Art Of Cancer Cell Development

Lloyd Prior Unit 6


Influences came from, symbiot from spiderman, cancer cells itself, necromorphes from dead space and the character form the game Prototype. All these influences are mainly for the cancer as the healthy organism are based on what they actually look like.


My animation is aimed at secondary school children as the short animation has key but simple information on how cancer develops and spreads throughout the human body.

Target audience

Early ideas was to have the animation bright and colourful like the image of the three cells above. Then I moved onto a more creepy more organic feel but then decided maybe going down the path of mechanical would be best.

Early Concept art

I changed my idea on style once more and went for a black and white style, I did this to help show cancer in black like pollution and every other healthy organism in the body white to show purity.

Concept Art

Matt Painting


Early Maya

Early Maya