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3. ".:-:0:..1 t. c:t,;r.:c.rph.:..s:Ls of liver (1790 gn),Sll.gbt , ::;-:ro::,.:l1 ~ai:.ty il1::=ilt!.~wtio!l of pancreas,sl! .. 5. D1.vcr-'c:,icula (3) of rect;l.~l ,. v. ~'oc'"\lith i!':!PQction of ap:::>encli:c with fib...~



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Head of DQpt. of S~ction Chief.

1-316 (210)(213)


R I) M I'

I I'

n he Ac id NOli' .ABA.





1 at Taiwan and Chi

Me s s r s Liu l<ung-Chi

Mu ot nOCAEC
(d, .. md





Sung shar, a i r po r ], upon I l:jO


rriV041 on Jan

29 lly flighl'l.JR s e he du lo

407 from
at 18,00

'1'01 yo around

hour •• nd

acor ted him to the the recording
ret> '.ll'cll

1I0l.l JI. will

On .h' and


M I', on
t he

oil' to l d the m his proposed first day to ill~Lall plant.


Chih-~h'-ln day inspect
aL 08:00


Lhe se cond nwet

t h i r d d.lY

t he


of 1 OCAEC

Ce nt e r , u .. : COUl'n
t ha t

tuel clement llext(30)

It was altio decided
aL the Goj de n, Mr.

Lhey will



ll.Lll and

p ro ce e d Log ~thc r to Nuclear

Stut ion No.1. Hote I ROCAEC

Noir the n l'cgil.lcrctl

at room
morning earlier

H.!O aiLer a r r ival at Grand . Mr. Liu Kung-Chi reached



07:30 hour c. me




o I Jan •• 30 and took wiLh him the recording I'rorn lAEA) to Grund out [rom Hot e l a r r iv ing a t 07:55. his room

(~cnd 10 minutea. an.


lat e r MI'. No ir carne

arid Lhey drove

to Chin-til

Work at Site Arrived

pr io r to Accident

Then c ut e r e d ut at ion
st at io n s upe r lut

at gale of co nst ruct ion s ite at 09:05 and phoned stat ion s upe r l nt c nde nt , Mr , Chow.




co o r d ina l c d with

at s o deputy oIficc

nde nt

to sc nd a n c s co r-tt o enter p ro cec dc d t o the deputy No ir told Mr. Chang

l:ilalio~l (vl s lto r ! s ba dg e s No, s upe r int e nds

51 ami 52)

the se ccnd Cloo wor,l(. . nd r

his main


of inspection

rnan -powc r to a s s ist in lns ta l l ing the camera.
t ive s

IAEA had aen

and lnst a l lud c lo sc d circuit

TV to s c rut lnlze of re Iiabl pow


Jue l Ioa dlng and r 'quested J~JectricaJ AC 11 0 V

the provision

Div is ion of Chin- shan


Office h d
at til

'ult La the Lop of the: ::ilalrway

where lAEA hi4d selected

to lnsta ll the CCTV

was t

t d by IAEA repre sematlve s on Oct,


No. 1


£ ulty. but Han
'! his v tl



ME ORANDuM FOR THE RECORD 1 February 1978, I received a telephone c a Mr. Rob Simmons, Economic Advisor, Nuclear Energy sor, U. S. Embassy. r. Simmons related to me info pertaining to the death of Hr. Pierre NOir, IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) Safeguard Inspector at the Chin-Shan Nuclear Station in northern Taiwan. lie re ueste a ointment with me for that day which I ac nowled ed an e arrived at my office shortly thereafte Mr. Simmons gave me what.information he had at the time the background to the death. It was suspected that the decease~ had suffe:ed a hear: a~t~c~ however, ~here was a quest~on of poss~ble eJect!:Q£.!!~~oll;. e also 1nformed me H that they would like to have an Arner1can patholoiist witne the autop~. .....


j tha

On the afternoon of Friday, 3 February 1978, the aut p commenced at approximately 4 p.m. I was present during the gross examination of that autopsy. Prior to the autopsy I obtained the following history part of which was related to me by Mr. Simmons iq a previous visit. The deceased was out late the night before. He worked the morning of death and had lunch approximately 12:30. He returned to work approximately 2:30 p.m. and finished the job. The deceased had alledgedly been climbing up and down several different levels at the Nuclear Station prior to the terminal even He decided to go back to the refueling level to shorten t television cable on the recently installed camera. He standing; the expression on his face suddenly changed; hands trembled; he staggered; and was caught by anothe and laid On the floor. He was asked if he was alr1 t response, he opened his eyes and nodded affirmatively minutes later, there was difficult breathing, the fa color and lips turned blue. He then urinated e ~L~'~~. artificial rescusitation. Dr. Hsu on the site h beat.and no pulse. Later, he was pronounced e Veterans General Hospital. Prior to the aUrnnK'~ one of the crew members working w1th him to death. He explained to me that there


examination showed no evidence That is, po elec: re was e'yidence.f.. o cyanos s of the lips, finger ~~~~~~~~~.~~~-~eet bilaterally showed a gray hue. general build of the deceased was stocky wi~h mo~er~te obesity (estimate approximately 100 kg). The major ~~nd~ng on the gross examination was ronar atheroscleros~s ~th narrowing. There was nd'gross ev~ ence t at wou d be conclusive for electrocution. t Subsequent to the autopsy, I was telephoned by Mr. S' ~mmons of the American Embassy and related this information to him. The opinion from the gross examination was that the geceased most probably died from a hearc attack, pending microscopic examination of tissue and Eox~cology results. I was in agreement with that opinion, pending microscopic examination of tissue and toxicology resul ts. t1r. Simmons at that time informed me that written report by me was unnecessary at the present time. I informed him that I would be most interested in the medical history of the deceased, the reSUlts from the toxicology analysis, the gross autopsy report and the microscopic slides from the body tissue if consultation was requested from me. I informed him that I would need that information to make a written report as ) a consultant. ' , Approximately 2 weeks later, I went to the Veterans General Hospital with Dr. Fang from the Taita Hospital and was shown the microscop~~__ ~Jiges of the heart and coronary arteries. The result of that examination was moderately severe acherosclerosis with marked narrowing of the lumen. These findings were also consistent with death from arteriosclerotic heart disease. At that time I asked the doctors at the Veterans General Hospital'if they would please send the microscopic slides to my office so that I would spend more time looking at all of the details of the tissue Following those observations, I related that information t Mr.' Rob Simmons of the American Embassy, At that time 1 also asked Mr. Simmons for the medical history of the a~d infor~ed ~im that I,would need the gross autopsy ~pg~ m~croscop1C t1ssue sect~ons and toxicology report 1 .to write an opinion as a consultant. In mid-March 1978, I left on an emergency United States and prior to the departure I calle and explained to Mr. Simmons' secretary that I an emergency leave and that I had not recei w~rd or requests on this case. I info w1shed for me to be a consultant notify me and make a formal r q

3 ital for the materials. Upon my return from my emergency I had no messages pertaining to this case. On 10 May 1978, I received a telephone call from Mr.Simmons asking me for a written report on this case. At that time, I told him that I am awaiting the microscopic sections, toxi~ colog re ort ross auto s re ort and clinical_pistory, medical history recor s 0 the d ceased. I also informed } Hr. Simmons that I wa s re turning to the Uni ted States on emergency Jeave on Friday, 12 May 1978. I gave Mr. Simmons my emergency leave address and also my next permanent address which should be effective about 20 June 1978. I asked him to obtain these materials for me so that I may give a consultant report on this case. Subsequent to Mr. Simmons' telephone calIon 10 Hay 1978, I am sending a formal request to the Veterans General Hospital for this information and request they send to me as a package via the American Embassy for a consultation. I would also recommend that the material including the ~affin blocks be sent to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology In Washing~n, D. C. for their opinion. I personally would be interested in their opinion on this case, report
On receipt

of the previously stated from me will be forthcoming.


a consultant



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