Unit 6: Commission ‘Art/Making of The Cell Cycle.

DOS’ Urvashi Lele

The Process

About This Project
For this project, we were commissioned by Dr. Peter Klappa, a professor of biotechnology, to create an animation on the cell cycle. This could be depicted in any way that we sought fit. I had the idea of creating a platform, retro arcade game based on the cell cycle.I had the thoughts of using 8-bit graphics, an RGB colour scheme and retro game music. This project has gone through quite a lot of changes and it has turned out to be something that has evolved from an arcade game as it contains the elements of primitive 8-bit graphics.

Market Research
My animation is aimed at gamers interested in retro platform games. Those who are fans of 8-bit arcade games with bold colours and low resolution images. The game aims to educate that audience about the cell cycle in a way that gamers like the most- through gaming.

Influence Maps

Fez Super Meat Boy Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

The Bad Guys

Cytotoxic Necrotizing Factor


Cytolethal Distending Toxin

Play the character of Qlo in the game of The Cell Cycle

The Start-Off
What I wanted to create was an old-school, retro video game about the cell cycle. This meant that I would have to design the levels and use basic and bold colours. It wouldn’t contain stunning visuals but the theme would be adhered to. When I started with the concepts for the levels, I used two different colour schemes to see which would best suit the mood. I ended up with the darker colour scheme as it reminded me of an x-ray view into the body.

Colour Scheme Specimen #1

Colour Scheme Specimen #2

G1 Function

S (Synthesis) Phase)  

G2 Function






Final Decision
After pitching my work to the client, I was told to focus on a particular set of levels rather that animating the entire process of the cell cycle. As a result, I decided to work with Interphase.


Pipeline: G1 Function


G2 Function


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