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The Non Governmental Organization Club for UNESCO of the department of Piraeus & Islands was established in 1998

Administration and members

The experienced 11 person board runs the NGO Club for Unesco of Piraeus and the Islands and has been registered 1200 Members which play a vivid role in every activity.



One of the most important goals is to give prominence to the cultural heritage.
Conference for the traditional dances of Patmos island

Operetta night

Painting and sculpture exhibition


The Club for UNESCO of Piraeus and Islands takes action for environment and ecology

Conference “on board” for the protection of environment

Social inclusion

The assistance and support to those who suffer from social problems plays a role of utmost importance for the Club for UNESCO of Piraeus and Islands

Actions against the poverty by The Club for UNESCO of Piraeus & Islands

Medical conference named “Protection can save”

Young voluntaries in action

International co-operation

Greek victory for a second time at the Conference of the World Federation, Clubs and Centers UNESCO

Horary Festivity devoted to the 33 Chilean colliers at the well-known club “Enzzo de Cuba”

The history of UNESCO through its posters

Photos taken from the Multinational Festival