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Commonwealth Youth Award

Commonwealth Youth Award

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Published by: Manojit Biswas on May 25, 2012
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Nominations can only be received via the email provided. The four Commonwealth-wide awards will receive £3000. the CYP is offering winning entries grants up to £4. young people are shaping the global social. the Caribbean and the Pacific. Success in meeting stated goals and objectives 4. individuals should not be older than 29 years in the year the award is to being presented (2012). Youth involvement at all stages of the process/ project 2. The youth group/leader that will who will receive the award should be inspired by any of the Millennium Development Goals to: 1. Youth groups must have more that 50% of their members under 29. How many awards are given each year? There will be four regional awards given each year and four Commonwealth-wide Awards. The CYP works with 54 Commonwealth member countries through four regional centres based in Asia. The regional awards consist of a £1000 grant. Eliminate extreme poverty and hunger 2. . Evidence of gender balance in their work 3. malaria and other diseases 7. 2012. Sustainability in meeting current project needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Criteria for Nomination The development work must be undertaken in a Commonwealth member country and must reflect the Commonwealth values and principles of respect for diversity. Reduce mortality among children under five years 5. Youth is defined by the Commonwealth as between the ages of 15 to 29. The top nominees from each region will be recommended for the Regional and Pan Commonwealth Awards. economic and political landscape that they will inherit. you may cut and paste the information in a word document and send to the email address provided. human rights and democracy. The Commonwealth Youth Award for Excellence in Development Work is funded by the Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) of the Commonwealth Secretariat. Develop a global partnership for development More than any generation in history. talent and commitment to development across the 54-nation Commonwealth. Who is eligible to receive the award? The award can be given to youth group or an individual. Ensure that all boys and girls complete a full course of primary schooling 3.000 to support their project/ development work. If you are having problems the online form. Africa. the level of innovation/ new thinking. a trophy and a certificate. Halt and reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS. a trophy. and a certificate.Do you know of a youth group/ leader that is making a difference in your community or country? The Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) is inviting nominations for the Commonwealth Youth Awards for Excellence in Development Work. Improve maternal health 6. quality of achievement and the quality of the evidence provided. 2012 and close on Commonwealth Day March 12. We are looking for youth groups/leaders (individuals) doing development work that demonstrates: 1. Making a positive difference in the lives of others 5. This is an exciting opportunity to recognise their energy. Commonwealth-wide winners will be invited to receive their awards at an official ceremony. How will know if my nomination has been received? We will respond to each nomination received with a confirmation email. Should I mail or fax my nomination form? No. Applications open on January 1. The award winners will be decided based on the quality of the impact. Promote gender equality and empower women 4. FAQ for the Commonwealth Youth Awards for Excellence in Development work Who gives the award? In return. Ensure environmental sustainability 8.

India for Asia. How can I submit additional information on nominees? Additional information can be uploaded in the space provided on the entry form. 2012.org website) provides us with details of the youth group/leader you are nominating for a Commonwealth Youth Award. Select the area within which the development works falls: Agriculture. including work on HIV/AIDS . two representatives for the Regional Youth Caucus and the Regional Director.org Climate change/environment protection Health and wellbeing. Guyana in the Caribbean and the Solomon Islands in the Pacific region. Information about yourself (person making the nomination) First name: Last name: Address: Telephone & Email: Relationship to group/individual: How long have you known of the group/individual being nominated? 2. small enterprise. London SW1Y 5HX United Kingdom Email: info@commonwealth. peer education Enterprise development/youth employment Human rights and democracy Information and communications technology Journalism. public awareness Peace building Science and Technology Sport for Development and Peace Sustainable livelihoods and poverty reduction 3. For these purposes Cyprus.How will award winners be notified? Nominations that have been shortlisted will be contacted directly. We have provided general guidelines for some of the sections you are required to complete.int Web: www. representatives of Commonwealth Governments (through High Commissions). media. What if I do not know the contact details of the group or person I am nominating? Please make every effort to provide as much contact information as possible. Malta and the UK are included in the Africa region and Canada is included in the Caribbean region. 1.yourcommonwealth. Details of the nominated youth group/person Name of person/group: Country: Main contact person(s): Address: Telephone: Email: For more information please contact: The Coordinator Commonwealth Youth Awards Commonwealth Secretariat Marlborough House Pall Mall. Who will decide on the award winners? Nominated youth groups/persons are judged at the CYP regional centres in Zambia in Africa. skills training Arts and culture Education. The regional award is judged by a team of two government representatives. Awards winners will be officially announced on International Youth Day August 12. The Commonwealth Awards are determined in London under the chairmanship of the Deputy Secretary General.yourcommonwealth. COMMONWEALTH YOUTH AWARDS for Excellence Nomination Form General information for users The Official Nomination Form (downloaded from the www. We require either an email address or telephone number so we may quickly contact your nominee especially if they are shortlisted for the award. Commonwealth Civil Society and Youth leaders.

How has this group/person made a positive difference in the lives of others? (Max 150 words) 7. Share the reason(s) this person/group deserves to be nominated for the Commonwealth Youth Award for Excellence in Development Work? In your own words. mention specific accomplishments and say how they were achieved.4. Tell us what is unique about this contribution? (Guideline: Max 250 words) 5. What development work do they do? Describe its background. its goals. How will the Commonwealth Youth Award for Excellence in Development Work help the individual /group with their work? (Max 100 words) . (Max 250 words) 6. its main activities and how it contributes to development goals.

Pall Mall.Commonwealth Youth Programme COMMONWEALTH SECRETARIAT Marlborough House. London SW1Y 5HX United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 20 7747 6456 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7747 6549 E-mail: info@commonwealth.int .

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