Negotiations On The Moon A Failure

Poeta Ricardo Saúl LaRosa © All Copyrights Reserved.

For Princess Cornelia

Not for naught Shall this splendid oasis in deep space This infinitely sacred refuge be turned into a living nightmare For the earthlings have elected for war instead of an honorable surrender and peace My ambassadors on my behalf proposed to them negotiating on the Moon And their decisions shall break my heart and haunt my soul forevermore ! It gives me great sorrows destroying their world; their lives; their hopes !

For in my twenty-two incarnations upon earth I have come to call this realm my home ! I love this world and its inhabitants more than my own life ! And I am here presently still in human form In seclusion in a faraway land with twenty-two thousand warriors I came secretly in advance of my armada Twenty-two hundred thousand military spaceships Made of gold, silver, emeralds and other precious material unknown on earth Initially the conflict was over the kidnapping of my love The Princess Cornelia and Queen-apparent of this Milky Way Galaxy This is her twelfth incarnation on earth She came in peace to assist our people and animals in their transitions From earthly life forms into their natural spiritual state of being She assisted in saving millions of human beings and animals from a sure death Caused by your wars and terror of greed, and power, and indifference The last legacy inherited by humans on earth from the Great Cosmic War That exploded into a four-sided faction in the Councils of Celestial Royal Halls Sixty-five million years ago What on earth is known in mythology and religious texts As the rebellion by angels in heaven ! Thirty-three percent of the angels of the Royal Court expelled The fall of man in the Garden of Eden And the fallen angels taking human wives as described in Genesis Your human understandings have classified this four way conflict Into a simplistic dualistic paradigm To protect the human psychic from the truth of their history

And to deceive them as well for material gain and power Search all your sacred texts; read between the lines; open your third eye And you shall find all the truths that have been withheld from you, my dear humans From the dark and evil powers on earth and principalities in higher spiritual realms With intent to deny you humans of your birthright and steal your spirit…
23 May 2012 – Long Island, New York

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