Pipeline ---------------------------Dying DNA CG Pipeline -- ---------------------- --DNA Template CG ,PlpeUne ----------------------------Primer Emerges CG Pipeline -- ---- --------- -- ---- ---- -- CateU~e Polymera~e CG Pi,peUne ----------------------------Polymerase Adding Nucleolldes CG pipeline --- ---- -- ---- ---- --Welding N ucleotldes CG Pipeline -- ------------------~-----New DNA Awakens CG Pipeline ----------------------------Zoom Telomere Tips CG Pipeline ----------------------------POSI Production BG Warp 45. Custom Shatter Map 46. Credlt$/~om pany ------------------------------ -------------------------- --------------------------- -------------------------

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Target Audience ------------------------Agebook Is aimed at Teens 12 - 17 In the U.S., nearly half of online teens 12-17 visited MySpace and Facebook iin May 2009 (45% and 44%, All said, teens 12-17 accounted for 28% of MySpace's page views and 12%of Face book's durIng the month. Flgu:restaken from Nielsen's June 2009 Report on "How Teens use MedIa" Delivery Via Stealth Education
Figure 9: Average Mon~hly Time Spent on Internet and AppUc.atlonsPersons 12-17 (hh:mm:ss)-Mardl2009




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3 Act Structure -------------------------ACT 1· A person logsl.nto facebook and notices a link from a friend about aging' ..The ltnk takes the person to what appears to be a stster site of facebook - "agebook". The person notices a video at the top of the site, after buffering the video fiUs the screen. ACT 2: The person Is taken to a digital realm of electrlc blue DNA strands. The process of DNA replication Is witnessed with DNA polymerase aiding to .syntheslze anew strand of DNA with the telomere tips never replicating with their former strength. The video dl.slntegrates returning the user directly to their facebook profUe with a new unwel.comed guest. An agebook app has Installed Itself on the persons face book profUe, the penon expands the descriptive box explains that the app Is time and In trying to remove 'It the app will age their profiles telomeres and cause it to deg.rade. phy.slcaUy.. ACT 3: The person frustrated clicks to remove the app anyway which results In the profile gradually faUlng apart. In a burst of anger the person clicks the rem.ove button multiple times, the proflieages quickly and Is eventually deceased, the agebook app unlnstalls ltself. The user closes facebook angry but relieved only to notice that their wallpaper has been changed to agebook, a box then appears stating that I! has been Installed on the person's computer.

Facebook DNA Concept ------------------Death Death










Telomere Concept ------------------------

telomere rating - 75%




Primer Concept -------------------------




Co nee pt ---------------------Or:lglnal

What Is agebook?


Agebook Is a fictional webstte which Illustrates the telomere theory of aging. A rogue facebook app lays waiting within an lnnocent looking v;ldeo which takes people deep "within facebook" educating them on their profiles DNA. While the vlde.o the rogue app Installs itself onto the persons facebook profile and asks that people not try to uninstaliit. When the.y do the app de.grades their facebook profiles DNA by breaking down their telomere Index. Inevit.ably their profile dies causing to questlon what their browser ls telling them. them

Only when they drop theiir browser window fear once again sets In as the app has now Installe.d itself onto their computer ... Duh DUH DUH!!!

Facebook Link to Agebook ---------------Spam Links to Agebook

Dude! agebook Is my friend check it out
Becoming Immortal
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The orlglna.lldea of agebook was to eventually give over control of ones profile to the app when the facebook profile Is deceased, however this was changed to a more considerable virus that Installs to desktops.

Check out this site on aging there's nothing quite like it!

r ~·The

Telomere Theory
of .Aging.
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'p-Ia-y -dn-a---L_'.-, U(£-QltttllQ tlttltt(!ad
tan we defy death? can we live

-1-1 -",,-:;J-


,tnll;ln'tIi:,"'lyyubrJldleq!J't!.tf.oll tMg IM~OfMj;.,.

.h oul d we live foreve,?
I"~ lIitldd ""'Guidi 1....."!L..1.l1y 'b~ oI;I'i'un.m w£'['JI,fi'blJ1ICiIllI,'iifCrJll1l\fd!~I'f(J'kL.

The agebook website de.s.lgn Is based on the new tlmeHne profUe adopted by facebook in recent months. The t.lmellne bar was my Inspiration for time and thus age. the app Idea followed. Of course Ii did take creative licence with some of the content the central video for example which Is (on facebook) Just a gIant banner image. App Desc.rlption ---------------Text
The officialagebook time app will now age your facebookprofile accordingly with you in the real world. Your telome;re index is how sbong the telomeres on your DNA are and .illustrate what condition your life is currently at, as you age so will your profile! agebook is your friend ••• WARNING! Removal of the app is a breach of our friendship and time itself, help us to hel,p you by protecting your facebook ,profiles telomeresfrom the claws of time.

Popup Window

.- _._-

Agebook App Befolre & Aftelr -------------Before


remove app
rating - 7SjiO

age -

25 years,

your telomeres


birth thank you for installing our app agebook is your friend


age - deceased

your telomeres


thank you for installing our app agebook is your friend

Facebook Profile Before & After .Before AgIng

...... - ,._.
_,I ..... ..,._,., __
... .,;.]~JHHo_~'-..... _ r;r:onI_>'

_ '_.-.II-.

After Aging


..,.,dna ..

play telorneres


1z(:'{:0.ltttll~ hut t\0.,1ttL






the tel emere thea ry of ag In 9
Dcdd ~1'Iin



Insld e Facebook ------


The environment of "Inside facebook" is based very strongly on the Sci-FI market. The video Is to convey a take of the telomere theory via stealth education. The Uluminated glows convey tech quite strongly as does the jump lead style DNA strands. The video Is largely comprised of the educative content provided by Dr. Klapper. This leaves the 2D portions open to narratiVe deve.lopment and a somewhat practical example of what happens when telomeres degrade. Thls practical example is of course the digital. time app/spyware that Installs having watched the video. In trying to re.move the app the user Is trying to defy agebooks understanding of time soit breaks down the time on the facebook profiles DNA strands inevitably killing the profil.e. Art Styl;e "Inside Facebook" -----Wall texture "Inside facebook"

The walls "lnslde facebook" are. built of facebook messages and friends ..The digital facebook telomeres are Important to your profiles DNA ensuring Its survlva].

DNA Strand CG Pipeline -----------------

Telomere CG Pipeline --------------------





Polymerase CG Pipeline ------------------










Warp BG- -------------,-----------------30 Camera Warp

AE Effect

journeying down the rabbit hole Into facebook DNA

Custom Shatter Map ----------------------

original texture



shatter DNA custom shape
11ho11!r'!I!.'I'"O\iIfo,l"ttnlP-l"!1l0ur ""1'P.f!.g~~I"'Iii'IJoIU~f!'l.otd

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Special Thanks --------------------------To my close family and friends Phil Gomm for kicking my butt with thts brief Dr. Klapper for enthusl;ng In the Idea Everyone on my course for Inspiring me Ross Castle May for telling me not to gl,ve up Nat Urwin for doing the same as Ross

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