Ingres/Delacroix Retrospectives, 1855 Franco Prussian War, 1870 First Impressionist Exhibit, 1874 Last Impressionist Exhibit, 1886 Electric Light Invented, 1879 First Post Impressionist Exhibit at MOMA, by A. Barr, 1903/1929 Terms:
 Japonisme

Interest in Japanese Woodblocks/Prints Exhibition showing work refused by the Salon in Landscape painting school in which the realists Colored Woodcuts of the floating world, Japanese Painting out of doors (utilized by Monet)

 Salon des Refuses 1863  Barbizon School worked  Ukiyo-E  “En Plein Air”
 Monotype

Rubbing a plate with ink, putting it through a printing press for a caricature like effect

 Academie Suisse Art school where Monet began, concentrated on classical figure drawing  Ecole d. Beaux Arts taught
 Absinthe  Flaneur  Gare St. Lazare

Classical Art school where history painting was

Bitter liquor-associated with prostitutes and alcoholics Fashionable Parisian man (Baudelaire) Train station in Paris

 Fontainebleu

Where the Barbizon school originated (Pissarro)

Addresse-areas where Monet worked  Longchamp  Giverny  Pontoise  Grenouilliere Racetrack outside of Paris where Degas painted Northwest of Paris. bands-means “lily pads” Rocky area on Normandy coast where Monet painted Sailing center where Impressionists went to paint  L’Etretat  L’Argenteuil People: • • • • • Victorine Meurant Model utilized by Manet-“Olympia” Nadar Louis LeRoy Papa Tanguy Gogh Boudin Photographed aerial views of Paris coined the term Impressionism art dealer for the Impressionists. Brittany Birthplace of Merlin (associated with Arthurian Legend)  Honfleur. but what an eye it is” . LaHavre. Monet’s retirement area Area in France where Pissarro painted-River Oise Park in Paris where Degas and Monet paintedswimming. Ste. painted by Van Monet’s teacher in Honfleur Writers: • Emile Zola Friend of Degas/Cezanne/Manet and writer of various daily reviews-L’Evenment-contemporary magazine Baudelaire Duranty intimate Wrote “On Modern Life”-friend of Impressionists “New Painting”-changing history painting to be more • • Important Quotes: o Cezanne: “Monet is nothing more than an eye. dancing.

Clark Institute Images Degas .o Renoir: with it” o Degas: (1885) “Impressionism is a blind dead alley and I’m done “Art is not a sport” Important Influences/Sources/Impacts:         Delacroix influence on Seurat/Manet-Colors (swirling colors) Turner influence on Monet (vagueness of forms) Renaissance influence on Renoir (subject matter and lines) Ingres/Daumier influence on Degas (anatomist/realist) Corot influence on Pissarro (light landscapes) Monet becomes important to Rothko/Warhol (series paintings) Modern Life vs. D.C. locations) Degas-charcoal and chalk Places to see works by Impressionists: Musee D’Orsay MFA London Art Institute Philadelphia National Gallery Williamstown Chicago Museum of Art Paris Boston MOMA Courtauld Institute NYC Washington. non Modern Life (Paris vs.

chalks. pastels) 1876 1879 1866 o The Little Dancer bronze. tulle 1881 Renoir o o o Moulin de La Galette Port.-Mlle Charpentier and daughters Luncheon on the Boating Party 1876 1876 1881 Pissarro o o L’Hermitage in Pontoise Factory in Pontoise 1867 1873 Morisot o o Woman at her Toilette The Cradle 1873 1875-1880 Cassatt o o Tea The Child’s Bath 1880 1893 Manet o o o o Dejeuner Sur L’Herbe Olympia Emile Zola in his Studio Bar @ Folies Bergeres 1863 1868 1863 1881-2 . ribbon.o o o Horse Races (Longchamp) Absinthe Dance Lesson/Dancers (watercolors.

Dawn) Rouen Cathedral (Sunlight. Sunlight. Dawn. 1891 1892 1880’s and 90’s 1900’s 1920’s COMPARISONS:  Renoir  Monet Grenouilliere Grenouilliere 1869 1869  Monet  Manet Blvd Capucines Café Concert 1873 1874  Monet  Manet Argenteuil Argenteuil 1874 1874  Manet  Cassatt Boating The Boating Party 1891 1893 Good resources: Japonisme in Western Painting Pissarro and Pontoise 12 Views of Manet’s Bar Monet’s Table.Monet o o o o o Grainstack (Snow. Dusk) L’Etretat Water Lilies Lily Pond-Giverny 1890. Cooking Journals Klaus Berger Rich Brettell Bradford Collins Claire Joyes .

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