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Business Plan for Honda Jazz

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Table of Contents • Introduction of company and executive summary • Situational analysis • Marketing strategy • Financial projection • Implementation and controls 5/24/2012 2 .

U.). (HSCI) was incorporated in December 1995 as a joint venture between Honda Motor Co.P with an investment of Rs 450 crore.000 sq. Ltd. m.00. 5/24/2012 3 • .. its first offering introduced in 1997 HSCI’s state-of-the-art manufacturing unit was set up in 1997 at Greater Noida. Company standard presently are ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14001 for environment management. a Siddharth Shriram Group company The Honda City. The greenfield project is spread across 150 acres of land (over 6.Introduction • • • Honda Siel Cars India Ltd.. Japan and Siel Limited.

Ltd. Honda Siel Cars India Ltd..Founder of Honda motor company Masahiro Takedagawa . • Dream it and Do it.Vice President Marketing & Sales in Honda Siel Car India Ltd. and Head . Jnaneswar Sen . Honda Motor Co. 5/24/2012 4 .South West Asia.President & CEO. Mr.Executive Summary • • Soichiro Honda.

Indian common man needs an automobile having luxury facilities in economic price There are many small cars launched and going to be launched in future like tata nano. hundai i20. This car Honda jazz use unique technologies and has comparatively lower price and more features as compared to others • 5/24/2012 5 . ford ikon 2009 and another name as HONDA JAZZ. maruti splash. maruti A star.Situational Analysis • • • • In present Indian market. fiat bravo. Honda stands as a faithful name Honda’s technology is always good compared to other automobiles of same range and globally accepted Now.

wagon R.Contd… • • • • Today in market. maruti 800.000 INR) 5/24/2012 6 . hundai Santo Xing are having good sales As next few months are full of festivals in India there will be a huge demand of automobiles Many other automobiles will be launched together Also there will be discounts and additional offers given on existing automobiles so to launch a new automobile followed successful sale is a difficult task (ex showroom price of car is likely to be around 4. Zen.99.

Marketing Strategy • • Company’s policy is not just to create an automobile but to make it reach to common man To follow it Honda always keeps its automobiles updated with latest technologies • • • • For its marketing. company is investing $250000 for advertising 80% of advertising fund will be used in mass communication like TV 13% will be invested in hiring hoardings Rest of 7% fund will be used for lucky draw winners of buyers 5/24/2012 7 .

Contd. value and service by company is not up to mark any automobile cannot settle in market Our company works on to fulfill these parameters as our aim is not only business but development of every common man • Customer Satisfaction • Service 5/24/2012 8 . Customer Requirements • Quality Value These are basic requirements for full customer satisfaction Unless quality.

Contd. • • • • • In first slot. Honda will manufacture 20000 Honda Jazz car which will be used in festive season Honda will separately design test drive vehicles to attract customers about 290 test drive vehicles will be manufactured Number of dealers will be increased and they will be given extra concession for booking more than 40 vehicles in one order For better marketing. company will provide finance available on demand with 5% emi Free accessories will be given by lucky draw to 10% of customers 5/24/2012 9 .

• • 6-10% discount will be given on selected accessories of only Honda jazz A free original Honda carry bag will be given to 20% of customers availing test drive • Special features of Honda jazz – -60/40 split-fold rear seats with a clever 'one-touch' fold down action and a flat load floor .9 meters long and 1.measuring 3.Contd.69 meters wide.boasts a large boot with 337 litres of space which expands to 848 litres with the rear seats folded down 5/24/2012 10 . .

-10 cup holders.3-litre motor generates 73kW of power and 127Nm of torque -both increases on the previous model's power and torque -this tiny 4-cylinder engine is also very efficient.tilt and reach adjustable steering wheels.Contd.8 litres of petrol per 100km -an AUX jack for iPods and MP3 players . using an average of just 5. With seating for five.and dust/pollen cabin filters (useful in spring) . 5/24/2012 11 . that's two drinks each! -The Jazz GLi's 1.

. -It's CO2 emissions are also very low. - 5/24/2012 12 .side skirts and a chrome tail pipe -a leather steering wheel and cruise control.Contd. at 138g/km -this model comes standard with a 5-speed manual but can be optioned with a 5-speed automatic -All the Honda Jazz engines can be fuelled with regular unleaded petrol (91 RON) and are Euro IV compliant -larger 16-inch alloy wheel that set off the stylish ground -effects body work .

5-litre 4-cylinder SOHC i-VTEC Engine Power: 88kW @ 6600rpm Torque: 145Nm @ 4800rpm Fuel Economy: 6.Engine Specifications • Honda 1.4L/100km (man) 6.7L/100km (auto) CO2 Output: 151g/km (man) 159g/km (auto) Gearbox: 5-speed manual (optional: 5-speed auto) 5/24/2012 13 .

Financial Projections • Honda is investing $ 50.000 on production of Honda jazz in India so to reduce its cost of production thereby decreasing its market value 92 Honda engineers of Japan are supervising the production of this automobile in NOIDA.00. India Honda will keep this car updated with technology as after each 8 months a new edition of this automobile will be launched with more facilities But first updated car will come after14 months of launch to give jazz time to settle in market and it will be named as Honda Jazz hybrid • • • 5/24/2012 14 .

• • for next model Honda will invest about double of its previous investment i. $ 95.00.Contd.e.000 Honda expects to get the invested money in first 8 months and the next 6 months will be in profit money If invested money is not recovered in those 8 months Honda will reduce the price slightly to attract more customers To constantly increase the number of customers prices of hybrid models will not be increased drastically • • • Honda will reinvest the 65% profit money back in market 5/24/2012 15 .

• If after 2 years jazz car keep a hold In market then Volkswagen is ready to invest in Honda 5/24/2012 16 .Contd.

com to sort every query Consumers can call toll free on 1800-1800-000 for queries and registration of test drive 5/24/2012 17 . For full customer satisfaction a web support is available on www. Honda is providing many financial and loan against security schemes • • • Honda has now made a separate department to deal with market matters as market analyst dept.56 over every $100 but if this goal is not reached Honda will invite foreign investors to achieve these goals For price control.Implementations & Controls • • Honda is expecting to get profit of $13.hondajazz.

• • Our major strength to compete with our competitors are our technology. low price and lesser maintenance To control price rise we are working on its body and graphics to reduce there production cost After completion 1 year we will launch 1000 limited edition vehicles with new graphics sold on basis of lucky draw of applicants • 5/24/2012 18 .Contd.

•Honda a name…………. you can trust upon…….. Thank You 5/24/2012 19 .