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OLTIS - Technical Sheet FWC

OLTIS - Technical Sheet FWC

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Published by: Bacchanal Wine on May 24, 2012
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Malbec - AOC Cahors Oltis - Malbec Expression de France Red wine

Oltis is the ancient Latin name for the river “Lot” that flows through the Cahors vineyards. This wine is a blend of several vintages of superior quality harmonized together following the “Perpétuelle” method : the younger vintages bring vivacity to the wine, with aromas and flavors of fine black and red fruits along evident freshness on the nose as well as on the palate. The older millésimes carry more evolved notes and more matured tannins.

Terroir, wine and vintner:
Appellation: Terroir: Yield: Grape variety: The grower:
Vineyards of Cahors (46), A.O.C. Cahors. Southwest France 3rd terrace, clayey limestone, silica, gravel soils 50 hectolitres/ hectare 100 % Malbec Cahors' wine professionals since 1874, the Baltenweck and Rességuier family perfectly knows how to choose and gather the great grape variety of cahors appellation: the Malbec. Oltis comes from a selection of the best terroirs of Cahors. It is the result of a precious aging in our winery, in the little village of Luzech.

Vinification :
Method : Temperature : Maceration period: Maturing:
Traditional. "Perpetuelle Method". Fermentation controlled at 75-77F 10 days 90% in stainless steel tanks and 10% in barrels. Bottled by France Malbec in Luzech. Heavy bottle, type Bordeaux, 75cl , color antique

Bottling: Technical Datas:

The wine:
Alcohol content: Organoleptic description: Serving temperature: Food pairing: Vintage:
13 % vol. Ruby, nearly black. Explosive bouquet, wild red berries, evolutive wine. Franck attack, very fresh and balanced tannins, fruity final. best at 59 - 61F Nourishing foods, grilled meats. Innovative and world-influenced cuisine. Cuvée Blending "Perpetuelle Method".

Awards and Recognition:
- Bronze medal at the 2009 Challenge International du Vin in Bordeaux. - Silver medal at the 2011 Dallas Morning News Wine Competition.

FRENCH WINES COMPANY INC. Wine importer www.frenchwinescompany.com

922 NW First Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 Ph: (954) 530-7431

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