CCP 1) A variable declared in a function are called as a) Actual variable b) formal variable c) local variable d) Global variable 2) I p=2,q=3,r=4 what

is the oiutput of the following C statement printf(“%d”,p&q|r); a) 6 b) 4 c)2 d) 0 3) What is the memory occupied by the array int a[10][5] a) 15 bytes b) 150 bytes c) 100 bytes d) 30 bytes 4) Which of this is not a standard text code system? a) ASCII b)LCD c)UNICODE d) EBCDIC 5) A laser printer’s speed is measured in _____________ a) Cps b) ppm c) dpi d) ITPM JAVA 1) Java language needs to be a) Complied only b) compiled and interpreted c)interpreted d) none of above

2) Tool needed to run applets a)javac b)javah c)java d) appletviewer 3) which of these not a feature of java a) multithreaded b) platform independent c) script d) secure 4) Java doesn’t have pointers a) true b) false 5) java program name and class name need to be same a) true b) false Madam USP paper prepared by Narendra

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