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Restore Your Voice

2012 Spokane Initiative & Referendum Project Frequently Asked Questions Q. What is Restore Your Voice? A. Restore Your Voice (RYV) is a grassroots political committee focused on restoring aspects of the initiative and referendum process which were recently repealed by the Spokane city council. These changes create barriers to participation on behalf of average citizens. Q. What are initiatives and referendums? A. The initiative and referendum (I&R) process allows citizens to propose legislation by petitioning or collecting signatures. If proponents are successful at petitioning, proposals are often presented to the public for a vote. If voters approve, the measure is enacted into law. Q. What is the difference between an initiative and a referendum? A. INITIATIVE An initiative seeks to change existing laws or propose new policies. Example: Legalize marijuana, privatize liquor sales. REFERENDUM A referendum seeks to remove or repeal laws recently enacted by officials. Example: Referendum 74 to stop recently enacted gay marriage reform. Q. How can I help? A. See reverse and log-on to our website:

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Volunteer to carry petitions. Tell your friends and family get them registered to vote. Attend and participate in committee meetings. Donate time, money, supplies.

Send inquiries and donations to:

Restore Your Voice 308 W. 1st Ave. Ste. 201 Spokane, WA 99201 Contact: (509)251-1715 or log-on to: